PowerUp Roulette: Rules and Full Review
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PowerUp Roulette: Rules and Full Review

PowerUp Roulette is a live game available 24/7, presented by a host throughout your sessions. The background of this game is relatively basic, but terribly effective. 

The rules are very simple to understand, but don't expect classic roulette - the way it works is quite revolutionary. 

Extremely volatile, this roulette can win you up to 15,525 times your initial bet. That's the biggest payout possible on a live roulette game. 

The RTP of 97.30% is on a par with other live broadcasts on the market. By playing only full numbers, the RTP rises to 97.19%

Which casinos to play PowerUp Roulette at? 


Millionz offers PowerUp Roulette, as well as thousands of different online games on its site, including the best slot machines you can find. 

We particularly appreciate this casino's welcome offer, which boosts our first deposit:  

  •  +100% up to €1000 + 50 free spins worth $0.10   

 Find out all there is to know about Millionz in our expert review. 

Exclusive bonus

Oshi Casino

Oshi features PowerUp Roulette! And that's not all, since thousands of different games are available to players on this quality platform. 

Our preference for Oshi also lies in its generous welcome bonus

  • Up to $9,300 on your first four deposits and 500 free spins 

 A comprehensive review of Oshi has been carried out by our experts. 

N1 Casino

N1 Casino offers a wide range of live games, including PowerUp Roulette.  You'll find plenty to do on this platform, which features over 2,000 creations

The casino has been very generous with its welcome offer, and we're delighted! You'll be welcomed like royalty with a bonus applied to your first deposit:  

  • 100% match-up of up to $1,500 + 150 free spins 

Take a look at our detailed review of N1 Casino by our experts. 

Innovative rules 

You'll have just a few seconds to place your bets on the various options. The options are the same as for classic roulette, but the payouts are different. 

Between 3 and 5 numbers are drawn at random by the computer. These will appear on your screen, before the ball is rolled. These numbers have a direct bearing on the outcome of the round. 

The numbers chosen for the round are also displayed in the bottom right-hand corner, as you can see in the screenshot. 

These numbers are crucial to your round. 

In the following image, you can see that the PowerUp number is falling. 

Multipliers ranging from 50 to 500 times your initial bet will appear on each number.  

The previous number (0 in the following example) will win the associated multiplier. 

When a PowerUp number falls, you are entitled to a new free spin. This takes into account the numbers bet on the previous round. 

When it comes to PowerUp numbers, you have two choices: 

  • New numbers are given 

  • Previous numbers are kept 

Up to a multiplier of x 8,000 

If you come across a PowerUp number again, a new round of play is awarded. In addition, the multipliers already on your screen will be doubled. 

If you manage to string together a series of free spins, a PowerUp number can reach a maximum multiplier of 8,000 times your initial bet

It's possible for a number to win you up to 15,525 times your initial bet. This can be repeated if the number falls several times in a row. 

The maximum win on a PowerUp Roulette spin is 500,000 euros

Numbers pay less without the multiplier 

On PowerUp Roulette, a full number will pay you 24 times your original bet + your original bet. We find this payout to be quite high, especially when the maximum payout on this roulette wheel can be even higher. 

The other bets usually present on the roulette pay the same. 

It's important to understand that each option has maximum bets. On a full number, the maximum bet is 250 euros. For the 1-18 / 19-36 option, the maximum bet is 5,000 euros

The minimum bet on PowerUp Roulette is 0.1 euros, while the maximum bet is 5,000 euros. 

The user experience on this game 

Regardless of the medium you play on; you'll have an optimal experience on PowerUp Roulette. 

We appreciate the fact that Pragmatic Play places great importance on offering suitable versions, whether on computer, smartphone or tablet. 

In order to give you the most comprehensive review possible, our experts have tested the game on all three forms of media. 

The mobile experience 

You can play PowerUp Roulette on your smartphone. More and more players are using their cell phones to play casino games. It is therefore important for suppliers to adapt to this demand. 

We wanted to test Pragmatic Play's game and did so from an iPhone 12 Pro smartphone. We were delighted to see that the game is suitable for mobile use.  

What's more, the layout is also optimized for the screen: all the betting options are present, and their sizes have been revised to suit mobile use. 

For optimum use, however, make sure that you do not limit your phone's performance, such as by using the power-saving mode. 

The computer experience 

You can have hours of fun playing PowerUp Roulette on your computer. In fact, according to our experts, it's the best medium in which to play in. 

We've put it to the test ourselves, which is why we can say this! From our computer, we didn't encounter the slightest problem during our various gaming sessions. 

And it was from our computer that we were able to admire the slot's magnificent artistic direction

Everything has been thought out for use on a PC, with the different betting options presented in an optimal way. Here, you'll be able to switch between the different stakes with great ease. 

Additionally, if you're on a laptop, it's even better. In this way, you can play from anywhere, as long as you have a stable connection. 

The tablet experience 

From time to time, we enjoy playing PowerUp Roulette from our tablet. We find it offers a good compromise between mobile and computer. 

We've tested the game from our iPad Air, and once again have little to complain about. Pragmatic Play has really done an excellent job on the tablet version of its games. 

You should know that it's still more convenient to play in landscape format, as this is the closest you'll get to the computer version. But if you prefer portrait mode, this is just as suitable. 

As with the smartphone version, make sure your network connection is strong enough to avoid any problems. Don't limit your device's performance either. 

Gamer feedback 

On the whole, Pragmatic Play's PowerUp Roulette has been well received by players. In particular, users have praised the provider's commitment to live games, and view this game as a good alternative to Evolution's Lightning Roulette. 

Comparison with the provider's other games 

PowerUp Roulette is not Pragmatic Play's only live game. For some time now, the provider has been releasing various creations, with the aim of competing with Evolution, a game supplier who is considered to be the leader in this genre of games. 

These include Mega Wheel’s first live game. As its name suggests, this creation pits you against a huge wheel, featuring various segments. During a spin, a number is assigned a multiplier, which can increase your winnings considerably.  

Pragmatic Play is also the creator of the excellent Boom City! This live show features a huge game grid with 36 slots. Dice are rolled to win prizes or access one of four bonus games.  

Focus on the provider: Pragmatic Play 

Pragmatic Play was founded in 2015 in Malta and is now present all over the world. The provider currently offers over 300 different games in more than 31 different languages.  

This Maltese company is primarily known for its highly volatile slot machines, with consistently high winning potentials. These include:  

Pragmatic Play has recently launched a variety of live games, released under the Pragmatic Live label. The provider offers games such as: 

  • PowerUp Roulette 

  • Boom City 

  • Mega Wheel 

Our opinion on PowerUp Roulette 

We love playing PowerUp Roulette. With this game, Pragmatic Play shows that it can be considered a serious competitor to Evolution, offering live creations that are always very successful. 

The principle is very simple to understand, and the high volatility may appeal to even the most hot-headed players. For our part, we like to play this game when we want to try and get a substantial increase in our balance. 

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