Mega Wheel Live: One of Pragmatic Play's first live games!
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Mega Wheel Live: One of Pragmatic Play's first live games!

Mega Wheel is Pragmatic Play's first live game. Released in November 2020, this creation is a giant Wheel of Fortune. Extremely easy to handle, "Mega Wheel" can be a great way to increase your balance. 

In the middle of a decorated room stands a wheel and an animator. On the wheel, 54 segments and 9 different numbers are randomly placed.   

At the start of each spin, a multiplier and a number are displayed. If you land on the right number, you win the associated multiplier.  

But there's one feature that can dramatically increase your final score. In the following sections of this article, we'll explain the details of this further. 

Mega Wheel is a game we play a lot, and one we've decided to introduce to you. 

The principle of this game  

The Mega Wheel principle is very easy to understand. Before your game begins, you'll have a few seconds to place your bets on the various propositions available. 

Once this has been done, a multiplier will be randomly selected. We'll explain how this works later in this article. 

The host will go to the side of the wheel and spin it. The camera will zoom in on the wheel and show you the final result. 

Depending on your stake, you'll either win or lose. 

Then a countdown starts, meaning that a new round of play will begin. 

Distribution of multiplier numbers 

The Mega Wheel is made up of 54 segments, distributed as follows: 

Figure/numberNumber of segmentsMinimum stakeMaximum stake

As you can see, the higher the multiplier, the lower its presence on the wheel, and vice versa.  

The Mega multiplier 

The Mega Multiplier is a function that is activated as soon as the presenter starts to turn the wheel.  

On a screen to the left of your view, a number on the wheel will be displayed. Above it, a multiplier of up to x 500 will be seen. 

The multiplier that appears will change the final payout, not add to the multiplier on the chosen number.  

Example: if the 2 falls x 500, you'll win 500 times your initial bet, not 1,000. 

In the following image, you can see that the multiplied number is 10. This can enable you to win 20 times your initial bet. 

The Mega Wheel's RTP 

The Mega Wheel's theoretical return to player is between 96.50% and 96.51%. That's a very decent percentage.  

This RTP, similar to other live games with roughly similar volatility, ranks Pragmatic Play's gameplay as average. 

This information is only theoretical. Depending on how you play, and especially on your luck, the RTP could be much higher, or even much lower. 

Can I play Mega Wheel on my cell phone? 

If you have an Android or IOS cell phone, then it's perfectly possible to play this game live. At some online casinos, all live games are perfectly suited to your mobile devices.  

In this way, whether you're on public transport or in another location where you want to play this game, you'll be able to make your wish come true. 

Our verdict on Mega Wheel from Pragmatic Play 

For its first live game, Pragmatic Play has done things right with Mega Wheel.  

Although the game is heavily inspired by Dream Catcher, the multiplying ball, much like in Mega Ball, can win you the jackpot.  

The cheerful hosts will make sure you have a great time.  

The potential of this live game is huge (you can win up to €500,000). However, since the principle of the game is always the same, it can sometimes be very redundant. 

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