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The Best No-Deposit Bonuses at Online Casinos in Canada

Bonuses are every online gambler's favourite part of gambling as they offer great perks which make gameplay a lot more risky, exciting and potentially, super lucrative.

From match-up bonuses which could reward the player with the same amount they deposit in free, bonus money to free spins, boosted bets, free chips for live gaming and so much more!

Did you know, you could take advantage of all of these types of bonuses...for free?

That's right!

Quite a few casinos offer players the opportunity to claim small, no-deposit bonuses which well...require no deposit to be claimed, activated and used up.

This means you get to have fun playing your favourite games, enhanced with boosters which could make your wins skyrocket! All of this without risking any of your own money.

On this page, we learn how and where to find no-deposit bonuses and more importantly, what to look out for before claiming a no-deposit bonus.

Our Top 10 Casinos to find exceptional no-deposit bonuses!

Below is a list of suggestions, curated by us here at Lucky7Bonus, of which we think are the best online gambling platforms we can access without VPN use here in Canada that offer no-deposit bonuses.

These types of deals are quite rare.

We have scoured the web and tried out all of these casinos ourselves to make sure we only bring you the most reliable recommendations.

Head on over to our homepage to find in-depth reviews of each of these platforms for your consideration!

Oshi Casino

Oshi Casino offers a special no-deposit registration bonus to brand-new members of the casino who have arrived on the website through one of their affiliate's websites.

Depending on which source you are entering the Oshi website from, you will be offered a different bonus.

You are able to find bonuses which offer up to 25 free spins as a no-deposit bonus, which are only granted if you've invested in the casino's standing welcome package which is a deposit bonus.

Izzi Casino

Newly registered members who have completed the Know Your Customer identity verification process at Izzi could be rewarded with 50 no-deposit free spins to use at the casino!

Just like the casino we discussed previously, players are highly likely to find promo codes for this no-deposit bonus through affiliate websites.

Be sure to check out which games you can use these fifty spins on once you've claimed and activated them!

Slots Palace

Here too, finding yourself on the right affiliate website could help you discover no-deposit bonuses and promo codes to use for free spins and match-up bonuses at Slots Palace!

This is a great online gambling platform that does not only offer a variety of slots for you to try out but also many live gaming options and sports betting too.

All you have to do is register at the casino and hunt the best no-deposit registration bonus for you online.

Fight Club

Look out for any promo codes on your favourite streamer's videos and live streams as you could be in for a treat upon registration at Fight Club Casino.

You may also find the opportunity to claim a no-deposit bonus through affiliate links, just as we have explained for the casinos above.

At the Fight Club, the no-deposit bonus comes in the form of a batch of free spins which you may use on a slot of the casino's choice, normally.

Make sure you've accessed the affiliate website with a link to this bonus prior to registering, otherwise, the bonus won't be valid. You need to have accessed the casino website through the affiliate website.

At this incredibly reputable casino, you have the opportunity to sign up through affiliate links for your chance at a no-deposit bonus to start off your gambling adventure! is probably one of the best casinos on this list.

It has been active for over two decades and has aggregated quite the following throughout the years as it offers great services for players and a myriad of excellent gaming options.

As we have described for many of the casinos in this list, keep an eye out for promo codes on affiliate websites. Make sure you are signing up with the casino through the links on these websites so that the no-deposit bonus is applied to your account.

Wild Fortune

Wild Fortune does things a little bit differently!

The casino invites all of its members to subscribe to its Telegram channel, where they can stay informed about all that's happening at the casino including the introduction of new games and bonuses.

Here, players may be able to claim exclusive bonuses only advertised on the Telegram channel, some of which could be no-deposit bonuses!

We highly recommend you subscribe to this channel should you wish to play at Wild Fortune and make the most of your experience there.


Rizk has an interesting ongoing opportunity for players to earn small rewards such as free spins, golden chips, double-speed chips and a lot more through a spin-the-wheel feature.

To win prizes from the wheel, you don't have to make a deposit per se. A power bar fills up based on your activity at the casino, and once it's full you get to spin for a prize!

Your activity at the casino would require you to make deposits at some point, but not specifically for a bonus, it could be for general gameplay.

These gifts are like freebie rewards for being loyal and active players at the casino.


Slotnite is yet another online gambling platform which through partnerships with affiliate websites gives players the opportunity to get their hands on a humble no-deposit bonus upon signing up.

On this gambling platform, you are most likely to come across offers for free spins.

Get searching for all the best bonuses online in order to start your gaming sessions with a bang! As we mentioned above, make sure you're signing up through the affiliate link to be able to claim the no-deposit bonus.

Spin Casino

At Spin you may also take advantage of perks available in a spin-the-wheel feature!

