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Free slot: Angry Fruits

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Creation year2023

Welcome to Lucy7Bonus's in-depth review of Popiplay's action-packed fruit slot Angry Fruits!

This is not just your average fruit slot.

While maintaining many aspects of a traditional fruit slot, Popiplay elevated this game in particular by creating very intricate characters, all of whom have their own personalities, which could of course affect the route your gameplay takes!

Apart from this, the software development studio has gone a step further by introducing novel in-game features in this slot, making for very exhilarating gameplay which introduces players to some things they would have never tried before.

In fact, we have been generally very positively impressed by Popiplay's work so far.

Many games from this provider tick all the right boxes for us.

They provide are really good gaming experience full of turns and twists, surprises and amazing bonuses all of which are heightened when paired with impeccably made visual elements of the slots.

In this review of Angry Fruits, we discuss all of the amazing mechanics included in this game, how the game works and we also share a few more details about Popiplay below!

Let's get to it.

What Special Features Were Included in Angry Fruits?

This is a rather simple game at first glance, however, will have your jaw dropped on the floor once the funky features included start taking effect.

Of course, you're probably the most curious about the Xpress game mechanic mentioned in the title of the slot.

This is set into effect through the juice package symbols in this game which have multiple powers. Firstly, they activate the scatter feature. From here, you're in for a series of awesome surprises!

  • Land three scatters and activate the bonus round of the game. The bonus round is a riveting spin-the-wheel game which grants you multipliers, which could go up to 999x! These will also be applied to any multipliers which are already active in your game.

  • Land four or five scatters and you shall be rewarded with additional multipliers worth 3x or 10x.

In addition to all of this, you may also use the Bonus Buy option which is a great addition to the game in our opinion.

This allows you to invest in these fantastic game features rather than wait for them to be organically activated throughout gameplay, which could be a pretty lengthy process during which you may make substantial losses.

Bear in mind to invest in bonus buy, you will need to pay 100x the size of your bet.

What to expect on your grid.

The symbols in this grid are super powerful, whether or not they are wilds.

These livid fruits could explode in a fit of anger at any minute, blowing up your chances of getting to the maximum win of the game which is worth almost 10,000x what you've put at stake.

This makes for one of the highest winning possibilities out of any of Popiplay's slots.

As you can imagine, the majority of the symbols on your slot shall be fruits. Each of these fruits has different values, meaning some will pay less than others when landing on a successful payline.

  • The watermelon could pay a maximum of $10

  • The blueberry, banana, prune and lemon could pay up to $2.40

  • The cherries pay only a maximum of 60c

The grid is also accessorised with the following high-paying symbols:

  • The number seven symbol pays a whopping $40 at its maximum

  • The crown symbols could pay you up to $100!

Finally, unlock the juice pack symbol which will take you to the game's bonus round where you can make massive wins and other great game features!

As for the look of the grid.

The slot is definitely very attractive composed of bright and colourful designs and animated symbols. The symbols rest in what looks like a fruit cart at your favourite farmer's market but floats in a soft, dreamy cloud.

This design is both simple and eye-catching making the game a pleasure to play and keeping players engaged with interesting animations as you trigger spins.

What About the Gameplay?

As we mentioned in the previous section, the maximum win in this game is pretty high. To be precise, you could win up to 9,990x the amount you set as your bet throughout your gaming session.

This means, playing with the maximum bet allowed within the game which is $100, you could win up to nine hundred ninety-nine thousand dollars! If you're in for a less risky game, you could bet as low as 10 cents.

Whether you're betting a small amount or pushing the limits all the way to the max bet, your chances of making money are pretty high. Popiplay devised a game mechanic very similar to Big Time Gaming's Megaways which has now achieved international fame.

In Angry Fruits, you could find a win on 200,000 different paylines! With an RTP rate of 96.01%, we honestly think the likelihood of your spins often landing on these paylines is high, what we can also confirm from our own experience playing this game.

And to top it all off the insane game features we described in the first part of the review add not only to the thrill and make gameplay super interesting, but as they are completely randomly triggered, they could switch your game up at any moment and deposit hundreds, if not thousands, in your balance.

We really enjoyed trying this slot out.

Whether you're in search of a chilled-out gaming session, making small bets and humble wins, or if you want to take it all the way and experience maximum risk, this game will satisfy your needs.

Who is Popiplay?

Popiplay is a relatively recent software production studio which only debuted in 2022 in Sweden. Its focus in terms of game creation is slots.

So far, the game studio has released just under thirty games, each of which displays its very own uniqueness and guarantees fun and many wins to players.

Visually this software developer is really on a roll. It stepped onto the scene having a very clear understanding of the fact that online gamblers today do not only value how much money they can make off of a game.

The necessities of players nowadays have changed putting the aesthetic value of a game on the top of the list as essential for it to be successful on the market. However, creating beautiful graphics is not enough.

Here too Popiplay is making strides.

Thanks to the addition of original game mechanics conceived by the creators at this game studio, these slots are super special and set apart from the products which have preceded them.

The provider has set a very high standard for itself which it has, so far, continuously kept up with, making us very excited to explore more of what's to come from this studio.

Popiplay has strengthened its presence in the industry since teaming up with SoftSwiss, one of the most dominant online casino operators on the market which has been powering several great casinos such as Stake, which is super popular in Canada and BitStarz, a crypto-focused casino.

For more details about Popiplay and the latter two casinos, we recommend you take a look at our in-depth reviews of each.

Where to find the best PopiPlay products on the Canadian market

Not many casinos offer Popiplay games right now.

As we have stressed, this is a relatively new game production studio on the scene. Popiplay is slowly but surely making its presence known and has been popping up, pun intended, on a few of our favourite casino websites.

Fight Club is one of our favourites which offers Popiplay games.

The environment on this website makes you keen on staying active and eager to make massive wins throughout your gameplay thanks to its sports-inspired theme.

We have absolutely loved our experience at this casino every time. It would be our top recommendation to play this provider's games.

For more suggestions, take a look at our full review of this software developer and go to our homepage for reviews on many of the best casinos available on the current Canadian market.

Bringing our Angry Fruits Review to a Close

We love Popiplay's tantalizing take on a fruit slot.

We enjoy how the provider kept alive certain core aspects of a typical fruit slot, reminiscent even of land-based slot machines but all the while giving them an evident and pleasant Popiplay twist.

This game really did re-ignite our interest in playing fruit slots, which in comparison to many of the products currently available on the market may often seem like a less-interesting and exciting option.

Between the great game features which could lead to incredible huge wins and the beautiful graphics which make for a really entertaining and immersive gameplay session, there is really nothing bad to say about this slot.

Find this slot on the best online gambling platforms. For a list of safe and reliable casinos which have great gaming options, we recommend you check out our topical page by following this link.

We do really recommend casinos such as Jackpot City, which has earned a great reputation after years of activity or even Oddsring, Twin's first online casino project since it took on the role of casino operator.

The availability of this specific provider's games on these websites does depend on which region in Canada you are playing from.

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📈 What is the volatility of Angry Fruits


💸 What is the RTP of Angry Fruits


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Angry Fruits ?


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