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Discover all the free slot machines available at Lucky-7-bonus below in Canada. If you're not sure which one to choose, we've ranked our 3 favorite Nolimit City slots. To play, simply click on the slot machine of your choice.

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Compare the features, bonuses, slots and game providers of the best online casinos with the opinions of our players and our team of canadian casino experts.

What you can expect in this review is to get our honest opinion about this software provider and its product.

We must start off by saying we really enjoy NoLimit City's slots and its style and its reckless and unique point of view on the creation of online casino slots.

In our opinion, NoLimit City is remodelling the production of online casino content, with its powerful and defiant attitude, paired with professional game production which most of all prioritizes the gamer's experience and focuses on creating high-yielding slots for players.

This provider is perhaps not as big and diffused across all gambling platforms yet because its product does appeal to a very particular audience.

Forget classic slots featuring friendly and familiar characters and themes. NoLimit City's slots will introduce you to some of the roughest and most insane personalities you've ever met throughout your online casino experience.

Sounds interesting?

Then stick around to learn more about this powerful and memorable software provider.

The Best Online Casinos Where to Try Out NoLimit City's Games

We've narrowed it down to the top three casinos, which in our opinion are the best online gambling platforms where to play games by NoLimit City.

All of these casinos are fully licensed platforms which are accessible from Canada and offer an extensive range of products and services for Canadian players.

Should you be interested in signing up at any of these casinos, click on the links we've provided below to access our in-depth reviews of each website.

Mr Bit

Mr Bit not only looks great but has a varied menu of amazing gaming options on offer along with a long list of bonuses and tournaments to take part in which will make your gameplay truly riveting!

We have never left Mr Bit disappointed, both when we visited for an exciting session of slot gameplay and when we explored the live game options on the website.

At Mr Bit, discover gaming options from not only NoLimit City but from many other greats in the field of online casino content creation such as Playson, Yggdrasil and Push Gaming among others.

This casino's library is filled to the brim with titles which will surely satisfy your needs both in terms of exciting game features and gameplay and in terms of visual elements.

Mr Bit has collected a number of games by some of the best game production studios on the market and a few lesser-known, up-and-coming providers who have been wowing us with excellent quality products.

A fantastic game catalogue, exceptional customer service and multiple bonuses to claim, what more could you ask for?


Casimba is a polished and very well-equipped online casino which has much to offer to players who are more focused on slots, live gameplay and classic table games.

One of our favourite promotions on this website is of course the cashback bonus, which allows players to receive a percentage of their losses back. As for the other options in this casino's onus menu, however, we so wish there was more variety.

While the bonuses are of a really high value and grant thousands of bonus money to players, they have been the same for a long time. This does not allow players to have a more diversified gaming experience on the platform.

Having said that at Casimba you will encounter several brilliant gaming options, not only from the provider in question but from many other greats too.

Easily find your favourite games in this catalogue by filtering your search, or get lost browsing through thousands of options till you find your new top game!


This is one of the most eye-catching casinos we have ever visited. The website design is truly beautiful and impeccably emulates the Vegas atmosphere for the online gambling audience.

It feels fancy and luxurious, which really contributes to a great user experience.

Another reason we really like Lucky8 is the menu of bonuses and promotions which is packed with amazing gameplay enhancers for registered members, and fantastic, fun-filled tournaments too!

Here too, the entire list of NoLimit City games is available among many other brilliant gaming options brought by the best providers in the industry such as Pragmatic Play and Relax Gaming.

Unfortunately, Lucky8 is the only of the top 3 which does not allow players to try games out in demo mode.

But don't worry, Lucky7Bonus has got you covered!

Hop over to our website to try out all of NoLimit City's games for free.

NoLimit City: The Rebel of Online Casino Providers

This software developer released its first-ever slot back in 2016.

Oktoberfest was a big hit which put NoLimit City on the map and kick-started its fascinating adventure within the igaming industry.

Before this, the organisation had already been founded for three years with the goal of coming up with out-of-the-box ideas which would stand out among the product which was currently available in the libraries of various online casinos.

