Crazy Time: Evolution Gaming's Big Wins live game
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Crazy Time: Evolution Gaming's Big Wins live game

Crazy Time: Explanation of the live game 

Never has a game lived up to its name so well. Crazy Time casino is a live game, designed by live casino giant Evolution. 

The game is a real TV show, with a regular presenter who changes every 30 minutes.  

The principle of Crazy Time online casino is simple: a giant wheel will be launched by the presenter at each turn to land on one of the 54 segments present. These segments are made up of 8 different symbols, which, depending on the potential winnings for each segment, are present regularly.  

The Crazy Time decorations are particularly well thought-out, offering players a high-quality gaming experience in a funfair atmosphere. The friendly and dynamic (hardly exaggerated!) presenters guarantee a completely crazy atmosphere on the set. 

And the craziness isn't just on the board - it's on the payout scale too. Crazy Time features multipliers and bonus games that allow players to win big, really big. If you want to have a great time and hit the jackpot, visit one of the online casinos we recommend below! 

Crazy Time casino: Which one to choose? 

Our experts have suggested the best online casinos for playing Crazy Time. These sites are renowned not only for the quality of their games catalog, but also for their reliability and the various bonuses they offer. 


You'll find Crazy Time in Millionz's Live Casino section, where you'll find numerous live creations from the game suppliers Evolution and Pragmatic Play. Here, you can also count on the presence of some of the best slot machines, not forgetting the most iconic table games such as blackjack and roulette. 

It's not just for its catalog of games that we like Millionz! The platform has other advantages, which we did not fail to note in our full analysis:  

  • Exclusive welcome bonus: 100% up to $1000 and 50 free spins 

  • Recurring promotional offers 

  • Top-notch customer support 

  • Numerous payment methods 

  • No wagering on bonuses 

Exclusive bonus


Oshi offers a wide range of live games, including Crazy Time. We're particularly fond of this platform for its thrilling atmosphere, one in which we've been able to enjoy the best of the best. 

Oshi's welcome bonus is very unique. All new players will benefit from:  

  •  Up to $9,300 on the first four deposits and 500 free spins 

Add to this top-notch customer support and rock-solid reliability, and you've got one of the best platforms around.  

If you’d like to discover more, Oshi has been fully reviewed by our team.

N1 Casino 

We were delighted to find Crazy Time on N1 Casino, which is without a doubt one of our favorite platforms! The reason? Its commitment to offering the best to its players. 

This is evident in its welcome offer. This is one of the best offers we've seen, and enables new players to take advantage of:  

  •  100% up to $1,500 on your first deposit and 150 free spins 

This is an exclusive bonus, specially negotiated by our team of experts. It's also wager-free, which is always a plus. 

Feel free to read the full review of N1 Casino written by our experts. 

The rules of Crazy Time  

The principle of Crazy Time is simple: the aim is to bet on which square the wheel will stop on.

When the game starts, you can bet on 8 symbols: 

  • The numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10: these correspond to the multiplier of your initial bet. 

  • The bonuses: Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time: each game reveals its own set of surprises to help you win the biggest possible multiplier.  

Once you've placed your wager, Crazy Time offers an additional multiplier with each new spin. 

This game has two reels. In the first column, a symbol from the 8 available is drawn, and in the second reel, a multiplier appears (between x2 and x50).  

If the symbol and multiplier are aligned in the middle of the screen, the multiplier is added to the drawn symbol. 

Example: You bet €10 on 5, and the Top Slot lands on 5 with a multiplier of x20. If the wheel stops on 5, you win 10 x 5 x 20=1,000 €! 

Explanation of Crazy Time slots 1, 2, 5 and 10 

There are 4 "classic" Crazy Time slots. How they work is very simple: place a pre-bet bet on one of these slots, and if the wheel stops on your segment, you get your bet back multiplied by the associated multiplier.  

These 4 classic boxes are:  

  • The 1: This number appears 21 times on the wheel, making it the most common symbol. If you bet on it and the wheel lands on 1, you'll win back your bet once. The color is blue. 

Example: Bet €10 on the 1 and win 1×10+10 = €20  

  • The 2: The wheel shows 13 segments with the symbol of 2. If the wheel reveals the 2, you'll get double your initial bet in profits and your stake back. You have a 1-in-4 chance of winning. The color is yellow. 

Example: bet €10 on the 2 and win 2×10+10 = €30  

  • The 5: This symbol appears 7 times, giving you almost a 13% chance of landing on it. The color is pink. 

Example: Bet €10 on the 5 and win 5×10+10 = €60  

  • The 10: This is the rarest classic symbol at Crazy Time, and the one that pays the most. Only 4 10 symbols are present. Its color is purple. 

