Equipped with many years of experience in the online casino world, we've made a habit of testing a gaming establishment from every angle before offering it to our loyal community of players. 

Our experts are highly skilled at identifying the qualities and areas for improvement in online gaming platforms, and have developed a very precise testing system with one aim in mind: to give you the best possible opinion. 

In this article, we will reveal our secret recipe for producing the most accurate reviews on the market. 

We'll talk about our casino specialists, the different checks we carry out, and the rating system we've set up. 

What do we look for in online casinos? 

Our team of experts here at Lucky7Bonus make it a habit of analyzing everything that's taking place on the platforms: we talk about the design, the games on offer, what's new, the original features, and what makes the different sites stand out from the competition. 

In each review, we first give our general opinion, before talking about welcome bonuses, regular offers, and promotions. 

Then it's time to present all the creations and providers on offer. 

Following this, we move on to payment method options, which are very important to players, highlighting the transaction process, as well as deposit and withdrawal limits. 

Finally, we look at security, customer service, and registration at the various online casinos.  

In this way, our team of experts can provide you with the most important information. 

In addition to this, throughout our review, we'll give you valuable tips to help you get acclimatized. 

How do we test online casinos? 

We've decided to set up a very specific system for testing new casinos that have just arrived on the market, as well as for checking that everything is working properly at established gaming platforms. 

We take a close look at the opinions of other players, and we scour the internet for information about the online casino in question. 

Our experts will now take you through the various steps involved in testing casinos in detail.  

Here are the most important points: 

  • Checking the gaming license 

  • Discovering the homepage 

  • Analysis of terms and conditions 

  • Reviewing the games catalog 

  • Welcome bonus and promotions 

  • Registering on the site 

  • Contacting customer service 

  • Deposits and withdrawals 

Checking the gaming license 

The first thing we look for is the presence of a gaming license, which is an indispensable element for an online casino. 

It verifies the site's reliability and guarantees player safety. 

If we don't find any information about this license on the homepage of the platform in question, we consider it absolutely unreliable and immediately migrate to another site.

Discovering the home page 

Next, we discover and analyze the graphics featured. 

The theme and style tell us a lot about the quality of a gaming establishment, since these attest to the site's efforts and creativity. 

We also look at the interface and the different categories offered. The home page can be a good way of telling whether a site is qualitative. 

For example, Millionz Casino’s presentation page is sober and uncluttered, which lures its players in from the very beginning and makes them want to discover this casino. 

Analysis of terms and conditions 

Naturally, we take the time to carefully read the terms and conditions of any casino we come across. 

Even if this page can be difficult for some to analyze, it is often full of important information for understanding the site. 

It's vital to go through this step to avoid any unpleasant surprises, and to check whether the platform in question is authorized in your country of residence. 

Don't worry, we'll read the terms and conditions for you!

Reviewing the games catalog 

Reviewing the game catalog is an important moment for many players. 

Each user has his or her own preferences and wants to find all his or her favorite creations on a single site, or risk migrating to a competing site. 

This is why we spend a lot of time in the casino's game library, to master it down to the last detail and understand its layout. 

Our experts calculate the total number of online games on offer, and check which providers are present. 

Naturally, we test the most popular creations and check whether demo mode is available. 

We also try our luck at some of the lesser-known slots and scrutinize the search system.

Welcome bonus and promotions 

The next step is to analyze the welcome bonus. This is an essential element for players and will be decisive in their registration on the platform. 

We then look at the wagering requirements and bonus terms and conditions to see if the offer is attractive. 

We offer the best welcome bonuses on the market, so we must look at every detail. 

If we judge the offer to be too basic, we won't offer it to our community. 

Of course, our experts will test the bonus and share their experience with you as transparently as possible. 

During our test period, we also subscribe, with the same professionalism, to the various promotions that the casino has available. 

Registering on the site 

Once we've verified the presence of a gaming license, analyzed the presentation page, and read the site's terms and conditions, we can finally proceed with registration, provided all the above criteria have been met. 

We carefully fill in the registration form and analyze the time it takes to create a player account. 

Everything is checked, from the information requested to the documents to be sent, the boxes to be ticked, and the potential bonuses. 

Exchanges with customer service 

One of the most significant moments for the experts at Lucky7Bonus is the conversation with customer service

We try to give you the most accurate information possible, and we obtain a lot of information from the support agents. 

We also take advantage of these exchanges with customer service to test the various means of communication available to us. 

We analyze waiting times, clarity of answers, languages spoken, and the professionalism of specialist advisors. 

Deposits and withdrawals 

Once we have all this information in our possession, we launch our adventure at the casino in question and start making deposits. 

We take care to test several payment methods to make sure everything works. 

We analyze deposit times and limits, so we can give you the best possible advice. 

We then send the necessary personal documents before making withdrawals using a variety of transaction methods. 

Why put your trust in us? 

The experts at Lucky7Bonus are all major players in the industry. 

After several years spent scouring the world's best online gaming platforms, our specialists now devote all their energy to offering you only the highest-quality sites, and the most precise expertise available

Transparency is one of our strengths. We make a point of writing as honestly as possible. 

As gambling enthusiasts first and foremost, we will continue to systematically demonstrate our impartiality and benevolence towards our community. 

We test dozens of online casinos every week. Our experience in this field enables us to give the fairest possible opinion

We're extremely demanding, as the number of gambling sites is increasing all the time. That's why we try to present the casinos we test as accurately as possible, and to offer you only the best gaming platforms available. 

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