NoLimit City's forte has been innovation and creativity, since its conception.

This applies not only to the games' graphics and the storylines written for them but also to the slot's mechanics which have seriously been getting better and better which each of NoLimit City's new releases.

This developer's popularity in the community could be better described as notoriety due to the scandalous ideas and concepts it brings to life in its games.

NoLimit City has certainly upheld its reputation by appealing to audience's humour thanks to its satirical and sometimes macabre creations.

This provider's name is probably one of the most impactful ones in the industry.

Since 2020, the provider made some significant moves which strengthened its presence in the igaming world. Starting off with its deal with Betsson Group, one of the largest online casino operators in the world.

Most recently, in 2022 NoLimit City was purchased by Evolution Gaming for $400 million, which very rapidly pushed this provider to keep growing and improving.

NoLimit City's Style

Creators at NoLimit City certainly do not shy away from shocking their audiences.

From obscene depictions of the company's management to recounting life in the Russian Gulag to bringing America's founding fathers back to life...NoLimit City's games take players on an exciting exploration of various themes no other provider has dared to bring up before.

It seems like the provider realised how lucrative its more startling productions have been as, as of recently, the majority of its releases fall within this category which we can describe in no way other than scandalous, spicy and downright hilarious.

Back in the day, NoLimit City did go for productions which suit mainstream audiences more. NoLimit City's career started out with games which are definitely less special than what it's coming up with now, but which secured an audience for its work.

Some of the oldest titles from the provider take from some of the most popular themes and ideas for online casino slots, such as:

Ranking Our Favourite NoLimit City Slots

We've selected five of this developer's slots which we've really enjoyed playing.

Here, we give you a few of the most important details about these games.

If any of them are interesting to you, we encourage you to try them out for free on our website before heading over to your casino of choice and playing using your deposit.

Benji Killed in Vegas

This is one of the provider's most recent releases, which was made available on various gaming platforms in February 2023.

With an RTP hitting 96% this game is probably one of the most lucrative by this producer, which could result in a massive win worth 10,000x more than the player's initial bet!

We found this game super captivating.

Firstly because of the crazy storyline that America's founding fathers' zombie ghosts made it to Vegas in 2023 to kickstart their music career, and secondly because it maintained our interest thanks to twelve in-game features which made our gameplay really exciting.

Accessorised with NoLimit City's best-known game mechanics, which we discuss a bit later on, this game is never a bore.

Walk of Shame

Honestly, this game attracted us mostly because of the wild depictions of NoLimit City's very own management team, who are the protagonists of this slot.

We feel this game is the best representation of the provider, through which its fun and magnetic personality comes through. Whether or not you make any wins in this game, you're sure to be entertained and have a good laugh.

The RTP for this game ranges between 92% and 96.04% and features incredible boosters which will give you better chances at winning, such as free spins, scatters and loaded wild symbols.

Karen Maneater

A crazy idea brought to life in the form of a casino slot?

Sign us up!

Probably one of the most shocking productions from the provider, meet Karen, who eats men. What's so intriguing to us, is not only how grotesque this character is, but also how completely random of a concept this is, moreover for an online casino game.

Try your luck for a big win with Karen, on an animated grid which can grow in size, offering you even more possibilities to win!

Once again, like many of NoLimit City's games, this slot comes with a pretty high RTP value which is 96%.

Deadwood xNudge

This is probably one of the most popular titles by NoLimit City, most famous for the xNudge feature which was also included in Benji Killed in Vegas which we discussed above.

This slot is part of a trio series by the provider, all of which follow a Western theme which grew in popularity due to the fact that players could potentially cash out with a win that's 40,000x larger than their starting bet.

It could definitely be said that NoLimit City's games are not only crazy when it comes to their concepts, but also when it comes to winning possibilities and payout values.

With an RTP standing at 96.03%, this game is definitely not one to miss!

Punk Rocker xWays

xWays game mechanics by NoLimit City debuted in this game and have since found their way into many of the more recent releases by the provider simply because they're such an incredible boost to the progression of the player's game.