Reap its benefits every time you log into your account and every four hours every that for the duration of your stay on the casino's website.

Of course, we would recommend spinning the wheel before starting your gameplay so that you can apply the prizes, enhancers and perks to your game sessions instantly!

Normally these spin-the-wheel gifts follow the general wagering requirements of the casino, but we would still advise reading terms and conditions or getting in touch with customer support to confirm what the terms of use are.

Ruby Fortune

Run by the same mother company as Spin Casino, Ruby Fortune offers the same spin-the-wheel feature and also the possibility for no-deposit free spins!

Get ready for frequent prizes such as free spins, low-value match-up bonuses, free chips, exclusive bonuses and much more thanks to this wheel of surprises!

Yes, as we described in our discussion of the previous casino, you are able to get prizes more than once daily. As long as you are logged in and active on your account, you can spin the wheel every four hours.

This wonderful opportunity for small freebies is available to every member of the casino, even brand-new players who've just signed up!

What is a no-deposit bonus?

The difference between a no-deposit and a deposit bonus is quite clear and simple.

Normally, most bonuses, such as welcome packages at many online casinos, are deposit bonuses.

This means, in order to be able to claim them and make use of whatever boosters and enhancers they come with, you would need to deposit cash into your account.

No-deposit bonuses are, therefore, the opposite.

A no-deposit can be claimed and will take full effect on the player's gameplay without them needing to make a deposit first, and yes, there is a real possibility you make wins using these bonuses which you can keep all for yourself!

However, a no-deposit bonus is most likely to be found as a second part of a deposit bonus such as a welcome offer or else, as one of the smaller weekly bonuses the casino might have available on its website.

You might also find casinos which have ongoing daily deals, such as a spin-the-wheel feature where you can claim no-deposit prizes and bonuses every day!

Which are the different types of no-deposit bonuses?

There are various types of no-deposit bonuses available online!

As we mentioned in our list of best casino recommendations, especially when copping a no-deposit bonus through an affiliate website, you might be in for anything from free spins to match-up bonuses that offer hundreds of dollars in bonus money!

In this section, we go through a few of the most popular types of no-deposit bonuses, for your consideration.

When claiming such a bonus, or any type of bonus for that matter, make sure you're investing in something that suits your gameplay and that would be beneficial for you.

Do not just use a bonus because it's free or because you need a boost in your gameplay.

Fixed Cash bonuses

This bonus we have often referred to as match-up bonuses or bonus money.

These are deals which promise the player a deposit of the same amount they have deposited into their account for the purpose of claiming the bonus.

Therefore, if you deposit $100, you get an additional $100.

For no-deposit bonuses, you simply get bonus money deposited into your account without needing to top-up your account first!

A no-deposit fixed cash bonus works the same as one which would require a deposit, and all the wins you make using the bonus money are yours to keep!

Free Chips bonuses

Free chips are to be used on a variety of live table games such as Poker, Blackjack and Roulette.

Casinos like Rizk, have become well-known for offering a variety of bonuses, both no-deposit and regular bonuses which offer batches of these chips, targetting players who prefer live gameplay.

Although not as easy to find yet, they are becoming more and more common across online gambling platforms.

However, we have yet to see them included in a welcome package for live players.

Free Spins bonuses

No-deposit free spins are the most common type of no-deposit bonus on the market.

Get a small batch of free spins to use on a slot of the casino's choice without needing to make a deposit first!

It is quite common for this type of bonus to be included in the casino's welcome bonus as a secondary part of the package. Despite not needing to deposit for the free spins, you will need to deposit to get the core welcome package.

You normally will not be able to get your free spins without having first invested in the core package.

When it comes to no-deposit bonuses through affiliate links, free spins bonuses are also the most common.

Limited-Time promotions

All of the no-deposit bonuses we have described so far could very well be fixed, ongoing promotions at your casino of choice.

However, no-deposit bonuses could also be a one-time-only limited offer which will end after a specified amount of time.

If you're curious to see if the casino you're interested in offers any such bonuses, you may get in touch with customer support.

Why should you claim the no-deposit bonus at your casino?

The answer may be obvious,'s free!

But there are actually further benefits to claiming a no-deposit bonus. These bonuses may offer something quite original and worth trying out on your gameplay even if the wins or perks that come out of it are on the smaller side.

Below we outline the main reasons why we think you should try out no-deposit bonuses, especially if they are stand-alone bonuses which do not require you to have claimed another deposit bonus prior.

An easy-peasy bonus!

What's better than enjoying perks and boosters throughout your gameplay for free?

That's exactly what a no-deposit bonus offers!

