Spaceman: Pragmatic Play's crash game
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Spaceman: Pragmatic Play's crash game

Crash games have been around for many years at various online casinos. The community is already familiar with the famous JetX, F777 Fighter and the simple crash game at the crypto Stake Casino. This type of game is relatively easy to learn, but we can criticize the lack of artistic direction to make crash games more interesting. Apart from MyStake Casino's Dino crash game, the other crash games are extremely simplistic.   

Pragmatic Play, an influential online game provider, has decided to raise the bar for crash games with Spaceman. The latter is technically a pure crash game, but with interesting features and options as well as breathtaking graphics and animations. This has become commonplace with the provider Pragmatic Play.  

Today, we're going to take you through a detailed overview of Pragmatic Play's crash game. Additionally, this article will give you some information about the provider, as well as the online casinos where you can play Spaceman at. Registering at these gambling platforms will allow you to benefit from very generous welcome bonuses. Finally, we'll give you our general opinion and conclusion on this crash game. 

What is Spaceman? 

Head for the stars in Pragmatic Play's latest game: Spaceman! Players embody this little astronaut, who could just as easily be a robot, in a deeply colorful universe. With no need for a spaceship, the character flies to the stars on his own. We could even say... to the moon! 

The user interface of this game is very comprehensive, as you can see from the various screenshots. First, in the middle of the screen, players can choose their bet, from a minimum of €1 to a maximum of €100 per spin. Several buttons let you quickly switch between €1, €5, €10 and €25. Alternatively, you can open the statistics window, cancel your last action, double your bet or validate your bet automatically on each spin (otherwise, you’ll have to do it manually). 

Once your bet has been validated, two buttons appear at the bottom of the screen, while the character moves through space with a multiplier that is also advancing. These buttons allow you to cashout, i.e., to stop the game by recovering your stake multiplied by the number on the screen.    

The other green button on your screen indicates a 50% Cashout. But what's the point of recovering only half your winnings? Actually, it's a safety feature when you reach a target. When you click on this button, you get 50% of your stake back, multiplied by the multiplier at time T. The remaining 50% of your stake will continue to grow until you crash, or until you click on Cashout.  

For example, you could simply Cashout 50% of your stake when the astronaut reaches multiplier x 2, in which case you'd get your initial stake back and continue playing with the remaining 50%. 

However, as soon as the astronaut crashes, you lose your stake. The 50% Cashout option can therefore be a safety feature to limit your losses. Note that the multiplier can go up to x5,000 and it can also stop at x1, at which point all players lose their stake. Your objective will therefore be to hold out as long as possible before clicking on Cashout, and before the astronaut crashes.  

If you don't want to rely too much on your instincts, you can set an Auto Cashout and a 50% Auto Cashout in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. This will automatically exit at a certain level, so you can set your limits and take fewer risks.  

While you're playing, don't hesitate to look at the various Spaceman features, the latest multipliers, your latest bets, or take part in the live chat with other players. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Spaceman 

Easy-to-understand operationNo bonus features
Game chat allows for interactivityIt can be hard to know when to stop
Several features to enhance the gaming experienceMaximum stake: 100 euros
Excellent graphics
Particularly attractive 50% cashout feature

Where can I play Spaceman from Pragmatic Play? 

Spaceman is a creation of Pragmatic Play. As one of the most renowned providers in the gambling world, its games can be found on the vast majority of online casinos. 

Among these games, of course, is Spaceman. Pragmatic Play's crash game is available on a number of Lucky7Bonus platforms. Here are three casinos where you can play the Spaceman crash game. 

Millionz Casino 

Millionz has managed to win us over time and time again. Not only thanks to its exceptionally generous welcome bonus, but also to its extensive catalog of online games, including Spaceman. 

If you'd like to find out more about Millionz, our experts have written a very detailed review.

Exclusive bonus


Oshi is a behemoth in the online casino world! We appreciate the platform's willingness to offer the best to its players. This is evident when we take a look at its game library, which is one of the most qualitative we've seen. 

This game collection includes Pragmatic Play's crash game, on which you can use your welcome bonus of +100% up to $950 + 150 free spins, and without any wagering! This applies to all bonuses. 

Take a look at the full review of this online casino by our team of experts. 

N1 Casino 

N1 Casino offers you the ultimate gaming experience, in the shade of palm trees and with your feet in the water. The platform's catalog of games is as dazzling as the midday sun! There are no fewer than 2,000 different games on N1 Casino, including, of course, the Spaceman crash game. 

Read our full review of N1 Casino by our experts. 

Spaceman game features 

Despite its simplicity, Spaceman is a game with a good number of features. This ensures that Pragmatic Play's crash game doesn't become too redundant. As a result, players can enjoy the most complete gaming experience possible. 

Here are just a few of the features available in the Spaceman crash game: 

Bet auto 

The bet auto feature is particularly useful when you want to play over a specific period, or if you have a budget to stick to. Here, you'll set the game to automatically bet a defined amount. You can set a precise number of games to be played automatically.

Auto cashout 

When playing Spaceman, as with any crash game, your aim is to cash out before the game comes to an abrupt end. You can do this manually, but it forces you to stay focused. This is where the auto cashout option comes in handy. When activated, the feature will automatically cashout as soon as the target multiplier is reached. 

Game chat 

On the Spaceman game, we were pleasantly surprised to see that live chat was available to players. Some crash games offer this, but it's not a systematic feature. It does, however, allow users to chat with each other, offering a little more interaction. 

