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Compare the features, bonuses, slots and game providers of the best online casinos with the opinions of our players and our team of canadian casino experts.

Popiplay, a brand new game production studio whose products have made it to the Canadian market, has quite impressed us with its game of top-class quality!

This provider certainly attracts players due to the great graphics it uses in its slots and fantastically creative designs which create unique worlds for the player to get lost in in these slots. But there's more to Popiplay's work than meets the eye.

In its, so far, very short career, Popiplay has perfected the graphic quality of its games, conceived reworks of pretty well-known game mechanics and boosting features and has also worked on great services to offer casino operators who invest in its products!


This provider is definitely planning on taking the throne in the realm of online casino content production.

Will it succeed?

In this review, we take a look at what Popiplay has to offer in more detail and discuss what about its products is so competitive and appealing, potentially pushing the game studio to the peak and establishing it among some of the bigger names in the industry.

Check Out Popiplay's Slots at these Incredible Casinos!

Below are our top three casinos available on the Canadian market which have Popiplay's slots featured in their game libraries!

All three of these platforms have much to offer to local audiences and we have tried and tested each one. In each description, you shall find several links leading you to our full-length review of each website, the casino's homepages and their bonus menus.

We believe we have compiled a list of dependable casino suggestions, which we did not only scour every part of in search of good gaming opportunities but even to verify that the safety structures in place are reliable and will keep you protected from any potential hacks and cyber-attacks.

Without further ado, let's take a look at our top three for you to try out Popiplay products. And remember, should you wish to try the provider's games out for free, head over to our free slots page.

Wild Fortune

Venture into a Wild Western adventure at this casino and enjoy playing a number of amazing slots, live games and table games and making the most of your participation in various themed tournaments with huge prize pools!

We really like this modern casino which is not only on point with both the quality and quantity of the products it has on offer, but also its services.

Firstly, it boasts a fantastic, foolproof website which is super colourful and attractive.

In addition, enjoy a series of bombastic bonuses which shall really improve your wins during gameplay, reliable customer service and easy access to exclusive bonuses, prompt and efficient customer support and socialization on its Telegram channel!

All in all, Wild Fortune is a really great example of an online casino all-rounder which, for us, ticks all the right boxes of what we would be looking for for our online gambling experience.

Fight Club

Get your adrenaline going at this brilliant online casino!

Not to be confused with the Fight Club movie, although this casino makes for an experience just as suspenseful and eventful as the movie, it follows the theme of sports and being active, hopefully inciting these sentiments in players.

If it works, head over to the casino's bonuses and promos page to find out how you can make your gameplay more diverse and lucrative and check out the tournaments available for added thrills and wins!

Despite the sporty take on this platform's website design, a sportsbook isn't yet available and we wonder whether this addition is in the works for the Fight Club.

As it currently stands, this is one of our favourite casinos to visit as we always have a wonderful gambling experience here which is fulfilling and most of all, super fun. Adding a sports book will do nothing but accentuate this and make the platform more popular across Canada.


A top online gambling destination here in Canada which absolutely had to make our list! Especially with its recent expansion to Ontario, Stake has become one of the most-loved and visited casinos on the Canadian market.

This is a highly stylised website, which takes the way it looks to its audience very seriously and truly, we appreciate this. All the most important things such as the customer support chat icon and the game library are easy to find and well-organised.

Our favourite part about Stake is the tens and tens of promotions, tournaments and bonuses it has on offer for players.

Whether you're into live gaming, slot gameplay or sports betting, you will definitely find a chance to enhance your bets in this casino's menu of deals.

There is never a boring day when gaming at Stake, an active, ever-changing platform which has provided us with a really enjoyable gaming experience every time we have visited!

Popiplay: Making Strides as a New Provider on the Scene

Popiplay has not been on the scene for long yet, however, has had a pretty eventful career so far.

The game production studio was introduced in Sweden in 2022 and has since then released under thirty games all of which have taken audiences by surprise with their impressive graphic quality and also the introduction of original game features.

This is what makes these products so competitive even when compared to creations by much better-established and longer-active studios such as Games Global, Big Time Gaming and Spinomenal.

Although these providers have become household names for avid members of the online gambling community, they simply have not been giving us products which are as creative or unique as those from newer studios such as Popiplay.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Popiplay stands out and we do hope it makes its way to the game libraries of more casinos on our market soon.

Popiplay has not only impressed players but even several online casino operators who have agreed on partnerships with this game production studio.

In our opinion, one of the biggest moves the provider has made so far is creating an alliance with Softswiss, one of the biggest online casino companies alongside the likes of Betsson Group.