Granted, these bonuses are normally smaller than deposit bonuses, however, they're still a great way to make your gameplay perhaps more eventful, add some novelty to your experience at your casino and make some additional wins!

All you have to do is sign up with a casino, check out the bonuses menu and claim to redeem these free-of-charge benefits.

No risks, no losses.

You're not putting any of your own, real money at risk when claiming a no-deposit bonus.

This means you get to experience gameplay with a bonus applied and test out its effects, without risking making substantial losses from your personal funds.

Since you're not required to make a deposit when gaming with a bonus, any losses you make during gameplay are also not subtracted from your balance during gameplay.

Experiment at a new casino.

Claiming a no-deposit bonus gives you the opportunity to explore a new casino you've signed up with for minimal spendings, and enjoy boosts and enhancers for free along the way!

We would really recommend taking advantage of a no-deposit bonus to kick off your stay at the new casino you've joined, should it have any available.

Enjoy browsing through the game library and making enhanced wins risk-free!

Explore games you have never tried before.

Claiming a bonus, be it a no-deposit bonus or a regular bonus could offer the opportunity for you to try out new games which you hadn't prior!

Add new titles to your list of favourites by exploring the games selected for various bonuses and promotions rather than always sticking to the same options, and do so for free with a no-deposit bonus.

This is because often, the casino specifies which games the bonus can be used on.

From our experience, we have always found that the games selected for bonuses and promotions are a great mix of best-sellers along with new releases or unsung heroes which skyrocket into fame thanks to their inclusion in bonuses and tournaments!

How do you claim a no-deposit bonus?

In this section, we go through a brief step-by-step process of how you can claim a no-deposit bonus and apply it to your gameplay!

This is a pretty straightforward process and if you have experience playing at online casinos, we're sure you're already quite familiar with it.

If you're a newbie, this is the perfect explanation for whether you're claiming a no-deposit or deposit bonus, as whichever one you're going for the process of activating it for your account is quite similar.

Before getting started, verify whether this no-deposit bonus comes as a secondary part of a bigger deposit bonus. It is quite common to find these joint offers for welcome packages, for example.

Sign up with the platform.

In order to be able to claim any type of bonus the casino is offering, you need to e a registered member.

Hit the sign up or register button to create your account. This normally requires you to provide some personal information such as:

  • your full name

  • your home address

  • your email address

  • your phone number

  • details about location, nationality and preferred currency

Right after completing registration, the casino might ask you to go through the KYC (Know Your Customer) process in order to prove your identity. For this, upload

  • a copy of your identity card, passport or driver's license

  • a recent utility bill

  • a recent payroll recent

to your account.

Whether you do this right after signing up or later, you must complete this process otherwise you will not be able to make withdrawals from the casino.

Don't forget to verify your email address after registering in order to be able to start playing!

Select the bonus.

You can find out which bonuses the casino has available in the bonuses or promotions section.

Take a look through the menu and select the bonus you feel suits your gameplay the most. We would recommend not only reading the bonus description but also its terms and conditions.

Look out for details such as:

  • the bonus's expiration

  • which games you can apply the bonus to

  • what are the wagering requirements

This is also where you can find out whether this is a deposit or no-deposit bonus and if it is the latter, you might want to confirm whether it's necessary for you to have first claimed a deposit bonus to be able to use this bonus particularly.

If you're sure about claiming the offer, select it through the menu in order to get started. Be wary that for some bonuses, certain casinos will ask for you to get in touch with customer support to activate its effects.

Input Bonus Codes

This is an optional step in the process.

Sometimes you may be able to cop codes which could pump up your bonus or even give you the opportunity to try a whole new bonus which isn't normally available on the casino's website to its general population.

We have most often seen players get these promo codes from igaming streamers on Youtube, Twitch and other such platforms.

They often have partnerships going on with specific casinos which allow for the opportunity of special bonuses and promo codes only discoverable by their viewers!

Casinos like Wild Fortune, offer something similar on their Telegram channels and social media, only for their members who have subscribed.

You will be asked to input the promo code if you have any, after selecting the bonus you'd like to use.

Now sit back and enjoy!

All that's left now is to have fun!

Watch as your gameplay is enhanced thanks to the perks which this free, no-deposit bonus has added to your game.

Make sure to exhaust all these perks within the specified timeframe, by the end of which you should have also completed all wagering requirements and made your withdrawal, otherwise, all your wins are obsolete.

The Terms and Conditions for your bonus.

Let's get into more detail regarding which terms and conditions you should be looking out for before claiming and using a bonus on any online gambling platform.

Every bonus should have a terms and conditions tab or section you can access to view details about how the promotion works, what the perks are and specifications about where it is applicable. expiration date and more.

