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Discover all the free slot machines available at Lucky-7-bonus below in Canada. If you're not sure which one to choose, we've ranked our 3 favorite Betsoft slots. To play, simply click on the slot machine of your choice.

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Compare the features, bonuses, slots and game providers of the best online casinos with the opinions of our players and our team of canadian casino experts.

BetSoft is a provider that focuses on not only providing a great online gambling experience which is lucrative for the player but also gives importance to the cinematic experience, the visuals and the story.

All of these factors add to the customer's experience, customers who nowadays are just as concerned with the entertainment value of a game, as they are with how much money they are making from it.

This provider's evolution in its career is one of our favourites. From one distinct style, which is very personal to the brand, to another, and all the while maintaining the audience's interest and a great reputation within the community.

Allow us to introduce you to BetSoft, starting with our top casinos to check out its games!

Try BetSoft's Games at the Best Online Casinos on the Market

We've compiled a list of the three best casinos we have found on the Canadian market for you to explore and discover products by BetSoft.

Of course, we've tried each of these platforms ourselves. Go ahead and check out our full-length reviews of these casinos on our website for more details about the products and bonuses they offer, among other salient information.

Our choice for these top three was based on which casinos deliver the best customer experience and which have felt the safest for us throughout our career gambling online.

ComeOn! Casino

A great online gambling hotspot for Canadian players which has an entire spectrum of products to offer from slots, to live casino and an incredibly active sportsbook too!

We can't get enough of recommending this platform to our Canadian readers, simply because it hits the nail right on the head when it comes to the demands and trends in the local online gambling market.

Apart from Betsoft's games, here you have access to a variety of products brought by some of the greats of online casino content provision such as Play'n Go, Microgaming and Quickspin. The game catalogue is simply full of great options, both fan favourites and new releases.

The casino also keeps its menu of bonuses and promos fresh and updated, always having something new to offer players. Never a boring day here at ComeOn! especially when you're reaping the benefits of any of its well-thought-out game enhancers.

We highly recommend you give this casino a chance and explore the unique gaming options it offers such as WeSpin and RetroBet for an original and novel igaming experience!


What initially attracted us to this website is the funky, futuristic feel that gave us the impression we are about to set out on a journey to traverse different galaxies...while making bets and huge wins along the way?

Legzo is a youthful, modern casino which only recently joined the Canadian market, and in our opinion started out with a massive bang!

Bringing us thousands of gaming options, including products from BetSoft of course, there is nothing you won't find at this casino, sports betting options too.

Take a look at the great selection of promotions, welcome packages, tournaments and lotteries ongoing at this casino. Choose what suits your gameplay best and watch as your online gambling experience is transformed into an enjoyable and fruitful session on this platform.

We highly recommend your check Legzo out if you're curious to discover a new gambling platform this time around.

Slots Palace

Despite its hyper-specific name, this castle does not only hold wonders in the form of slot games but also live games and an insane sportsbook filled to the brim with amazing options for you to place bets on all your favourite sports teams!

With up to four welcome bonuses to choose from, we'd say this is one of the most competitive casinos on our list today.

Since we have discovered this casino, we have often paid it a visit and what attracts us the most is the unique ways it rewards players for being regular visitors of the website and investing in games in its catalogue.

Check out the Bonus Boutique and Art Collection to discover how you can maximize your winnings when playing at this casino!

It guaranteed you will have a great time at Slots Palace thanks to the thousands of gaming options available and the brilliant promotions it has designed, meant to make the most out of your gameplay.

BetSoft: A Provider You Can Bet on

Betsoft is one of the very first software developers to appear in the iGaming industry back in 2006.

After four years of formation and experimentation, the provider made its official debut and released its very first product in 2010.

From the very start, it left lasting impressions on the audience as it often featured eccentric 3D character designs and animations, which were non-existent in the products from the same generation, whereas today, they are charming as most slots present much more refined and modern graphics.

With almost twenty years of experience, the provider has evolved and explored various styles, game mechanics and even genres of online casino products. Its most famous creations are slots and single-player virtual table games.