This partnership was forged in November 2022, shortly after the software developer's official launch. After that, many other collaborations with prominent casino companies followed suit.

We definitely look forward to seeing more from Popiplay and are curious to discover how its style and production will unfold in the coming year.

What Type of Games is Popiplay Making?

As we said, the catalogue of games Popiplay has created so far has not even reached thirty titles.

This is of course a very small selection, but is also quite a feat considering this is such a small game studio right now, which only launched operations officially around a year ago.

What we have deduced from trying the majority of these games, is that the game creators at this studio really have a knack for hitting the nail right on the head when it comes to satisfying the players' expectations of a slot game.

Let's start first by taking a look at which themes the provider has explored so far.

Albeit small, Popiplay's collection is very diverse and has something to offer for players no matter what they might be looking for.

Games based on mythology? Check.

Fruit Slots? Check.

Slot series where each instalment is better and more exciting than the prior? Also, check!

And what we love the most is the unique Popiplay touch the creators have given each of these games.

Let's take Angry Fruits as an example, a fruit slot which is one of our favourites from Popiplay which we also discuss in more detail below. This isn't just your typical fruit slot.

Popiplay brought traditional fruit symbols to life in this slot, giving them distinct characterisation which definitely makes gameplay very interesting. In addition to this, the inclusion of a Popiplay exclusive game mechanism makes playing this slot a completely unmatched, original experience.

Of course, the provider has also explored less popular or traditional themes in its slots too!

As for art style, here too we witness variety in Popiplay's catalogue. Its forte seems to be clean, smooth, modern graphics. But we also have a few attempts at comic-book-style artwork too.

Lucky7Bonus's Favourite Popiplay Slots

As always, in our review, we give you a list of which we think are the best games by this provider!

In our opinion, Popiplay is quite an eye-catching software developer, who in a very short career has released some great-looking games some of which also include unique Popiplay mechanics which offer an interesting twist of well-known game features and mechanics.

We really liked experimenting with these games and have added a demo version of our favourites on our website.

Feel free to pop over and try them out prior to spending real money in these games at your favourite online casino! Or check out any of the alternative titles available should the five suggestions below not really strike your fancy.


Perhaps this is one for those of you with a darker sense of humour, playing a game based on the theme of online hacks and identity theft and the use of crypto on your favourite online casino!

What initially attracted us to this game are the graphics. Perhaps one of Popiplay's peak moments in terms of design and creativity according to us. We have never seen anything like this game before, especially thematically, even from more controversial providers like NoLimit City.

But that's not all. The slot is packed with fun features which will make your gameplay an absolute whirlwind of excitement.

Firstly, the grid expands as you play, making space for more frequent and bigger wins. You may also choose to adjust the grid to your own liking.

And then, get ready for your chance at winning the max worth 4,250x your bet while claiming free spins and multipliers while you spin!

Dogmasons Megawoof

One of the very first games we tried from Popiplay is Dogmasons Megawoof, one of many instalments in the first of the provider's first full-fledged slot series!

While each chapter of this series of slots has its own distinctive features which make it an absolute pleasure to play, Megawoof had to be our top pick due to several reasons.

Firstly, an original Popiplay mechanic which we could compare to Big Time Gaming's Megaways invention, pumps up the number of winning combos in this game to a whopping 200k. There is no chance you will leave this slot without having made any wins.

Paired with the fact that the maximum win in this game goes up to 5,000x the amount you've put at stake, the ins could be pretty substantial too.

So enjoy a fun spin on this slot accompanied by quirky canine characters and a grim-looking cat all of whom could have massive effects on your gameplay!

Angry Fruits

A fruit slot with a spin, excuse the pun, which really made us much more keen to explore the more classic options for online casino slots.

While maintaining a core aspect of a traditional slot's look, even going back to the very first land-based slot machines, Popiplay gave the game a fresh twist which made it so enjoyable to us.

In this slot, experience the Xpress game feature. Essentially these are the scatters of the game which are presented in the form of a juice pack and could potentially fling you into a whole new gaming session in a temporary bonus round.

Through the bonus round, you can expect more excitement, more adventure and most importantly, bigger wins!

This bonus round really elevates an otherwise pretty simple and dramatically raises the stakes for your potential wins and losses, making the game more risky and thrilling.

Ninja Frog

Not only does this title touch on a pretty classic theme for online slots, which is Asian culture, while giving it an interesting twist through an amusing storyline but it also flaunts the creative team's attempt at a modernized quasi-comic-book-style.