If you cannot find this within the bonus description, head over to the general terms and conditions tab at the bottom of any page of the website and search for the bonus you're claiming.

What are the wagering requirements?

It may be the case that the general wagering requirements imposed on your winnings at the casino, are not the same as those the casino has decided for the bonus you're claiming.

This means that any winnings you make once the bonus is applied to your gameplay, must meet the specific wagering requirements for the bonus and not those for the casino.

Make sure to confirm what these requirements are as if they are not met, you will not be able to withdraw any of the money you make while playing using the bonus.

What is the maximum win possible in the game once the bonus is applied?

While bonuses are great ways to make gameplay more fun, exciting and fruitful, they do come with certain limitations.

One of the most common restrictions applied affects the maximum bets possible in the game and the maximum win possible.

The general mechanics and rules of the game you play may assert that the maximum win possible in the game could go up to 10,000x the value of your bet, for example, but when the bonus is applied this may be diminished to let's say only 5,000x.

It is important to verify what the maximum win you will be able to reach while playing with an active bonus is.

Manage your expectations and don't get deluded especially if the game choice is up to you and not specified by the casino.

Are there any games for which the bonus doesn't apply at all?

Apart from changing the way the game works to some extent, bonuses may also be completely obsolete in certain games.

This is normally immediately specified even without needing to access the bonus terms and conditions.

Certain bonuses may only be usable on one game, often the case with bonuses for live gaming for example. For slot games, it's very common to have a list of games which qualify for the bonus or promotion or have one title specified.

This is an important detail to confirm, to make sure you don't waste your bonus money on a game where the bonus isn't applicable.

The bonus's expiration.

Every bonus expires.

From the moment you activate the bonus, you will have a set amount of time during which you need to:

  • use the bonus money, free spins and whichever perks the bonus offers

  • complete the wagering requirements

  • request a withdrawal and withdraw your winnings

The expiration date for bonuses isn't always the same and depends on what the deal is offering.

Free spins could often only be available for 24 hours, for example. Welcome bonuses are very commonly active for a maximum of seven days.

Verify this information in the bonus's terms and conditions or get in touch with customer support to confirm prior to activating the bonus.

The maximum bet allowed.

As we mentioned in an earlier section, the bonus you choose may alter the way the game you're playing works.

This could also affect the maximum bet you're allowed to make throughout gameplay.

A game might allow players to make bets as high as $125, but this could change completely when a bonus is applied.

Of course, due to limits concerning how much money a player can win through a bonus, the max bet size might be considerably smaller.

Concluding our discussion about no-deposit bonuses.

Bonuses aren't just all fun and games, as we've learnt on this page.

As always, before getting your exciting gaming session, make sure you're choosing the right games and the right bonuses for your style of gameplay and which suits your tastes.

This is why we enjoy the ever-growing variety of bonuses available to us in the current igaming market.

Creators are keeping in mind the different gaming styles of audiences, as well as offering opportunities for those who don't want to spend much on bonuses by offering decently-sized no-deposit bonuses!

We think these are the most ideal when you're browsing a casino for the first time. Explore this new website without risking too much and discover whether it is the platform for you after all.

But as always, we emphasize the importance of reading terms and conditions, making sure you know how the bonus works and what your limitations are so that you don't up having a disappointing experience.

With all of this in mind, enjoy your boosted gaming experience and keep an eye out on your casino's promotions sections for regular new opportunities to enhance your gameplay!


Let's answer players' most frequently asked questions about no-deposit bonuses.

What is a no-deposit bonus?

A no-deposit bonus, as its name implies, is a bonus that does not require the player to have made a deposit into their account prior to claiming the bonus and redeeming its benefits.

What are the different types of no-deposit bonuses on offer?

No-deposit bonuses are diverse and could offer a variety of perks such as, but not limited to, free spins, bonus money be it as a match-up deal or as a voucher, bet boosters and many more!

However, no-deposit bonuses are normally on a smaller scale than deposit bonuses.

Where can I find the best no-deposit bonus?

This depends on what you're looking for.

If you want to try out a new casino for the first time with a small free-spins no-deposit bonus, we would recommend staying on the lookout online for special offers for casinos like Oshi, Fight Club and Slots Palace.

If you want a regular no-deposit bonus which you can claim frequently throughout your activity at a casino, check out platforms like Risk, Wild Fortune and Spin Casino.

How do no-deposit bonuses work?

To claim a no-deposit bonus, you need to be a registered member of the casino.

Once you've accessed your account, check out the casino's menu of offers and select the one you'd like to use. Follow the prompts to activate the bonus.

It's quite important for you to have familiarised yourself with the bonus's terms and conditions as they may affect your gameplay and may also specify instructions on the activation of the bonus.


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