Although the majority of its portfolio is composed of slots, BetSoft has also produced a few titles which fall under the categories of video poker, table games and mini-games.

The provider has never shied away from being diverse and multi-faceted, something that we really like about it. With over 200 productions from this studio, it should come as no surprise that BetSoft has well-explored the art of creating online casino content, always improving and getting more creative.

Betsoft has also designed a few interesting in-game features, exclusive to its slots which we will talk about in more detail later on in the review.

Ethically, there is also a lot to say about this provider which is very interesting. It is big on responsible gaming and provides services for its customers and consumers to ensure safe online gambling.

What is BetSoft's Style?

The artistic choices this provider has made for its product underwent a massive evolution over the years. When comparing its games from a decade ago to what we are now receiving from BetSoft, you might think they are from completely different providers.

BetSoft kicked off its career with a very distinct design for its games, featuring very particular 3D animations and character designs which resemble those we were getting used to seeing in animated kids' movies from the time.

This was groundbreaking for its time when it comes to online slot games and nowadays, these games have maintained fame as they are so far apart from what contemporary providers are creating, BetSoft itself being one of the prime examples.

These designs are incredibly funny, grotesque and hyper-customised, creating caricatures of well-known personalities we would meet on our day-to-day. Go meet a few of these characters in the following slots:

Around 2016, it became clear that BetSoft wanted to experiment with different styles and it is in this year that we start seeing more new additions to the portfolio of products which look different to what the provider was previously giving us.

Seven years later, BetSoft flaunts one of the most varied menus of online slots we have ever browsed!

From anime style to a more realistic style and much more, even when it comes to the themes and subjects the provider presents in its games. We would say this is another reason why this provider's older games are so fascinating.

In its releases from the earlier years, BetSoft told some original stories in its games and it was only more recently that it also started exploring classic themes as are Greek Mythology and Asian Culture in its slots.

Lucky7Bonus's Favourite BetSoft Slots

And now, for the much anticipated Lucky7Bonus top five slots from this provider!

These choices are based on the general experience we had while playing - they are not necessarily the highest-paying games by BetSoft or the ones which are generally the most popular with players.

We wanted to showcase a variety of different products which appeal to diverse audiences and display the various themes and styles the provider has explored throughout its career.

All of these games are available to try out for free on our website. Click here!

Back to Venus

Released in 2020, this BetSoft production takes us on a crazy adventure where the goal is returning back to our home in Venus, and making some crazy intergalactic wins on the way!

This is actually a sequel for the slot It Came From...Venus! which was released in 2015.

Enjoy this exploration of planet Earth from a different lens and meet many quirky characters along the way such as a man-plant hybrid creature which, although looks like something from our nightmares, is a friendly companion throughout your journey.

Will this expedition be a lucky one for you?

Activate any of the insane powers the wilds in this game have to make substantial wins and enjoy the ride!

Dim Sum Prize

A classic Asian-themed game which is one of the most-played BetSoft slots which appeals to general, mainstream audiences.

It is straightforward, to the point and visually very appealing, making it a pleasure to play. Spin a grid composed of tasty Asian dishes and find your fortune concealed within!

An original feature was added here - Crimson Coupons. Collect at least three of these coupons to start getting free spins, which means, you get to play without spending money but pocketing the wins you make either way.

With an RTP going up to 97.18%, this game provides players with great chances of being successful.

Monster Pop

One with a significantly larger grid than what we've discussed so far, which expands during gameplay, automatically leading to more frequent chances for you to earn money!

You start the game with a 5 x 5 grid, but could eventually expand all the way to 13 x 13! This is one of the largest grids we have ever seen for a slot.

This slot was also designed with a cluster payout mechanic rather than having set paylines implemented into the grid. This means you're a winner whenever a group of the same symbol falls onto your grid at the end of a spin.

We loved this game! Bright, colourful and very high-yielding. We certainly recommend it.

Total Overdrive

This is definitely one which caught our eye with beautifully made graphics.

If you've been following us for a while, you must have gathered we're suckers for old pixelated graphics or the influence of 80s neon lights which bring together old and modern.

This game is exactly that, set in a virtual city with a grid design that mimics a real old-timey slot.

