What are the best online free spins casinos? 

Would you like to discover the highest-rated online casinos offering free spins in the Canadian iGaming market? 

In this article, our knowledgeable team of experts here at Lucky7Bonus will delve into this and much more, enabling you to benefit from the highly advantageous offers that these reputable gaming platforms can offer! 

The Best Online Free Spins Casinos 

Here, you’ll be able to find a curated list of some of the most generous online casinos offering free spins to their players.  

Jump straight into the excellent online games that these reputable gaming platforms have available, and benefit from the exclusive promotions that only the best casinos can offer! 

Playfina Casino | Overall best online casino for this bonus, offering 600 Free Spins 

Playfina Casino is one of the best online casinos in Canada for Free Spins, enabling you to take advantage of up to $1,470 + 600 Free Spins on your first 3 deposits!  

In addition to this, your experience on this gaming platform will be unforgettable, providing you with a wide variety of high-quality online games to choose from. 

MyEmpire Casino | Newly registered members can benefit from 300 Free Spins  

MyEmpire Casino is another excellent choice for an online gaming platform, offering their players many generous bonuses and promotions that can enhance your gaming experience on their platform considerably. 

Register your player account today to benefit from the Welcome Bonus that is up for grabs: up to $1,200 + 300 Free Spins

N1 Casino | Offering 200 Free Spins when you register your player account 

At N1 Casino, you’ll be able to benefit from up to $6,000 + 200 Free Spins when you register your player account! 

Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer and embark on the thrilling gaming experience that only N1 Casino can provide. 

Axe Casino | Sign up today to receive 150 Free Spins 

Axe Casino is an exceptional online casino that our team of experts here at Lucky7Bonus highly recommend.  

With plenty of high-quality online games and generous bonuses and promotions, you can benefit from up to $3,750 + 150 Free Spins on your first 3 deposits when you sign up your player account! 

Wild Fortune Casino | Register your player account today to receive 150 Free Spins 

With over 3000 high-quality online games for you to choose from, your gaming experience at Wild Fortune Casino will be both thrilling and exceptionally enjoyable

In addition to this, you’ll be able to benefit from up to $450 + 150 Free Spins on your first 3 deposits! So, don’t hesitate to register your player account today and begin your gaming journey here at Wild Fortune Casino. 

What are Free Spins Offers at Canadian online casinos? 

The Free Spin Bonuses that are available at Canadian online casinos are, by far, the most popular type of bonuses on offer, and the purpose of such a promotion is to entice both new and existing players further. 

These bonuses provide the player with a pre-determined number of attempts at specific slot machine games. These attempts are given in advance and allow the player to test out that particular slot without risking their bankroll in the process. 

This promotional offer comes with a number of terms and conditions, and there are several different types of Free Spin bonuses offered at online casinos.  

To discover what these types entail, keep reading this article where we explain them in detail. 

Pros and Cons of Free Spins 

Pros of Free Spins 

  • You can test out different slots completely risk-free and without having to spend a single penny

  • The rollover requirements associated with free spins will be far less numerous than those associated with other types of bonuses. 

  • Some free spin bonuses will have no rollover requirements at all. 

  • Some free spin bonuses that will enable you to potentially win real money

Cons of Free Spins 

  • Oftentimes, the free spins that you receive can only be used on specific slots

  • The specific slots that you must use your free spins on might not align with your gaming preferences

  • Oftentimes, the free spins will come with minimum bet levels

  • Some free spins will have terms and conditions that are very strict to follow. 

The best slots to play with Free spins in Canadian Casinos 

SlotsTheoretical Return to Player (RTP)VolatilitySoftware Provider
Big Bass Bonanza96.71%Medium-highPragmatic Play
Sweet Bonanza96.51%HighPragmatic Play
Age of Valhalla96.46%HighPragmatic Play
The One Armed Bandit96.3%HighYggdrasil
9 Masks of Fire96.24%MediumGames Global
Book of Dead96.21%HighPlay'n GO
Wolf Gold96.01%MediumPragmatic Play
Gonzo's Quest95.97%Medium-highNetEnt
King Arthur95.07%HighGames Global
Mega Moolah93.42%MediumGames Global

Different Types of Free Spin Bonuses 

You will find several types of Free Spin Bonuses at different online casinos, each of which comes with its own set of terms and conditions.  

In this section of the article, we will explain what these different types entail and guide you through the unique benefits that can cater to different player needs. 

No Deposit Free Spins 

A No Deposit Free Spin Bonus is a type of promotion in which, in order to receive their free spins, the players are not required to make a deposit.   