We love it! Visually, Popiplay hasn't ceased to impress us.

This game includes all of the most useful in-game features which could affect the frequency and size of your wins while you spin.

From powerful scatters to free spins, an omnipotent wild symbol which could completely change the progression of your game and the way your grid looks and finally, the possibility for a maximum win worth 5,500x the size of your starting bet!

Admittedly, although these max win potentials are small compared to games by other providers, considering how new Popiplay is, it is once again something quite impressive.

Anaki Skywalkers

Finally, one of the provider's biggest hits across global audiences so far!

This was one of the provider's releases which was announced around the same time as its partnership with SoftSwiss. This could explain why it skyrocketed in popularity, considering the casino operator might have pushed the slot more than others on several platforms.

What makes it so great?

Well once again, graphically, it's mesmerizing. It's a more traditional slot, both in terms of design and theme which we also believe is a reason why it has gained more popularity than other Popiplay products.

Our favourite feature in this game is the gamble option, a card game which really heightens the stakes throughout gameplay and could turn your gameplay around a full 180. It's so fun and thrilling but do bear in mind, severe financial losses could be a result.

How Reliable is Popiplay?

Despite not having yet made it to many online gambling casinos, we are sure that we have nothing to worry about playing games brought by Popiplay.

The software producer currently only holds one license, the Antillephone License.

This entity monitors Popiplay's activity and asserts that:

  • the games it releases are fair towards the player, in that they offer them a legitimate chance at winning

  • the producer offers valid, reliable and accessible customer support services for players but more so for online casino operators who invest in its products

  • the provider's general activity follows the set international laws for igaming and online casino content production

As it stands, Popiplay is a law-abiding online casino company and has valid certification to prove its legal and regulated activity.

We do wish we had more information regarding the testing of its products. We could not get a hold of any information proving that relevant testing labs have taken a look at these games and certified them fair, or otherwise.

However, considering how new the provider is and that its products have not yet gained considerable popularity, this is also not surprising.

What New Does Popiplay Have to Offer?

As you must have noted from our description of the top 5 games, according to us, from this software developer, Popiplay has been keeping up with trends both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of what can its games offer.

It is not so common to find a brand new provider on the scene who has already conceived multiple of its very own variations of in-game features for slots, making its games unique and refreshing for the player, allowing them to experience something new.

This is we believe the most innovative thing about the provider. From the get-go it pounced on the opportunity to revolutionize the industry, bringing exciting and novel products to the market.

It is certainly taking its goal of "redefining the online gambling scene" very seriously.

Of course, its entire catalogue of games has been optimized for mobile gameplay which in itself is a very progressive and important move to make for any online casino content provider considering how many players prefer mobile gaming.

However, there is not much else we can comment about how the provider is innovating the industry as it is still in the very initial stages of its career and has yet to establish itself better.

We do have high hopes for Popiplay and so far, have always enjoyed experimenting with its products.

Has Popiplay Won any Awards so far in its Career?

Popiplay is very, very new on the scene and has not yet racked enough experience to have been nominated, let alone won an award at any of the most prestigious igaming award ceremonies.

This is no reason to not try out the provider's games or doubt their reliability.

We reiterate it has been barely a year since the producer made itself known online and has so far only compiled a rather short list of production under its name.

What we're certain of is that if Popiplay continues working at the rate it currently is and maintaining professionality and interest in diversifying gaming options for online gamblers, always presenting something novel and enticing, it will soon head towards the top of the charts!

We are confident we will soon be hearing Popiplay's name a lot more often and that the company shall be handsomely rewarded for its efforts and successes.


Which are PopiPlay's most popular games?

Some of this game production studio's most popular games are definitely the various chapters of the Dogmasons series.

Dogmasons, Dogmasons MegaWoof and Dogmasons G.O.A.T. are a few of this provider's titles which have acquired the most fame so far. However, the SoftSwiss website also mentions Anaki Skywalkers as one of the studio's biggest hits.

Where is Popiplay licensed?

The software development studio has acquired the Antillephone License which means it has been legally operating in a regulated manner in accordance with international igaming laws, which is confirmed by the Antillephone governing entity.

Where can I find Popiplay products?

Being such a new provider on the market, Popiplay hasn't yet made it to many online gambling platforms which we can access here in Canada.

The three recommendations we made in this provider review would be our best bet in terms of casinos which we are certain are safe and reliable platforms for you to sign up with and spend money on.

These would be Fight Club, Wild Fortune and Stake Casino. Check out our full reviews of them here!

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