Blackjack chart: How to win more hands in Blackjack

When randomly making decisions during Blackjack sessions, you are at a severe disadvantage against the online casino. Typically, the house edge for Blackjack in an online casino is 2%. By using a Blackjack chart when playing, you will greatly improve your chances of winning. Even if you play perfectly according to the Blackjack chart, the house still has an edge, but it is reduced from 8% down to about 0.5%. That is a massive difference. Blackjack charts can come in handy when clearing casino bonuses as well. Some online casinos will allow you to play Blackjack as part of the wagering requirements. If you play perfect Blackjack, you are likely to turn over the bonus with minimal losses.

Basics: Blackjack lexicon

Basic Blackjack lexicon for the common decisions and occurrences.

  • Hit - taking another card from the dealer.

  • Stand - not taking another card from the dealer.

  • Split - when two cards of the same value are dealt with, the player can “split” the cards to create two separate hands.

  • Double - Double the initial bet before taking a third card. Only possible when the player has two cards totalling 9, 10 and 11.

  • Soft - A hand that consists of an Ace that is counted as 11.

  • Insurance - Side bet offered when the dealers’ face-up card is an Ace. If the player takes insurance, they bet that the dealers’ face-down card is a 10-value card. 

  • Push - Push is when the player and dealer hands are tied, where both have the same total value.

  • Bust - When the total card value exceeds 21, the hand is lost. This is referred to as “bust.”

Basics: Blackjack principles to know by heart

Below we will list four general Blackjack principles that are easy to understand and will get you a long way even without a Blackjack chart.

What cards you should never split

Regardless of the gut feeling, under no circumstances in Blackjack should the player ever split 5s or 10s. A starting hand with 5,5 of 10,10 have a great chance of doubling or winning straight up.

Double down on 11

Always double on 11 if the dealer is showing a card lower than 10. The chances are high that you will get 21 or close to 21 on your third card when your two face-up cards are 11.

Split pocket Aces

Being dealt two Aces does not frequently happen. When it does, you should split your Aces regardless of the card the dealer is showing.

Manage your Blackjack bankroll

If you want to become successful at Blackjack, it is not just about knowing the basic strategy and knowing how to read a Blackjack chart. You also need to manage your money used for betting. The money used is called a bankroll. The money allocated to your Blackjack bankroll should only consist of money that you afford to lose. It is also advisable to set a stake size that you use when betting—E.g. 5 Canadian dollars per bet. And importantly, regardless if you are on a winning streak or a losing streak, stick to the same stake size.

Blackjack probability

Like any game in an online casino in Canada, winning or losing all comes down to odds and probabilities. So, let us have a brief overview of Blackjack probability.

As we already mentioned, a player playing Blackjack without any strategy behind their decision is a victim of a 2% house edge taken by the casino. And as we outlined above and with the Blackjack chart below, if a player utilizes the chart and plays perfect Blackjack - the house edge is brought down to 0.5%.

The most common version of Blackjack uses six decks of cards. This totals 312 cards. Around 30.76% of all cards are 10-value (10, Jack, Queen and King), 96 in total. Aces make up 7.69% of all cards, 24 in total. 10-value and Aces are the best cards in Blackjack and as you can see in the Blackjack chart further down, is when more aggressive betting takes place in order to capitalize on the hands.

Before we move on to the Blackjack chart, you can see a table showing the chance of the dealer going bust based on their face-up card. The second column shows the players’ advantage if a basic strategy is applied. The best-case scenario for a player is when the dealer has a five face-up, and the worst-case scenario is when the dealer has an Ace.

Blackjack chart

To maximize the chances of winning money when playing, you should utilize our Blackjack chart.

Blackjack FAQ

Is it allowed to use a Blackjack chart when sitting at a table?

In an online casino, a Blackjack can be accessible at all times. There is no stopping a player from having a tab open with a Blackjack chart or even have one printed out and nailed to the wall. In offline casinos, on the other hand, you are generally not allowed to sit on your phone at the table.

Does using a Blackjack chart guarantee that a player wins?

No, even when playing perfect Blackjack, the online casino is at an advantage over the player. However, using a Blackjack chart and playing perfect strategy will effectively reduce the house edge to 0.5%, which means that Blackjack is by far the casino game where the player has the best chances of winning.

How to play Blackjack?

Blackjack can be played in all sorts of ways. A lot of players use their gut feeling when making decisions. Of course, it is recommended to use a Blackjack chart and try to play perfect Blackjack. Playing perfect Blackjack is easier said than done. If you have a losing streak, it can be easy to lose composure and start making mistakes.

Is it possible to win at Blackjack?

Yes, same as with any game in an online casino, it is possible to win. But you should always know that the odds of winning are not in your favor. Even if you stick to all our tips and use our Blackjack chart, you are still at a slight disadvantage. The best you can do is maximize your chances of winning by playing perfect Blackjack.

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