This bonus is the most popular among online casino players and allows you to spin the reels of a particular slot machine game without having to put any money down

No Deposit Free Spin Bonuses are, unfortunately, a bit rarer to find than others, however this should not dissuade you from taking advantage of the many other generous free spin bonus offers available.

Deposit Free Spins 

As its name implies, a Deposit Free Spin Bonus is a promotional offer that requires the players to make a deposit prior to being able to receive their free spins. 

In other words, following your registration at the online casino, you must put a certain amount of money down to activate this bonus. 

Despite this requirement, this type of promotion is very advantageous for online casino players and remains one of the most common bonuses on gaming platforms. 

This type of bonus is oftentimes bundled together with a deposit bonus and offers considerably more substantial rewards than a no deposit free spin bonus. 

No Wager Free Spins 

No Wager Free Spin bonuses are the most sought-after types of Free Spin promotional offers. 

These are also quite rare to find, and it is obvious to see why: This bonus awards the player a set number of free spins with no wagering requirements attached to them. 

This means that the player can immediately withdraw the winnings accumulated from these free spins with absolutely no questions asked. 

In order to activate this bonus, a deposit might still be necessary, but no specific wagers will be necessary when you wish to claim your earnings.  

Free Spins on specific games 

There is also the type of Free Spin bonus that the player can only use on specific games.  

The slot machine games that one can utilize their free spins on are dictated by the administration of that particular online casino. 

This type of bonus is a way for the gaming platform in question to promote specific games and to entice their users to these slots. 

The disadvantage of this is that the particular slots on offer might not appeal to all players with different gaming preferences, however it can also enable you to discover a new favorite game that you would have otherwise never been exposed to. 

No Deposit Free Spins VS Deposit Free Spins 

No Deposit Free SpinsDeposit Free Spins
No cash deposit is required to activate the free spins.A cash deposit is required to activate the free spins.
Enables you to try new slot games.Enables you to try new slot games.
Claiming this bonus is quick and easy.Claiming this deposit is slightly trickier.
Wagering requirements must be met in order to withdraw winnings.Wagering requirements must be met in order to withdraw winnings.
Offered to both new and existing players.Offered to both new and existing players.
The value of this bonus is oftentimes small.The value of this bonus is oftentimes substantial.
Typically, only offered on specific games.Typically, only offered on specific games.
A winning cap is often specified.A winning cap is often specified.

Free spins bonus requirements 

Are you unsure about the ways in which to activate a Free Spins bonus

In this section of the article, our team of experts will delve into the various requirements that you must meet in order to be able to obtain the different types of Free Spin Bonuses offered on Canadian gaming platforms. 

Get the no deposit free spins bonus 

Keep in mind that the terms and conditions for each bonus will differ according to the specific gaming platform that you have chosen to play on. 

Despite this, however, there are some general conditions that you can expect to find associated with this type of promotion. 

For a No Deposit Free Spins Bonus, the terms and conditions are typically the following: 

  • Wagering requirements: This indicates the amount of cash that you must bet prior to being able to withdraw any of the winnings generated from your bonus. These requirements are expressed in terms of a multiple of the value of your winnings.  

  • Time limits: A time limit is indicated to express how long your bonus will remain valid before it expires. This limit is typically around 7 days after registration. 

  • Winning cap limits: A maximum amount of possible winnings is typically indicated in the terms and conditions of your bonus. 

  • Eligible games: A no deposit free spin bonus is usually accompanied with a limit on the number of games that you can utilize your free spins on. The specific slots you can choose from are indicated in the terms and conditions.

Get the free spins bonus with deposit 

The terms and conditions of the Deposit Free Spins Bonus are usually very similar to those pertaining to a No Deposit Free Spins Bonus, but can also be slightly less strict to follow. 

Always keep in mind that the terms and conditions of these types of bonuses are dictated by the online casino in question, and do not all follow the same general requirements

The typical requirements of a Deposit Free Spins Bonus are the following: 

  • Wagering requirements: A betting requirement expressed as a multiple of the bonus value. 

  • Minimum deposit limits: The online casino will require you to make a minimum deposit of a certain specified amount before you will be able to withdraw your winnings. 

  • Time limits: A time limit will typically be placed on how much time you will have before your bonus expires. 

  • Withdrawal limits: A limit will also typically be placed on the maximum amount that you can withdraw from the winnings generated from this bonus. 

  • Eligible games: Not all slot games will be eligible for this bonus. The slot machine games that you can utilize your free spins on will be indicated in the terms and conditions. 