In fact, the grid for this game is rather small as it's only 3 x 3 and offers only five successful winning combinations. What boosts your wins in this game is the insane multipliers which are simply waiting to be unlocked and stick to symbols on your grid!


One of BetSoft's biggest hits, which was released all the way back in 2015 and has since been optimized for mobile gameplay due to its incredible success, even with recent audiences.

Meet a variety of characters, caricatures of stereotypical wealthy people and learn their stories while you spin.

Will they share their riches with you?

Well no! You're going to have to work for those.

Keep spinning to unlock all the great features this game includes such as a bonus round and free spins and improve the progression of your gameplay and the worth of your wins on any of the thirty possible paylines.

In which Wat is BetSoft an Innovative Provider?

From unique game mechanics to services for the online casino operators who invest in its games, this provider has made strides in the industry, becoming a model for many game producers who followed.

Let's take a look at which in-game features the provider has designed exclusively for its games.

  • Take the Prize

A spin-the-wheel bonus game which gifts new bonuses and even cash prizes to players!

Take the Prize will definitely make your gameplay so much more exciting when it pops up during a gambling session on BetSoft's games.

The rewards you claim from this game are instant. This means cash rewards are instantly dropped into your balance and special features take effect immediately.

  • Tournament

This is a feature meant to increase the size of players' wins!

The mechanic sets up a leaderboard for each BetSoft game, meaning that all players are actually also competing against each other for the chance of additional prizes!

Their progression throughout the game is wholly taken into consideration and once they've met certain criteria, they will be eligible for some sweet gifts such as cash tips and bonus rewards.

These are the two features which are fixed and included in the majority of its games. However, it does often come up with exclusives which are available for a limited time only, such as its most recent Network Promotion which is ongoing till the 2nd of July 2023.

This is a package which casino operators could choose to apply to their selection of BetSoft games. It includes a variety of tournaments with great prizes and additional games!

Check out your casino of choice. Perhaps it is offering this limited BetSoft tournament!

As we mentioned earlier, BetSoft also works on optimizing services for online casino operators who invest in its product. It focuses primarily on:

  • responsible gaming services

  • account management

  • marketing services

Is BetSoft Licensed?

BetSoft has been around for almost two whole decades and has always operated fully regulated and licensed. It currently holds valid certification from three authorities, which are:

  • the Malta Gaming Authority

  • the Government of Romania

  • the Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency

It has received official backup from various governing entities from around the world as well as has had all of its games tested by relevant testing agencies.

This means that all the games brought by this software provider have been tested for fairness towards the player and playability.

BetSoft has been confirmed a trustworthy provider by:

  • Q.U.I.N.E.L.

  • Gaming Labs International

Has BetSoft Claimed any Awards?

BetSoft kicked off its career in 2006, making it one of the longest-active providers in the industry.

As such, it has had plenty of time to prove itself as one of the most proficient and competitive software developers in the igaming world.

It has claimed numerous awards throughout its career, all of which stand as a testament to its reliability, professionality and creativity, continuously creating products which appeal to audiences and maintain their interest, from all the way back in 2006, until now.

A few of the best titles it has been awarded are:

  • Most Popular Slot of 2022 at the SlotsWise Awards

  • RNG Casino Supplier of the Year in 2019 at the 5STAR iGaming Media Starlet Awards

  • Innovation in RNG Casino Software at the 2019 EGR B2B Awards

  • Game of the Year at the 5STAR iGaming Media Starlet Awards of 2022

These are only four of thirteen awards the provider currently has under its belt.

We're excited to see what's to come from BetSoft and find ourselves certain that its success will nothing but keep flourishing.


Your most commonly asked questions about this provider, answered!

Which are BetSoft's most popular games?

BetSoft has produced both single-player table games as well as great quality slots. Some of it most sought-after products are Tycoon, Dim Sum Prize and Good Girl, Bad Girl.

Where is BetSoft Licensed?

Yes. This online casino company holds valid licensing from several entities such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the Government of Romania among others. It has also had all its products tested by relevant testing labs.

Does BetSoft only produce slots?

No! BetSoft has also brought us some incredible table game options.

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