JetX: testing and reviewing the game

JetX is a new and unique game, making more and more appearances in online casinosโ€™ game offerings. It may be one of the first of its kind in an expected new wave of online casino gaming which focuses on multiplayer aspects and social gaming. Aspects that historically have been overlooked in traditional casino games. Below you can read our full review of this casino game, including where to play JetX and alternatives to similar games.

What is JetX

JetX is a community crash-style multiplayer casino game. This is one of the latest additions in online casinos in Canada where a need for increased innovation and more dynamic gameplay is sought after. Younger casino players have significantly higher expectations when it comes to social interaction and gameplay compared to the boomer generation. Introducing multiplayer casino games aims to achieve just that, attracting younger players to the online casinos in Canada.

In JetX, players bet on how high a jet plane can fly before it crashes. Basically, betting takes place before the jet plane takes off. During the betting phase, you can see the bets of other players participating in the game. This is one of the social and multiplayer aspects of JetX. Visually, during the betting phase, the jet plane is gathering speed on the take-off strip and getting ready to launch up in the air.

Right before the jet plane takes off, the betting stops. Bets are gathered as the plane takes off. Shortly after take-off, the multiplier starts counting. The longer and higher the jet plane rise, the higher the multiplier. The trick is to cash out winnings before the plane crashes. If the player fails to cash out, bets are lost. Cashout too early and the returns will be small. The goal is to cash out right before the jet plane crash.

This game is a test of patience and timing. Can you keep your composure as other players are cashing in and winning money? If you do, you are risking losing it all in order to win more money than the other players.

The visual aspects of JetX are pleasing, especially if you are into retro game art and graphics. JetX is, as we mentioned, a flying jet plane waiting to crash. The game uses pixelated graphics and reminisce of the 70s and 80s arcade-style games.

Where to play JetX

JetX is still relatively new and there are not that many online casinos in Canada offering it. Below is a list of a couple of sites where you can play crash games like JetX.


JetX is not the only community crash-styled game out there. One prominent online casino in Canada that we often write about is Gamdom. You may be familiar with their journey of being a skin betting casino that, over the years, transitioned into becoming one of the best casinos in Canada. Why we mention them is because they have offered a community crash-style game for many years. It is much simpler than JetX in terms of appearance, but the game works pretty much the same way and is hugely popular. You can try it out at Gamdom, which also offers tons of other games along with sports and esports betting.

Winning strategies in JetX

Each game round of JetX has a random outcome. As such, there is no predictability or patterns to find in the gameplay. Winning at JetX all comes down to luck. So, there are not any winning strategies to speak of.

The game engine of JetX utilizes a random number generator, the same way a slot machine uses random number generators. The difference is that many players participate in the same game sessions and that the graphics of the game is entirely different from that of a slot game. But, strip away those aspects, and you are basically looking at a slot game where all that matters is luck.

In fact, the odds in JetX are stacked against you. If you wager $0.50 bets two hundred times, you are expected to lose, for example, approximately 4-8% of your $100 that was wagered. Of course, you have the chance of getting lucky and win big as well. But it is important to stress that there are no winning strategies in JetX, and winning all comes down to being lucky.

Our opinion of the casino game JetX

JetX provides a breeze of fresh air in any online casino. We truly hope that more online casinos add JetX to their offering along with the development of more multiplayer casino games with greater levels of interaction and social aspects.

We have a go at JetX regularly and like the fact that we can see the actions of other players. This definitely adds to the excitement of the game. It is also easy to get influenced by other players, especially if the multiplier reached a high level and players that are still in the race start to cash out. Continue riding the jet plane is not an easy decision at that point and the thrill of the unknown is exciting. Dare it all to soar even higher or parachute early to take home smaller winnings? One thing is for sure, donโ€™t forget your parachute before boarding the JetX plane.

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