Get the no wager free spins 

As its name suggests, a No Wager Free Spins Bonus will not have any wagering requirements associated with it.  

This type of bonus, however, will typically be much less rewarding than other free spins bonuses, and will also have some other terms and conditions that, in order to obtain it, the player must adhere to. 

The typical restrictions of this type of promotional offer are the following: 

  • Withdrawal limits: The maximum amount of winnings that you will be able to withdraw from this bonus will typically be much lower than that pertaining to other bonuses. 

  • Eligible and excluded games: The slot machine games that you will be able to use your free spins on will be indicated by the administration of the online casino in the terms and conditions of that bonus. 

  • Time limits: The validity of your bonus will be limited to a specific time period. Ignoring this deadline will render your acquired No Wager Free Spins Bonus invalid. 

Free Spins from Different Game Providers 

There are several software providers who offer slots with bonus free spins, however, in order to select the best games available, it is important to make a distinction between those game suppliers who can provide you with a thrilling gaming experience, and those who often fail to accomplish this. 

In this section, we have made that distinction for you, allowing you to take advantage of the best possible options available.  

Pragmatic Play 

Our team of experts here at Lucky7Bonus highly recommend Pragmatic Play as your software provider of choice for slot machine games. 

With a wide portfolio of excellent gameplays and a plethora of high-quality features, the gaming experience curated by this game supplier is sure to be exceptional

Games Global 

Games Global, formerly known as Microgaming, is another software provider of slot machine games that we highly recommend

Throughout the years, this game supplier has consistently released a wide selection of high-quality slots featuring free spins for you to enjoy. 

The gaming journey that Games Global will take you on will be an unforgettable one for sure. 

Play’n GO 

A software provider with an impressive gaming portfolio of excellent slot machines, Play’n GO is high up on our list of recommendations for this category of games.  

The slots released by this game supplier never fail to exceed our expectations, leaving us no choice but to recommend them to you as one of the best software providers of slots in the iGaming industry. 


Yggdrasil is a fan-favorite for many players around the world. With good reason, this game supplier has released some of the most innovative game designs in the iGaming industry.  

Try out Yggdrasil’s excellent selection of slot machine games for yourself, and don’t forget to utilize your free spins during the thrilling virtual journey that their gameplays will take you on. 


Having released a vast selection of slots featuring high-quality designs, innovative gameplays, and exceptional sounds and effects, NetEnt is another software provider that our team of experts here at Lucky7Bonus have rated very highly

Embark on the captivating online gaming journey that only this game supplier can provide! 

The best payment methods in Canadian free spins casinos 

At most online casinos, you’ll find several payment method options available to you. As a player, it is important to select the banking method that is most convenient for you and your specific gaming needs and requirements. 

To aid you in accomplishing this, our team of experts here at Lucky7Bonus have compiled a detailed list of the best payment method options commonly found on Canadian gaming platforms. 

When compiling this list, our top priority was the safety and security of online casino banking. In this way, you can rest assured that our recommendations depict the most trustworthy and widely used payment providers available. 

Credit and debit cards 

Credit and debit cards are the most commonly found payment method options at Canadian online casinos. According to many, they are also the most convenient banking method to utilize on gaming platforms. 

Utilizing a credit or debit card at an online casino is a very straightforward process: Simply input your card details in order to make a deposit. 

Among the wide selection of credit and debit card payment providers, players can often choose the following options:  


Electronic wallets are very popular with online casino players. The reason for this is that they are designed with customer security as their main point of focus

E-Wallets are a very secure payment service because they do not require the user to disclose their bank account details. In fact, when utilizing electronic wallets, players of online casinos can keep their bank details secure by simply transferring the funds to their e-wallet account. 


Neteller is a secure online platform that specializes in transactions to and from online casinos

Payments made using this electronic wallet are both fast and completely secure, allowing for a very straightforward and uncomplicated way of making a deposit at an online casino. 

One of the main advantages of this e-wallet that attracted many online casino players is that it allows for deposits and withdrawals to be completed almost instantly.  

This, combined with the ease of use and the security of its features, have made Neteller a very trustworthy online platform that we highly recommend. 


Skrill allows players of online casinos to complete their deposits and withdrawals in record time.  

In addition to this, all transaction made using this electronic wallet are secured using 128-bit encryption, thus you can rest assured that, when choosing this payment provider, both your personal and financial information will be completely safe and secure

Skrill operates in over 200 countries and gives their users the option of more than 40 currencies

If you’d like to utilize a payment method option that is largely hassle-free, Skrill is an excellent choice for you. 


Paypal is the most well-known electronic wallet service around the world. 

