Hacksaw Gaming's Plinko: Game Rules and Explanations
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Hacksaw Gaming's Plinko: Game Rules and Explanations

Plinko is one of the most popular online casino games around the globe. This original creation is much appreciated for its extreme volatility. The most volatile was Stake, but game supplier Hacksaw Gaming has decided to hit even harder.    

For several months now, the company has been producing original games. After Mines, Coins, and Boxes, it's now Plinko’s turn to have its own creation.    

We're not going to beat around the bush here: this Plinko is the most volatile game in existence, with huge payouts at stake. Our experts have taken the time to try it out in depth. As you'll see from our article, this game is full of surprises. 

Hacksaw Gaming's Plinko rules   

Plinko is an easy-to-understand game: 

On your screen you'll see a pyramid, which will be larger or smaller depending on the volatility you decide to use. At the bottom are multipliers, which will also change according to the choices you make.    

Once all the settings have been adjusted, you'll need to choose the value of your bet. Once this is done, you can start the game.    

Each ball that falls represents the value of your bet. The result of a spin is very simple to understand:    

Value of your ball x value displayed in the box where it falls = final win.    

Let's take a classic spin as an example: You bet $1 and the ball lands in a square x100, you win $100.  

You can play on the Millionz platform, for example.

The volatility of Hacksaw Gaming's Plinko   

What we really like about Hacksaw Gaming's Plinko is that we have complete control over the game's volatility. So, depending on our balance, we can set it just the way we want.    

To change your settings, you'll need to look at the top left of your screen. Risk stands for "volatility" and "Number of Rows" is the number of columns. You can choose between three volatilities. For columns, the minimum is 8 and the maximum 16.  

The fewer the columns, the lower the volatility, but the lower your final gain. However, you'll lose less money than if you played volatile.   

On the contrary, the more columns and the higher the volatility, the greater the final gain. However, your losses will be greater, because the central multipliers will be lower. 

Depending on how you play, you won't use the same settings. When we play this game, we love to play very volatile, because we're always looking for the maximum gain on this game.  

Low volatility   

Hacksaw Plinko's lowest volatility is achieved when you‚Äôve adjusted the settings to include a ‚Äėlow‚Äô risk and a total of 8 rows. ¬†

This grid can be perfect if you want to make a wager without losing too much money. The maximum payout isn't very high, but losses are minimal, since you'll get back at least 90% of your initial bet. 

The more columns you choose to put in, the greater your potential maximum payout. As you'd expect, the greater the number of columns, the less likely it is to achieve this maximum payout. That's why it's progressive.   

If you want to spice up your session, while keeping volatility fairly low, you can put in up to 16 columns. This is a layout we love to use when we're on wager. It ensures that we don't lose too much money (at least 90% of our initial stake is returned to us), while hoping to achieve the maximum payout of 371.2 times our initial stake. 

No matter how many columns you put into low volatility, the minimum payout is always x0.8 of your initial stake.  

We love playing with low volatility when we want to increase our balance, without taking too much risk either.  

Medium volatility   

Medium volatility can be an excellent compromise for people who want to take a little risk, without necessarily losing their entire balance. Here, if you decide to place only 8 columns, the smallest square is 0.7 times your initial stake.    

The largest is x12.1. We're not keen on using average volatility with few columns, however. This is because we don't find the "potential loss/potential gain" ratio interesting at all. 

On the other hand, we find that the ratio is much more interesting if you play with a lot of columns. The maximum payout rises to 1718.7 times your initial stake. The minimum payout is still 0.7 times your initial bet.   

This is a configuration we use a lot when we see our balance starting to go down after a big bump. We try the medium-volatility strategy to try and get the maximum marble, without losing too much money (compared to the very high volatility). 

After you’ve obtained a fairly strong balance boost, we strongly advise you to choose an average volatility. We find that this technique is the best way to try again for a big win without taking any equally as big risks.  

If you wish, you can try your luck at this exceptional game at Playfina Casino! 

For example, if you're halfway through your wager, you can try playing with medium volatility. Of course, your balance will have to allow for this.  

We advise you to play balls representing between 0.2 and 0.3% of your balance.  

High volatility  

As with combining average volatility with 8 columns, we see no point in playing high volatility with 8 columns. The ratio is totally unattractive, since the minimum square only pays 0.4 times your initial stake and the maximum "only 25.8". 

