Lightning Blackjack: The new game from Evolution Gaming
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Lightning Blackjack: The new game from Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming offers its players an alternative to basic blackjack: Lightning Blackjack. What are the major differences? Are the new features of interest to players?   

We've tested and analyzed Lightning Blackjack just for you. Find out everything you need to know about this unique and much talked-about game.  

What is Lightning Blackjack? 

Lightning Blackjack is a live game released in November 2021 by industry giant Evolution Gaming. Lightning games are not new to the online casino world. Roulette and dice already have lightning versions.   

The difference between a lightning version and a normal version is that multipliers are added to your winnings. In roulette, for example, certain numbers receive a multiplier on a specific spin.   

In blackjack, it's the same: depending on your hand, you'll receive a different multiplier. The aim is to offer you a game that's even more volatile than the original

Explaining how Lightning Blackjack works 

But how does Lightning Blackjack work?   

As you'll see in the following paragraphs, it's a very easy-to-understand game, and is very similar to the original blackjack games. It does, however, have a few notable differences.    

The first is that there are no side bets in Lightning Blackjack. So, it's your hand against the dealer's, and nothing else.   

In Lightning Blackjack, there are no seat limits, and the game is the same for all players. Each player's choice can influence the distribution of everyone else's cards.   

In classic blackjack, there are several players at the same table, each with his or her own deck of cards.   

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The rules of Blackjack 

The rules of Lightning Blackjack are the same as those of normal blackjack. To win your game, you must have a higher hand than the dealer. If you exceed 21, you automatically lose.   

Our team of experienced players has put together an article on the rules of blackjack. We recommend that you read it carefully, so that blackjack no longer holds any secrets from you. 

How to obtain multipliers 

To obtain multipliers, you'll need to agree to pay a 100% commission on your stake. This doubles the value of your initial bet.   

For example, if you decide to play Lightning Blackjack, but you don't want to pay the commission, then you only win your stake once, and only if you manage to beat the dealer.   

If you decide to pay it, you'll earn a multiplier. So, if you decide to bet €2, with your commission also being €2, your total hand will be €4. If you win, your multiplier will boost your full bet, i.e., the €4. 

The different multipliers in Lightning Blackjack  

Two different multipliers are available in Lightning Blackjack. As you can see from the following screen, each possible hand has a specific multiplier. 

Winning hands between 4 and 21 have a multiplier ranging from x2 to x15. The closer your hand is to 21, the higher your multiplier.   

The second multiplier is valid only for blackjack, i.e., getting 21 directly with just two cards. The multiplier ranges from x6 to x25.   

Finally, it's important to know that multipliers change with each spin. They are visible behind the dealer. 

What is the RTP of Lightning Blackjack? 

Lightning Blackjack's RTP is 99.56%. The theoretical return to players is the money you should receive over the long term.   

The closer it is to 100%, the closer you are to your stake.   

It's important to remember that RTP is calculated over hundreds of millions of game spins. It's a theoretical average.   

We've written an article explaining the theoretical return to the player in detail. Feel free to visit it for more information on the subject.   

It can be very positive for you, or very negative, depending on your luck.

The specifics of Lightning Blackjack 

With the release of Lightning Blackjack, Evolution offered a great promise to its players. This is because it had great potential for handsome winnings thanks to its multiplier effects.   

As mentioned, there are no side bets in Lightning Blackjack. You can only have one hand facing the dealer.  

When playing this live game from Evolution Gaming, the minimum bet is 1 euro, while the maximum bet is 5,000 euros. 

Betting Odds of Lightning Blackjack

When splitting 

When you decide to split your cards, your bet is automatically doubled. When you make a split, it will be impossible for you to double your split.   

If you don't like the value of the cards that you receive when you split, you can keep drawing until you do.   

If the value of your cards exceeds 21 on your draw, you automatically lose a hand. However, if the other hand is still in play, you can continue to play it.   

After that, the rules work just like the basic game.   

If you manage to win your split, your lightning will be calculated in relation to the better hand of the two you have. It's important to know that when you make the split decision, you don't have to pay the commission again. 

During a push 

A push in blackjack means that the value of your hand and the dealer's hand are the same. Usually in blackjack, when your hand is the same as the dealer's, the bank gives you your entire bet back.   

With Lightning Blackjack, this is different. If you decide not to use the "lightning" feature, then the bank will return 100% of your bet.   

However, if you decide to use the lightning feature, then you'll have to pay a commission.   

If your hand is the same as the dealer's, only your original bet will be refunded, not the commission. 

When doubling 

If the value of your cards does not equal 21 on your draw, you can double your hand. When you decide to double your hand, you automatically double your bet.    

Only one draw will be made when you decide to double your hand, regardless of whether or not you are happy with the value.   

If you manage to win your hand, then the lightning value is based on your entire bet, not just your original one.   

As with a split, you won't have to pay commission if you decide to double your hand. 

Conclusion on Lightning Blackjack 

The release of Lightning Blackjack was eagerly awaited for its potential for big wins. The principle is very easy to learn.  

Unlike roulette, Lightning Blackjack does not necessarily seem to appeal to the community.   

The influence of other players on the way you play is too great. Some people make "unnecessary" decisions that have an impact on the rest of the game.   

Even if the winnings can be very handsome in the end, some players will always want to go for the highest multiplier, even if it means increasing their chance of bust.   

What's more, blackjack games are much slower than average.   

On paper, Lightning Blackjack had great potential. Unfortunately, the game doesn't seem to have found its audience, unlike its big sister, Lightning Roulette.  

If you'd like to give Lightning Blackjack a try, here's a review of Millionz Casino where Lightning Blackjack is available. 

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