Neteller: one of the most secure electronic wallets on the market

Neteller is an electronic wallet that allows people who do not wish to use credit cards to use this alternative. Ultra-secure, this payment method is increasingly present on the Internet. Moreover, if you are a fan of cryptomoney, it is also very easy for you to buy it. If you want to send money to a relative or simply have an alternative to a bank to manage your money, Neteller is for you. Even if it is not yet available for canadian players, this means of deposit is widely available at the vast majority of online casinos featured on Lucky7Bonus. Please note that it all depends on your geographical location.

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Deposit at an online casino with Neteller in Canada

Disclaimer: contrary to what most websites write, Neteller in Canada is not available for online gambling transactions. Neteller suspended its services related to online casinos a few years ago. We expect them to start offering their services in relation to online gambling activities in the near future. So, on this page, we went ahead and highlighted everything you need to know about Neteller in Canada. All this information is accurate when it comes to using Neteller for playing in online casinos. But it is not yet applicable to online casinos in Canada. Once Neteller is available in Canada, we will remove this paragraph from this page.

What is Neteller

Neteller was launched in 1999 by Paysafe Group to provide customers with a platform where after registration, they can safely carry out online payments. Neteller is not a bank, it doesn’t lend money to its customers. It is an e-Wallet where you can store funds on an extremely secure platform. Neteller is very popular among online gamblers for depositing and withdrawing money when playing in online casinos. You won’t have trouble finding Neteller casinos in Canada, as Neteller serves more than 23 million customers globally. On this page, you can find detailed information about how to use Neteller and the pros and cons of choosing it as a payment option when enjoying online casino games.

The advantages of using Neteller in Canada

The main advantages of using Neteller are the high security of personal information, the immediate deposit and withdrawal transactions, and the simplicity of navigating the platform. With Neteller , you’ll be able to withdraw money, carry out international transactions. Your daily limit of purchases can be as high as €2900. Remember, all these advantages are only available to you if you verify your Neteller account. Regarding the use of Neteller at online casinos in Canada, you will be able to withdraw your winning right to your Neteller account. Your transactions using Neteller will be safe, fast and secure. Because Neteller only gives you the option to use a debit card, you will be able to avoid stacking up debt on your bank account.

Disadvantages of using Neteller

The main disadvantage of using Neteller to withdraw money when playing in online casinos is the high commission fees. To avoid such fees, you can acquire a VIP membership on the Neteller website. With a Neteller VIP membership, you also get higher limits on withdrawals.

Online casinos in Canada that accept Neteller

We will add a list of casinos that accept Neteller once Neteller is allowed in Canada.

How to deposit to an online casino using a Neteller debit card

The first thing you need to do is creating a Neteller account. Go to the Neteller website to register for free, then verify your account. Once your Neteller account is set up, you can go ahead and start transferring money.

  1. Deposit the desired amount to your Neteller account (you’ll have over 40 options to choose from)

  2. Find the Neteller casino of your choice

  3. Register if required to play

  4. Go to the payment section

  5. Choose ‘Deposit’

  6. Select Neteller

  7. Enter your details and the amount of money you’d like to deposit

  8. Fill in your Neteller account details (including your Neteller ID)

  9. Hit ‘Confirm’ to have your money added to your casino account instantly

  10. You’re ready to play

Fees and withdrawal times when using Neteller

Generally speaking, online casinos will not charge you any fees when you make transactions. Meaning that using Neteller will not affect the transaction fees. On the other hand, like any payment method provider, Neteller will have some fees. There’s a flat charge of 2.5% fee when using any of the deposit options to your Neteller account. Fees you can expect when withdrawing money from your Neteller account:

  • Online casino - No cost

  • Bank Transfer - $10

  • Member Wire - $12.75

  • Money Transfer - 1.45% or minimum $0.50

  • Net+ Prepaid MasterCard - 0-1.75%

When you deposit money using Neteller, the transfer is instant. To process the withdrawal of your funds can take up to 48 hours, but this can differ depending on the online casino you are using. You can always contact customer support to get all the information you need.

How does Lucky7Bonus choose the best online casinos that accept Neteller in Canada?

When looking at the selection of online Neteller casinos on Lucky7Bonus, you can be sure that the list is made up of the best casinos allowing Neteller. The Lucky7Bonus team that works on reviewing and selecting these casinos is made up of people who are experienced online casino enthusiasts. You can expect our honest and comprehensive reviews evaluating the numerous online casinos. What is more, all the information you find on our website is backed up by data which is the result of an intensive research process. We want to make sure that our customers are presented with honest and informative casino reviews. Thus, you can make the right decision when looking to play in an online casino.

Conclusion Neteller in Canada

Neteller is a quick and easy option to deposit and withdraw money in online casinos. Besides, you can be sure that your information is safe and transaction of your funds is secure. Because Neteller has been around for more than two decades, the selection of online Neteller casinos is infinite. Luckily, we put together the list of the best Neteller casinos. This way, you can be sure to select the most trustworthy casinos in Canada.

FAQ Neteller in Canada

Is Neteller available in all online casinos in Canada?

No, Neteller is not available in Canadian online casinos. We expect Neteller to be available for online gambling activities in the near future.

Is my private data secure when using Neteller in online casinos?

Neteller is one of the safest and most secure ways to deposit and withdraw money when playing online casino games. The safety of your data is ensured by using authentication processes, and all your personal information is stored securely in protected databases, which are not shared with third parties without your permission. 

Is it safe to use Neteller in online casinos?

As already mentioned a couple of times, using Neteller is an extremely safe and secure way to use for your online casino transactions. Besides, online casinos in Canada prioritize security. Everyone working as an online casino operator has to follow strict regulations, which are in accordance with the law. Transactions are also encrypted with the online casinos following the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) protocols. To conclude, your information and transactions will be very safe because of the Neteller and online casino protocols in Canada.

Do I have to pay any fees using Neteller?

Online casinos in Canada won’t charge you any fees for depositing or withdrawing money to your online casino account. This doesn’t mean that your provider (in this case: Neteller) won’t have any microtransaction fees. We have already listed some of the fees that you can foresee when using Neteller, but you should visit the Neteller website to find all the necessary information you need.


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