The Dream Catcher Live Game
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The Dream Catcher Live Game

One of the first live Ferris wheels! 

Dream Catcher is one of the first live games to feature a Ferris wheel. Published in May 2017 by Evolution Gaming Group, masters of live casino games, Dream Catcher works like a classic wheel of fortune, 24/7.  

A large, colorful wheel sits in the center of a room resembling a game show set, with background music and a sleek decor reminiscent of a funfair.  

Several camera shots are used for added dynamism. A presenter spins the wheel and animates the game at all times. More than just a croupier, he entertains and answers players' questions

The big wheel is made up of 54 segments with 6 different numbers (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40). Two multiplier bonus segments (x2 and x7) are arranged in a more or less recurring pattern according to their multiplier. 

Game principle 

The giant wheel is launched by the host before stopping on one of the 54 segments made up of numbers or multiplier bonuses. 

The objective is simple. You must guess where the next segment will fall by betting on the different numbers at the bottom of the screen.  

You have 6 choices: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. Each number has an identical multiplier (1=x1, 2=x2...).  

If the wheel stops on one of the numbers chosen by the player, the corresponding bet is multiplied by the number in question.  

Logically, the higher the multiplier, the rarer it is on the grid. In this way, chance is total, with frequent but highly variable winnings

Distribution of multiplier numbers 

On all 54 segments, in addition to the numbers, there are two multiplier bonus boxes: x2 and x7. Here's a table summarizing the distribution of numbers on the Ferris wheel. 

Number on wheelNumber of appearancesSegment colorMultiplier effect
Number 123 timesYellowx1
Number 215 timesBluex2
Number 57 timesPurplex5
Number 104 timesGreenx10
Number 202 timesOrangex20
Number 401 timesRedx40

X2 and X7 bonuses 

Two segments are different from the others in that they don't contain a number, but a "bonus". Rather, it's a multiplicative value: the Multiplier x2 and the Multiplier x7.  

When the wheel stops on one of these two segments, it multiplies the winnings by 2 or 7. The wheel is then restarted, and the next designated number has its multiplier value modified.  

Let's take an example: the wheel stops on multiplier x7, then the next number is 5: 5 x 7 = 35.  The winning bet is multiplied by 35. 

Multiplier x2Multiplier x7
1 x 2 = x21 x 7 = x7
2 x 2 = x42 x 7 = x14
5 x 2 = x105 x 7 = x35
10 x 2 = x2010 x 7 = x70
20 x 2 = x4020 x 7 = x140
40 x 2 = x8040 x 7 = x280

If the wheel lands on a multiplier, all the digits are multiplied again by x2 or x7.  

For example, if the x7 multiplier falls twice and the next number is 5: 5 x 7 x 7 = 245. The winning bet is multiplied by 245.  

It's the multipliers that make the machine extremely volatile and the payouts potentially enormous. 

This wheel's RTP 

The rate of redistribution to the player (also known as RTP for Return to Player) is 96.58%, very similar to that of a traditional roulette wheel. The table below shows the RTP according to the different numbers. 

Wheel NumberRTP

Can I play Dream Catcher on my cell phone? 

Of course, it's possible to play Dream Catcher from a mobile device. Available at many online casinos, this live game adapts perfectly to the format of smartphones and tablets.  

Like all Evolution Gaming games, Dream Catcher has been designed to be accessible to everyone, everywhere. 

Our opinion on Dream Catcher 

The Dream Catcher game is sure to delight fans of live games:  

  •  A classic wheel of fortune 

  •  A simple, effective principle 

  •  Potential for high payouts 

Its dynamic display, cheerful presenters and constant payouts will find many fans.  

Since the launch of its big brother Crazy Time, Dream Catcher has already become an ancestor. Unfortunately, it's now outdated, with its two lonely multiplier segments as the only bonuses

You can find your favorite live game, Dream Catcher, on Millionz and many more! 

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