The results and winnings table 

It can be interesting to keep track of the statistics of recent games in order to adapt bets accordingly. That's why we were delighted to see that the developer of this game has provided players with a table summarizing the latest winnings, but above all, the latest multipliers with which the game had ended. 


Live chat makes Pragmatic Play a true multiplayer game! The interactivity that players can have with each other can have a real impact on the rest of their session. 

Play Spaceman for free 

If you'd like to try out Spaceman risk-free, you can play Pragmatic Play's creation for free. All you need to do is visit an online casino that has Spaceman in its game library. If this isn't possible, you can always visit the supplier's official website. 

Are there any winning techniques at Spaceman? 

As we've seen with many games of this kind, there are several winning strategies for Spaceman. The main aim of these techniques is to optimize your chances of winning. However, it's important to bear in mind that none of these strategies are 100% reliable or guaranteed to produce a profit. 


Martingale is a well-known and widely used gambling technique. It's easy to understand how it works. The aim of this strategy is to double your initial bet. If you lose a game, you double your bet until you win. It can be very misleading, however, as it can make you think you're winning when you're actually not. 

50% cashout 

This is a feature found only on Spaceman, and one we really like. Here, we'll be using the second automatic cashout option. This allows you to cash out only 50% of your betting amount, thus limiting losses. The most interesting strategy would be to choose a low multiplier on the 50% cashout, and place a second, higher multiplier on the other cashout option. 

Game analysis 

We have noticed that Spaceman provides players with a summary table of recent games. We advise you to analyze the results of previous games carefully, in order to place a suitable bet. For example, it's unlikely that two high multipliers will follow each other. So, if a x 9 has just fallen, place a bet on the assumption that the next multiplier is bound to be lower. 

Spaceman on mobile and tablet 

It's becoming increasingly common for suppliers to offer mobile versions of their games. This is always a good thing, as it means that players can enjoy their favorite game on their smartphone or tablet. We were delighted to see that this was the case for Spaceman. 

Mobile gaming experience 

We tested Spaceman from an iPhone 12 Pro smartphone. And we can assure you that the game is totally adapted to a mobile session. The layout is optimized for the screen, and all options are present and have been enlarged to suit your gaming experience on such a device. 

Tablet gaming experience 

We then grabbed our iPad Air to test Spaceman. And here too, there's nothing to worry about. It's more convenient to play in landscape format, which is closer to the computer version. Portrait mode, however, is just as suitable. Much like with a smartphone, all options are present. 

Comparison with the computer version 

Compared with the computer version, there are very few differences between the mobile and tablet versions, especially for the latter. The main change is the screen, but you'll quickly get used to it. Pragmatic Play has done a remarkable job in optimizing its creations for mobile devices. 

Spaceman's reliability 

There's no need to worry about Spaceman's reliability. The game is a creation of supplier Pragmatic Play, whose reputation speaks for itself. Operating since 2015, the Maltese company holds many licenses around the world, including the Malta Gaming Authority.  

As such, the provider has its own random number generator (RNG). This ensures that each game round is completely random. This is an essential protocol that allows a provider to be able to offer its games at an online casino. 

What's more, all the providers we've put forward are reliable, and all have a gaming license. This guarantees flawless security for those who play them. 

Who is Pragmatic Play? 

In just seven years, Pragmatic Play has become one of the most influential providers on the online gambling market. The team obtained its gaming license in 2016 and has been working hard to offer the best possible slot machines: new themes, developed graphics and animations, jackpots of up to 5,000 times the stake, etc.  

Some of the provider's slot machines have become legendary over the years. These include Gates of Olympus, The Dog House, Fruit Party and Sweet Bonanza. This game provider has recently diversified its game library by offering live games such as Mega Wheel, as well as table games.  

The other technical aspect concerns the purchase of bonuses, which are available on virtually all Pragmatic Play slot machines. This feature allows players to purchase a slot's bonus, usually for 100 times the stake.  

Now, once again, the game supplier is taking the bold step of offering Spaceman to the community. Our experts invite you to discover all Pragmatic Play's slots and games on its dedicated page. Keep in mind that you can also play for free on this supplier's creations. 

Our Spaceman review 

The crash game genre has come a long way! In the early days, players could only enjoy simplistic graphics with a line that advanced little by little with its multiplier. Today, these games have their own artistic direction, a central character. Additionally, they have numerous options and features to make betting easier, reduce risk, find out statistics, or chat with other players online.  

Pragmatic Play's Spaceman has a theoretical return to player (RTP) of 96.50%, which is still very decent. However, it seems difficult to reach x5,000 on Spaceman, so much so that the desire to cash out quickly will be felt, simply to avoid crashing and losing your stake. Several methods can be applied here: Trying to bet big and aiming for small multipliers such as x1.5, or by aiming higher while relying on the 50% Cashout option.  

Pragmatic Play's crash game is suitable for thrill-seeking players willing to take risks. Not everyone will enjoy playing Spaceman. However, for fans of crash games, its universe, the quality of its soundtrack and its animations will delight them. Lucky7Bonus strongly recommends that you test Spaceman for free before committing to a real balance, as this will give you a better understanding of how the game works. 

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Where can I play Spaceman?


What's the biggest possible multiplier on Spaceman?


What's the biggest win on Spaceman?


Is Spaceman a reliable game?


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