Who are we?

Lucky7Bonus is a site that came into being during 2019, offering a safe and reliable platform for online gambling. With the emergence of online casinos on the Twitch platform, our teams realized that there was an important job to be done: advising people and providing them with accurate information regarding the world of online casinos.  

With this in mind, a group of expert friends decided to create a platform where you can find out all about this very special world.   

Each of our experts has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the gaming industry, thanks to years of experience in the field. Yes, Lucky7Bonus was born in 2019, but our passion for the online casino dates back much further than that.  

As former novice players, we know exactly what to tell our followers. An expert will find his or her way around our articles, and a novice will easily understand the terms we use.  

Our sole aim is not to tell you all about online casinos. We love this world, and we'd like you to discover it through our stories and articles. Online casinos aren't just about slots, but about bonuses, welcome offers, daily news, and much more. 

Lucky7Bonus in figures  

  • Over 500 slot machines explained  

  • Over 2,900 free slot machines available on our site  

  • Over 200 bonuses, including 18 exclusive welcome offers  

  • Over 40 casinos analyzed in detail  

  • Nearly 580 articles written 

What's our mission?  

Thanks to our in-depth expertise in the online casino world, we know exactly what you need from us.   

For novices, our aim is to explain all the casino terms to you. To take you by the hand and guide you through what can be a completely obscure world. Explanation of bonuses, terms, and all the little things you need to pay attention to before signing up to a casino.   

We can assure you, if you take the time to browse our platform, online casinos will hold no secrets for you.  

For the experts, we go one step further in our analysis: Careful reading of terms and conditions, withdrawal requests to check waiting times, discussions with customer support.  

Unlike many of our competitors, we actually take the time to try out a casino before offering it to you.  

Our primary aim is always to teach you something, even if you think you know everything there is to know about this very special world. We like to offer unique points of view, which sometimes run counter to mainstream thinking. 

The martingale is a perfect example. Praised on many competing sites, this technique is actually one of the worst in existence. It's the best way to make you lose your money very quickly, for very little profit.   

We also love to offer unique techniques, such as the chicken game or Hacksaw Gaming's Plinko balls. We also offer unique tools such as roulette techniques and a blackjack table.   

You'll find all this expertise in the various articles on our blog. 

Why put your trust in us?  

Now that you know more about us, it's only natural for you to ask why you should put your trust in us. It's a very legitimate question, especially in today's competitive online casino world.    

Quite simply, Lucky7Bonus isn't just a website, it's a real community of people who are passionate about the world of gambling. As you can see, many casinos have placed their trust in us by providing exclusive offers. Millionz Casino, Casimba Casino, and MyEmpire Casino are just a few examples.   

Throughout the entire reviewing process, we have just one thing in mind: to offer you the site that suits you best. To achieve this, we work in a very specific way, as conveyed in the article that explains our complete process.   

Our experience is unique, because the experts who work for us have many years of experience in the casino world. Former croupier, editor for gaming suppliers, or even a position in the management of a land-based casino, each person contributes in his or her own way to bringing the highest quality to our articles. That's why we're proud to say that our work is among the most comprehensive on the online casino market. 

We don't want to simply tell you what you can read. We like to stand out, because we find that the experience isn't as predefined as other sites may lead you to believe. If dozens of online casinos and thousands of players have trusted us since our inception, why shouldn't you?  

Our editorial process   

To fully understand how we work, we've put in place a very specific process. This is designed to ensure the accuracy, fairness, and comprehensiveness of our articles and reviews. For each article on our site, the editor sends us an online casino to write about.  

To ensure that this process is perfect, and that no information is overlooked, each writer will note down everything he or she deems vital about the online casino: number of slot machines, current promotions, terms and conditions, and so on. We typically take a full day to complete this step. 

Afterwards, we make a collective call to note down all the information that each person has collected. The person in charge of SEO will then propose a template for us to follow, which will adapt perfectly to the requests of the majority of players. This is a very important step, which also enables Google to recognize the quality of our work.  

Next, we assign a person to write the entire review. This can take between 24 and 48 hours. Once this has been done, all our editors will proofread the article. This stage brings in a point of view that the author doesn't necessarily have.   

This is the most important stage in our process. On average, it takes 24 hours for each person to proofread the article. Of course, all this is subject to approval by the publishing director. As soon as our article has passed this stage, the publication manager takes charge of a complete proofreading.   

As you can see, at no point do the sites we present to you intervene in the writing process, or at the moment of publication. 

The Lucky7Bonus story  

Our story begins in the middle of an evening with friends, during 2019. As online casino lovers, we were looking for a site that could advise us on the best casinos in the business. Faced with the lack of choice and expertise on offer, we decided to create our own site.   

At first, our home page was very simple, with only a few sites on offer. The design wasn't very elaborate, but we were already on the way to what it would become a few years later.  

After several months, the work began to take off, and players began to trust us more and more. As a result, our team has grown considerably.  

As the weeks go by, things continue to change on the site. Hundreds of slot machines are offered free of charge. Very quickly, this option has caught on and continues to attract a large number of players who love free games.   

In 2020, the blog section was added to the Lucky7Bonus site. At first, it served as a compendium for players who wanted to know the rules of a specific game. The roulette and blackjack articles were the first to appear on our platform. But our aim was also to bring you stories and news articles about the online casino world. 

An e-sport section was also planned for 2021. Unfortunately, this section did not have the desired effect with our players, and we had to withdraw it from our site. 2022 was also a pivotal year for our platform, with a complete overhaul of the categorization and search system. Since then, we've continued to work every day, bringing you new articles and complete overhauls of some of them.  

Every day, we update our content to bring you the most up-to-date site possible.  

Our team 


Claude has been editor-in-chief since 2019. His role is the most comprehensive, since he is responsible for publishing, editing, and proofreading. All the articles published on the site have been thoroughly checked by him.   


This gambling enthusiast has likened himself to Bill Gates ever since he made a perfect pair in first person. After several years working for different gaming suppliers, he decided to join us to bring his experience to the table.  


After several years scouring the poker and blackjack tables in Las Vegas, Alexandre joined the team during 2020. With a fluent command of French, English, and Spanish, he'll be able to transcribe information from the other side of the Atlantic.  


This gambling enthusiast is known for his distinctive writing style. He handles words like croupiers handle cards, but unlike them, he never busts. His rich experience gained from traveling to the four corners of the world will bring you a rare insight into the online casino.  


Before becoming an online casino enthusiast, Thomas was immersed in sports betting. His passion for sports led him to trade in his cleats for slot machines. He scours land-based casinos and loves finding details that can't be found anywhere else. 


A specialist in online casinos, she also loves proofreading. With her, it's impossible for mistakes to slip through the cracks. A true lover of letters, she binds articles and retouches them to make them as perfect as possible. 


For over 4 years now, our experts have been doing their utmost to bring you the most comprehensive site in the online casino world. Thanks to a rigorous process, a very specific way of working, and specialists with many years of experience, you're bound to find articles to suit you.  

From comprehensive casino reviews to thousands of free slot machine games, as well as countless strategies to cut your losses, you're bound to find something to suit your needs. We always take into account reader feedback, which is our primary source of inspiration.   

Whether you're a novice, amateur, or expert, don't hesitate to browse our site to find your hidden gem. Because we can assure you, the perfect casino is right here on our platform. 

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