If you're looking for explosiveness, do as we do and play with maximum volatility on 16 columns. The minimum payout drops to x0.3, but you can win up to 3531.7 times your initial stake.  

We love playing this way when our balance starts to approach 0. Even if it's double or quits, we find that the maximum possible gain is really quite substantial.     

For the moment, we haven't yet had the chance to obtain the maximum gain. But we're not going to stop playing Hacksaw Gaming's Plinko.   

It may seem surprising to you, but we like to play this way when we've got a really big balance boost. Of course, as this is a very volatile game, we set ourselves limits. In fact, this is something our experts advise you to do when playing Hacksaw Gaming's Plinko.   

The aim of this strategy is to play very aggressively. We bet "few balls", but the value of each throw represents a larger % of our balance.    

Why do we play this way?   

Because we love the way the game feels when we increase the stakes. Each marble thrown can win us a very large sum. 

We'd like to remind you that our way of playing isn't necessarily the one you're looking for. So you'll have to adapt the way you play to suit your mood.  

To try out this technique, we recommend that you play at Millionz Casino. If you play through our site, you'll be entitled to an exclusive offer. 

Other information about Plinko from Hacksaw Gaming 

Theoretical return to player and wagering options  

Hacksaw Gaming Plinko's basic RTP is 98.98%. However, we think that it's absolutely impossible to give you an exact theoretical return, as there are so many parameters to take into account.   

Depending on volatility, the number of columns, or even the stake, we believe that it's impossible to take this figure as a true benchmark.   

What's more, the company bases this RTP on 10,000,000,000 spins, a figure that seems impossible to achieve for the vast majority of players.  

Plinko stakes 

We love the fact that Hacksaw Gaming's Plinko is available from as little as $0.10. For those looking for maximum volatility, you can bet up to $100 per ball.   

So, with as little as $0.10, you could win as much as $384.33, which can represent a very large sum of money for many people. For the biggest bettors, a payout of up to $384,330 awaits you.    

For our part, we hope one day to reach the maximum ball with a sum of between $1 and $5.  

To change your bet, click on the arrows. We think it's a shame that it's impossible to change the bet in any other way, for example by offering several different options through a window. 

Auto play and turbo mode on Hacksaw Gaming's Plinko  

Normally, balls take a while to fall. For impatient players, Hacksaw Gaming has decided to introduce a turbo mode. To activate it, simply click on the lightning bolt at the bottom left of your screen.   

An auto-play mode is also available. This is very useful for players, as it avoids having to click on the "bet" button each time that they’d like a ball to be launched. We use it all the time when we play Hacksaw Gaming's Plinko. 

In the latter, you must indicate:   

  • The number of spins desired¬†¬†¬†

  • A loss limit¬†¬†

  • A win limit¬†¬†

If you don't want to adjust any settings for the last two points, just click on "Play". 

Following this, the rounds of the game will start automatically. The number of remaining rounds is displayed at the top left of your screen, above the volatility. 

Can I play Hacksaw Gaming's Plinko on my cell phone?  

Yes, you can play the game on your mobile device. However, we find that the interface is not at all mobile-friendly. The grid is not sufficiently visible, while the buttons for changing the volatility or the number of columns are far too imposing.  

We tried playing the game on our mobile devices several times, but really didn't enjoy the experience at all. Although the game is playable, Hacksaw Gaming really needs to rework the mobile version.  

Plinko is nevertheless available via your devices at N1 Casino. 

Don't hesitate to play Plinko, also available at MyEmpire Casino! 

Our verdict on Plinko from Hacksaw Gaming  

The gaming supplier has once again hit the nail on the head with this Plinko game. Offering a maximum payout well above other similar games, the company aims to attract players looking for excitement.  

We're not going to beat around the bush, we love this creation. It offers unique volatility, exceptional payout potential and, above all, total freedom. We manage the volatility as we see fit, as well as the number of columns.   

Usually, original games get boring very quickly, but Hacksaw Gaming has managed to make Plinko very attractive with this very high maximum payout.   

The creation richly deserves a fine score of 17/20. 

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Is Plinko available on mobile devices?


What is the maximum payout for Hacksaw Gaming's Plinko?


Where can I play Hacksaw Gaming's Plinko online?


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