In Punk Rocker, take advantage of multipliers, free spins, and a grid which converts into a 6x6 grid, allowing for many more chances of wins in this game.

This slot does not offer wins as massive as the ones we've discussed previously, but is designed to have many more winning combination possibilities and more frequent chances for free spins and successful spins!

Is NoLimit City a Trustworthy Provider?

NoLimit City is featured in the game libraries of some of the most dependable and well-known casinos on the market at the moment.

Apart from the recommendations we've made above, you may also find NoLimit City's games at the following casinos:

The provider is fully licensed and regulated by both the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Apart from this, as we mentioned a bit earlier on, the provider was recently acquired by Evolution Gaming. This gives us even more confidence in NoLimit City as a trustworthy provider.

Evolution is one of the major providers in the industry, responsible for a large percentage of the most popular live casino content being produced at the moment.

The fact that it has invested in NoLimit City proves that the company believes the latter provider is one with integrity and a good ethic, which has the potential of becoming a top provider in the industry.

NoLimit City's Climb to Fame: Innovating Software Development for Online Casinos

Innovation is one of NoLimit City's strongest suits.

This is not only the case when we're talking about the funky stories created for the games it produces, which are immersive and original.

We must also talk about the fantastic game mechanics that NoLimit City has introduced through its games which we had never seen in any other game provider's slots prior.

In this review, we'd like to briefly discuss two of the most groundbreaking game mechanics which were brought into the industry by NoLimit City.

We're sure that NoLimit City's team's creative thinking which led to the production of such unique products is another reason why Evolution was interested in investing in the company and taking it on as a partner.


This mechanic brings something a little bit more thrilling to your gameplay by expanding the game in an unlimited manner, meaning the winning combinations and possibilities in the game become infinite!


Wild symbols are nudged onto your grid so that they're fully visible, therefore increasing your wins. This feature also comes with a multiplier for each of the wild symbols it adjusts on your grid.

xWays x xNudge

Bring these two features together and you already know that it's going to be the most exciting gameplay you've ever experienced at any online casino!

The two features have been brought together in a few of the provider's most recent releases, making these games the most competitive in the industry at the moment due to the insane wins that are possible through them.

The prime example would be the game we discussed above: Benji Killed in Vegas which features not only these two insane in-game features but a few more new mechanics which were introduced by the producer in this game.

Let's get into a brief discussion about these brand-new mechanics conceived by NoLimit City:

  • xBet: two versions of this feature unlock free spins with multipliers ranging from 6x to 50x in value

  • xMultipliers: a selection of multipliers which go up to 9x

  • xSplit: low-value symbols are split therefore making the grid larger, increasing possibilities to win

NoLimit City's Most Notable Awards

Since it's been active, NoLimit City has been under the spotlight, sometimes being negatively critiqued for its extraordinary inventions which have left some audience members appalled.

However, the provider has also been rewarded, and with good reason. As we have described throughout this review, NoLimit City is one of the most ingenious providers currently present on the scene.

A few of the best awards it has received over the years are:

  • Game Provider of the Year 2021, Casino Grounds

  • Game of the Year 2021, BigWinBoard Awards for the game San Quentin xWays

  • Provider of the Year 2021, BigWinBoard

  • Software Provider of the Year 2021, AskGamblers

It's safe to say that 2021 was the year when NoLimit City peaked, making it as a household name within the igaming community.


Taking a look at the most commonly asked question about the provider.

Which are NoLimit City's most popular games?

Based on the games which have been reported to have delivered the biggest wins in 2023, we would say that the best and most popular games by this provider are Hot Nudge, WiXX and Coins of Fortune.

Where is NoLimit City licensed?

NoLimit City acquired the license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority in 2019. It also holds the UK Gaming Commission's license.

What makes NoLimit City such an innovative provider?

Not only does this software developer present games with interesting and unique subjects, but it is also an innovator when it comes to game mechanics, having created iconic, very lucrative game features such as xNudge and xWays.

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