Example: Bet €10 on the 10 and win 10×10+10 = €110 

Crazy Time bonus games explained 

Crazy Time offers its players bonus games. If you've decided to bet on it and the wheel falls on one of the segments, these take you to a new game. 

Unlike other Evolution TV games such as Dreamcatcher or Monopoly, bonus games are much easier to obtain on Crazy Time!  

9 of the 54 segments give you access to the bonus, which corresponds to a 1-in-6 chance of reaching the bonus rounds.  

If Crazy Time casinos' Top Slot gives you a multiplier among the 4 bonus games on offer, then your winnings will again be multiplied by this multiplier, and you can pocket up to €500,000 in bonuses!  

There are 4 bonus games, which our experts will explain to you. 

Pachinko: Purple box

The principle of Pachinko is simple: it's a traditional shuffleboard game. Once you've obtained the Pachinko bonus, Crazy Time takes you to a wall made up of several elements.  

At the bottom of this electronic board, 16 multipliers are randomly arranged (from x 2 to x 50), as well as pegs modifying the puck's trajectory. The puck is launched by the presenter from the top of the wall.  

Once thrown, follow the puck's wild trajectory until it falls into a multiplier at the bottom. Multiply this by the amount of your bet and you'll have your total Crazy Time Pachinko bonus win! 

There's a "double" function that replaces a multiplier. If the puck falls into this square, all multipliers are doubled, and the puck is retriggered.  

In some cases, a rescue throw can be used if you've had a multiplier x2, x3 or x4. The winnings from this throw are cumulated. 

2 Pachinko slots are available on the Crazy Time wheel. 

Cash Hunt: Green box 

Once the Crazy Time wheel has fallen on the Cash Hunt, the presenter takes us to an electronic wall of 108 multipliers. These, after being revealed, are masked by random symbols and then shuffled all over the wall.  

You must now select 1 symbol from these 108 multipliers, using a cannon reminiscent of a funfair shooting game.  

Once you've selected this symbol, the different multipliers will be revealed once again, and you'll win the multiplier you've chosen, multiplied by your initial bet! 

2 Cash Hunt segments are available on the Crazy Time wheel. 

Coin Flip: Blue box 

The Coin Flip bonus is Crazy Time's most basic bonus. It's a coin flip with one blue side and one red side. A coin is flipped automatically, and each side has a pre-drawn multiplier of up to 100 times your bet!  

Occasionally, a second toss is made, and your winnings are added to the first toss. 

The Crazy Time wheel features 4 Coin Flip slots. 

Crazy Time: Red Case 

This is the star attraction of the game show. The Crazy Time bonus only appears once on the eponymous game wheel, which makes it even rarer. But if you bet on the bonus game and the wheel lands on this square, you have the chance to win colossal sums!  

Once you've won the bonus, let yourself be guided behind the mysterious red door. It hides a new wheel featuring 64 multipliers up to x200!  

There are 3 pointers on the bonus wheel. It's up to you to select which pointer will make you win. The multiplier on the segment indicated by your pointer will be multiplied by your initial bet to obtain your total win.  

The bonus wheel also features "double" and "triple" segments. These will double or triple your multipliers, and the presenter will spin the wheel again for an even bigger payout! 

Crazy Time's RTP 

RTP (Return to Player) is the return rate of an online game. It's a statistical average given by the supplier itself. It's a theoretical figure, which means that a game with a 95% RTP doesn't mean that for every €100 played, you'll necessarily get €95 back! 

The table below illustrates the RTP of the Crazy Time game:  

The optimal theoretical percentage of return to player (RTP) is 96.06%. 

Bet TypesRTP
Betting on segment 196,08 %
Betting on segment 295,95 %
Betting on segment 595,78 %
Betting on segment 1095,73 %
Betting on the Pachinko option94,33 %
Betting on the Cash Hunter option95,27%
Betting on the Coin Flip option95,70 %
Betting on the Crazy Time option94,41 %

The in-game user experience 

In-game user experiences are all special cases, since each player will have a different experience of the game. This is particularly true of the four bonus games, each of which require the player to make a decision. But, of course, it's all down to luck. 

And whatever platform you decide to play on, chances are you'll have a great time. 

The mobile experience 

More and more gamblers are choosing to play on their mobile phones. As a result, online casinos have been working hard to offer mobile versions of their platforms. In the vast majority of cases, all games are adapted to smartphone screens. Is this the case with Crazy Time? 

We wanted to try it out for ourselves. We visited the mobile version of Millionz mobile casino from an iPhone 12 Pro. Then we launched the game in question. And to say we were fully satisfied with the mobile version would be an understatement. 

