Neosurf: an accessible prepaid card

Neosurf is a company that provides you with payment methods using prepaid electronic cards. These can be used on the Internet and allow you to make your purchases in complete anonymity. In addition, many of the casinos featured on Lucky7Bonus accept this deposit method. Accessible to all, you will be able to make your purchases in no time.


Deposit at an online casino with Neosurf in Canada

What is Neosurf

Neosurf is a one-of-a-kind payment solution that basically allows you to pay with physical cash when playing in online casinos in Canada. Effectively it is great for privacy, giving you the option to protect your personal information. Neosurf was launched in 2004 and quickly became a popular choice for payments in online casinos. The main difference between Neosurf and other payment methods is that Neosurf grants you total anonymity when depositing money online since you can buy a voucher over the counter using physical cash. There are two ways to use Neosurf in an online casino. You can buy a Neosurf Voucher (often referred to as a 'prepaid card' in the gambling industry) and use the ten-digit PIN code when depositing. Or you can create a Neosurf account called My Neosurf, then deposit money there and use the personal code provided in your account. In the latter case, you will have to enter your personal details with Neosurf. However, when depositing in online casinos, you will only have to use your personal Neosurf code. In the following text, you will learn more about Neosurf and how to use it, along with the pros and cons of choosing Neosurf to play in online casinos in Canada.

The advantages of using Neosurf in Canada

The main advantage of using Neosurf in Canada is privacy, no need to give out your personal information. Casinos will not have access to your data, as the only information you will have to provide is a 10-digit code provided by Neosurf. Besides, using Neosurf is a fast and straightforward process.  Another advantage is flexibility. Neosurf Vouchers come in values from $10 to $150. Many vouchers can be combined for larger deposits. Vouchers can be used immediately after purchasing and remain valid for twelve months after your purchase. You can choose the amount you would like to deposit and transfer the remaining amount to another voucher or to your Neosurf Account to be used later. Any unused money can be used in any of the thousands of outlets and online shops that accept Neosurf in Canada.

Disadvantages of using Neosurf

The main disadvantage of Neosurf is that it is difficult to withdraw money. Most online casinos will not process Neosurf withdrawals. Some casinos may, but only if you have NeoCash Mastercard. But a voucher option is not possible since this is a prepaid payment medium that can only be used when depositing. However, if you used Neosurf to deposit and you don’t have a NeoCash Mastercard, you can still withdraw using a bank transfer, for example. Another disadvantage of using Neosurf is the limited availability of online casino sites that accept Neosurf in Canada. In case you are wondering if a casino allows its players to use Neosurf as a payment method, you can start by checking the payment section on the website. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, you can contact the customer support of the casino to get all the information you need.

Online casinos in Canada that accept Neosurf

How to deposit to an online casino using Neosurf

Using a Neosurf Voucher or a Neosurf account to deposit, you will have to enter your 10-digit PIN with the online casino. You have two options to acquire a Neosurf Voucher. Buy it in a store or online. Here's how:

  1. Buy a Neosurf voucher online or offline

  2. Go to the online casino of your choice

  3. Head over to the payments section of the online casino

  4. Choose Neosurf

  5. Fill in the amount you wish to deposit along with your 10-digit Neosurf PIN code

  6. Funds are transferred immediately to your casino account

Fees and withdrawal times when using Neosurf

As we already highlighted, withdrawing any winnings using Neosurf is difficult. Most online casinos do not process Neosurf withdrawals. It is only possible to withdraw using Neosurf if you have a NeoCash MasterCard and the casino accepts MasterCard withdrawals. That way, you can withdraw money to your MyNeosurf account.

How does Lucky7Bonus choose the best online casinos that accept Neosurf in Canada?

We at Lucky7Bonus always thrive on showing you the best options when it comes to selecting online casinos. Our team is a group of gambling fanatics who all have extensive experience in the online casino world. When we choose the top casinos that accept Neosurf in Canada, we look at both the operational and player perspectives. Besides the knowledge our gambling veterans have, all the information you find on our website is backed up by data resulting from excessive research. All the reviews are honest because we believe that this is the only way to get a comprehensive view of the payment methods and online casinos.

Conclusion Neosurf in Canada

Neosurf in Canada is a great option when it comes to privacy, and you want to stay anonymous when playing in online casinos. However, if you end up winning, or you wish to withdraw money, then you will not be able to withdraw to a Neosurf voucher since it is a prepaid product. You would need a NeoCash MasterCard and a MyNeosurf account, and in this case, you will need to enter some personal information online. However, this does not mean that you can’t withdraw your money at all. Online casinos in Canada offer several payment methods, and you could use a classic bank transfer to withdraw your money, but doing so, cancel out the privacy benefits we mentioned earlier. To sum it up, Neosurf is great for deposits, but looking at the whole flow of depositing and withdrawing money, we would opt for different payment methods.

FAQ Neosurf in Canada

Is my private data secure when using Neosurf in online casinos?

When using Neosurf to make deposits in online casinos, you do not have to provide any personal information. Neosurf, along with other prepaid payments like Paysafecard, is the best option for privacy.

Is it safe to use Neosurf in online casinos?

Neosurf is one of the safest options for online casinos because you can enjoy total anonymity.

Do I have to pay any fees using Neosurf?

To deposit money via Neosurf, you won't have to pay any fees. Opening an account is also free.

Is Neosurf available in all online casinos in Canada?

The Neosurf payment method is available in many online casinos in Canada. To find which ones, arrange the casinos by payment method reviews on the Lucky7Bonus website (Casinos by payment methods), and click on Neosurf to see the list of casinos where you can use your personal Neosurf code. You can also check the casinos provided in our list of online casinos that accept Neosurf in Canada.


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