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Free slot: Dogmasons MegaWOOF

Provider : Popiplay

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Creation year2023

One out of three installations of the Dogmasons series by PopiPlay, and one with the most interesting and original game features and mechanics, which were quite extraordinary for a new game producer on the block!

Let's start off the review by discussing the graphic quality of this game which is exceptional!

The characterisation of the protagonists of the slot is so eccentric, which we really enjoyed. Meet a litter of posh pups who are calling you in for a meeting on making some pawesome wins!

It is easy to let yourself get immersed in this whimsical world thanks to the sound effects and animations of the game, which captured our attention throughout our gameplay, which was made progressively more thrilling with the activation of various game features.

We absolutely adored this game which made us increasingly more interested in exploring other products by PopiPlay, a software developer which only stepped onto the game creation scene in 2022.

We are incredibly excited to introduce you to the producer through this fun-filled game which is full of surprises!

Dogmasons MegaWoof: Get Your Woof On

PopiPlay really surprised us in this game.

For a brand new provider who is competing with the best-known and established software developers in the industry, it really kickstarted its career with a bang.

It has been bringing us slots which are brimming with interesting features, both classic slot features, and inventive new mechanisms we are eager to explore.

Let's start by discussing the fact Dogmasons MegaWoof has two additional games along with the base game.

The Bonus game which you could unlock through the Dog Respins feature and the Jackpot game, a three-tiered jackpot which could earn you some incredible wins in addition to those you make from your general gameplay!

To get to the Mega jackpot prize pool, the biggest of the three, every position on your reels should be filled with a ball symbol.

Of course, this game includes a scatter feature which firstly, replaces all basic symbols on your grid with high-value wild symbols, maximizing the size of your wins and also grants you free spins!

You could get up to 20 free spins!

Another amazing feature this game has been equipped with is the Lightning Scratch which actually comes in three different sizes. The small lightning scratch would occupy only one field in your reel, but the medium and large ones would take up more space in your reels.

The power of the symbol, when it is in its larger forms, is for it to split and distribute itself all over your grid, allowing for more wins! You can expect the effects of this feature to be prolonged and seriously change the way your gameplay progresses.

The slot also comes with a bonus buy feature, an addition which is becoming more and more common in online casino clots, and for Dogmasons, it's where you can purchase the Chance 2x feature which improves the possibilities of the bonus game being activated in your game.

What special symbols will you find on your grid?

This slot is equipped with a variety of special symbols which activate some amazing features within the slot all of which are meant to make gameplay more exciting and fruitful.

Let's go through the symbols on your grid and how they might affect the way your game progresses.

  • Ball

During the respins, which are considered the bonus round of the slot, the ball symbols get an increased value, leading to bigger wins for you each time you land them on successful paylines!

The Ball symbol also boosts your chances in the jackpot game, allowing you to flow from the lower-valued jackpot prize pool towards the bigger

This is also the symbol which could trigger the Dog Respin feature. To be able to get your respins you'd need to land at least six ball symbols from the same spin!

  • Lightning

This symbol has various effects on gameplay.

During the bonus round, it could reset the number of respins you currently have available to three.

However, it also plays a major role in the Lightning Scratch feature we discussed above and could occupy multiple fields on each of your reels affecting the manifestation of the latter feature on your game.

  • The Sphynx Cat Wild

Chase your wild on reels two, three, four and five of your grid.

The wild will replace all other basic symbols when the scatter hits your grid, maximizing the potential of your wins substantially!

  • The Dog Bone Scatter

To activate the scatter you need to land the dog bone symbol which can only show up on the fourth, fifth and sixth reels of your grid.

  • The Dogs

Four friendly dogs will be accompanying you throughout your adventure in this game!

Each of them has different values which range from 4c to $1 depending on which reel they land on at the end of your spin.

  • Basic Symbols

The lowest value symbols of the game are the doggy food bowl, the dog collar and the letters A and K representing the highest value cards from any standard card deck.

Each of these symbols is only worth up to 10c depending on which reel they fall on.

A Little About this Slot's Gameplay

Our review wouldn't be complete without giving you some clear figures of what your odds are at making wins while playing this slot.

Dogmasons MegaWoof comes with a pretty high RTP of 96.8% which could potentially grow while you are playing the bonus game and jackpot within the slot. It is also a high-volatility game which means wins could be more frequent and increasingly larger the more you play!

In this game, you could win up to 5,000x the bet your start out with! That's an insane maximum win for a relatively new slot by one of the latest slot providers in the industry.

You could start with a bet as low as 20c or raise the stakes all the way up to $300! This means you could win up to 1.5 million in Dogmasons MegaWoof!

This slot also includes a mechanic similar to Big Time Gaming's Megaways, which creates over 200,000 possible winning combinations for your symbols to fall into!

The winning opportunities in this game are endless...are you ready to take your chance?

Who is PopiPlay?

PopiPlay is a relatively recent game provider which established itself in 2022.

So far, it has produced a small selection of captivating slots which boast incredible visual quality and unique, progressive game mechanics and features.

Although the software developer has not yet made a very big name for itself and is not yet being featured in many casino's game libraries, we have very high hopes for it.

Here are a few recommendations for casinos in Canada where you can find PopiPlay's slots:

So far we have been quite impressed with this producer's work. These slots are of impeccable quality and we believe they are becoming some of the most competitive products currently available to online gamblers.

The provider has coined itself one which is instigating a slot revolution, and we genuinely think this is the case.

Take a look through your favourite casino's library for PopiPlay's games and see for yourself!

Concluding our Dogmasons Megawoof Review

Bringing our slot review to a close, we have nothing but good things to say about one of PopiPlay's first releases.

We look forward to seeing what else this producer has to bring as time passes and the trends of online casino game creation evolve and change.

As we have seen very clearly through our explanation of this game, PopiPlay is one of the best contenders available on the market at the moment.

Unique game features make the game really exciting and could lead to some jaw-dropping wins, and paired with colourful and well-made graphics, this slot provides a great gambling experience for both amateur players and experienced ones.

Head over to the top of this page to try out Dogmasons MegaWoof for free before depositing real money into your account at your casino of choice!

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🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Dogmasons MegaWOOF ?


📈 What is the volatility of Dogmasons MegaWOOF


💸 What is the RTP of Dogmasons MegaWOOF


🎰 What is the provider of the slot machine Dogmasons MegaWOOF ?


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