Everything possible has been done to ensure that Evolution's creation fits perfectly on our iPhone. The game flows smoothly, the layout has been adapted, and the various betting options have been laid out in such a way as to make everything as intuitive as possible. 

The PC experience 

Playing Crazy Time on a PC is certainly the most optimal way to enjoy Evolution's live creation. To make our review as comprehensive as possible, we tested Crazy Time on both a Windows desktop and a MacBook Air laptop. 

And on both, the gaming experience was close to perfection. The large screens of our devices allowed us to enjoy the high quality of the production, whether in terms of scenery, animations or even the wheel. 

The tablet experience 

When we talk about the mobile version, we think mainly of the smartphone. But we shouldn't forget that this also applies to connected tablets! These offer a very good compromise between size and mobility. So, we wanted to find out what Crazy Time would be like on a tablet. 

To do this test, we went to the Millionz casino, whose mobile version is very successful, from our iPad Air. Once again, we weren't disappointed with the results. Whether you prefer to play in portrait or landscape mode, the layout adapts perfectly, and you have easy access to all features. 

As far as the mobile versions are concerned, we advise you not to limit your device's performance to get the most out of Crazy Time. For example, using the battery-saving mode may slow down the game. 

History of Crazy Time's biggest wins 

Pachinko - x4,000 with a potential of x10,000 

Players were incredibly lucky on September 8, 2021. First with a x15 multiplier for the Pachinko bonus and then with a wall featuring 3 "Double" slots.  

The game lasted over 4 minutes! The puck kept going to the Double box, once, twice, three times, four times and... five times! The multipliers exploded, ranging from x1,440 to a record x10,000. Unfortunately, players didn't get the biggest multipliers, but they did walk away with a handsome x3,360 on their initial bet.  

It's not the biggest Pachinko bonus win, however. In July 2021, both reels land on the Pachinko with a nice x20 multiplier. The Crazy Time wheel falls on top, displaying a beautiful array with boxes ranging from x100 up to x4,000. Luck struck that day: the puck landed on the only x4,000 square! A great record for Pachinko.  

Cash Hunt - x12,500 the absolute record 

On January 20, 2022, luck changed for the players present on the game show: the reels offered a x25 on the Cash Hunt. Multipliers soared from x125 to x12,500! A boon for players selecting the right symbol on the wall. We'll let you discover this incredible replay in the video below. 

Coin Flip - x750 at a 50/50 chance 

On April 4, 2021, the reels had decided to award a huge multiplier on the Coin Flip: x50! Of course, Crazy Time's big wheel stops exactly on the Coin Flip bonus and then offers a x15 on the red face and a x3 on the blue face. By adding the x50 on both sides, the red color can earn x750 on the wager, and the blue color x150.  

A 50/50 chance of hitting the jackpot for players on this day. Very quickly, it's the red face that falls: x750 on the wager of all players who bet on the Coin Flip. 

Crazy Time - x8,000 with 4 doubles 

On September 3, 2020, the stars aligned, as it was a x10 on Crazy Time. The wheel spins and lands right on the Crazy Time bonus. A very good x10 start for players and a boon for those who selected the blue pointer!  

The yellow and green pointers come to a halt on their first turn with x200 and x100 respectively. The blue pointer, meanwhile, will fall on the "Double" square, but not once, not twice, not three times... but four times in a row! Multipliers are doubled every round, from x1,600 to x8,000 on the final round.  

Lucky for players who select the middle pointer, as it will stop on x8,000, a record for this incredible bonus! Lucky7Bonus lets you enjoy this "Double" sequence in the video below. 

Looking for a casino with quality games? Montecryptos Casino is the perfect place to play Crazy Time! 

Crazy Time review: players 

Since its launch in May 2020, several million players have been tempted. And millions of players mean millions of reviews! In the course of our research, here are the reviews that caught our attention. 

Know when to stop 

The first review comes from a certain Russ Schofield. This player seems to have had quite a bit of luck on Crazy Time. Despite this, he seems to have kept a cool head and played in moderation. 

Not everyone is lucky 

This second review stands in stark contrast to the previous one. Here, a certain Jonny Paco seems to be accusing Evolution of rigging his game. While his anger is understandable, it should not be forgotten that the provider is licensed by reputable entities in the industry, who ensure that the game is not manipulated. 

Our experts' opinion on Crazy Time 

Our final verdict on Crazy Time live can only be positive. Since its release in 2020, the game has entertained several thousand players every day, who always have in mind the hope of hitting the jackpot on this Evolution-signed game. 

This can be a very frustrating creation, but we mustn't forget that this is first and foremost a game of chance, where the main aim is to have fun. And unlike max win, fun is guaranteed on Crazy Time! 

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