This payment provider allows its users to transfer money from their bank account into their Paypal account, thus eliminating the need to disclose any of their personal or financial details to the online casino they are placing a deposit at. 

As a deposit payment method, Paypal is very commonly allowed on gaming platforms. As a withdrawal banking method, however, it is available much less often

Servicing over 100 million customers around the world, Paypal remains one of the most used e-wallets by those in search of a trustworthy payment provider. 


If you require complete anonymity, crypto methods of payment are your best choice.  

The innovative features of cryptocurrencies, namely their facilitation of borderless transactions, have made crypto ideal for the online gambling industry: They leverage blockchain technology, thus guaranteeing gaming experiences that are both transparent and provably fair

The following are some of the most widely used cryptocurrencies: 

  • Bitcoin (BTC) 

  • Ethereum (ETH) 

  • Tether (USDT) 

  • Dogecoin (DOGE) 

How we choose a reliable free spins casino 

One of your main priorities when it comes to choosing an online casino is to ensure that it is both safe and reliable. Players often find this task to be a rather daunting one and find it difficult to distinguish the trustworthy gaming platforms from the plethora of untrustworthy ones. 

For this reason, our team of experts will guide you through the criteria that you should keep in mind when it comes to selecting the best free spins casino for you. 

Slot machines on offer 

One of the first criteria to take into consideration is the selection of slot machine games that the particular online casino that you are eyeing has on offer. 

This is an important aspect to take into consideration because any limitations with regard to this selection can negatively impact your enjoyment on that gaming platform. 

For this reason, ensuring that your choice is partially determined based on the selection of slot machines on offer is vital

Here, not only must you ensure that the online casino has a wide selection of different online slots, and that the quality of these games is up to par with your standards, but that the games available appeal to your specific tastes and gaming preferences

Game providers 

Another vital aspect to keep in mind is both the variety and reputation of the software providers that the particular gaming platform that you are eyeing has chosen to partner with. 

Not only must you ensure that you’ll have a wide selection of game suppliers available, thus guaranteeing a broader range of themes, game styles, and features to choose from, but also that the software developers in question are amongst those who, in the iGaming industry, are widely considered to be highly reputable

Keep in mind that the selection of software providers on a gaming platform is vital, because the lack of such a reputable gaming portfolio can have drastic consequences on the quality, immersiveness, and enjoyment of the slots on offer. 

Online casino security 

Ensuring that the online casino you choose to play on is both safe and secure is imperative. With this aim in mind, it is important to check that the online casino security is top-notch

To determine if a gaming platform has adequate security measures put in place, ensure that these measures utilize the latest technology available. 

In addition to this, you must ensure that these measures are consistently kept up to date, and that encryption technology has been implemented, thus can safeguard your personal and financial information from any third-party threats that, otherwise, could breach them.

Presence of a gambling license 

A reputable gambling license that is successfully validated each year is integral to the safety and security of both you and the financial information that you choose to share with the online casino in question. 

A valid gaming license will ensure that both safe and responsible gambling practices are being strictly upheld, and that you can safely place your trust in the gaming platform that possesses it. 

It would be wise to stay away from any online casinos that are not in possession of a reputable gambling license as these are thoroughly unreliable and not worth your time and effort. 

Customer support 

Another vitally important aspect to take into consideration is the customer support services that the online casino in question provides for their players. 

In this regard, you must ensure that these services extend to all hours of the day, and are thus available 24/7 for any potential problems, queries, or issues that you might encounter during your stay on that gaming platform. 

You must also ensure that the customer service representatives available will be able to respond to your queries immediately and will be both professional and knowledgeable about the subject in question. 

If any of these criteria are not adequately met, your gaming experience on that platform could be impacted very negatively, so it is important to ensure that your needs can be appropriately tended to

Our conclusion 

To conclude this article, our team of experts here at Lucky7Bonus highly encourage you to test your luck at some of the exceptional online casinos that we have listed. 

Take advantage of the generous Free Spins Bonuses that these gaming platforms offer their players and enjoy the thrilling gaming experience that will surely ensue! 


Which casinos offer free spins? 

Some of the best online casinos that offer Free Spins Bonuses to their players include MyEmpire Casino, Playfina Casino, Axe Casino, and Wild Fortune Casino. These gaming platforms offer free spins as part of their Welcome Bonus offers. 

How do free spins bonuses work? 

There are a number of different Free Spins Bonuses available at online casinos. These award the player with a set number of spins on the reels of specific slot machine games.  

What conditions apply to free spins? 

Depending on the types of Free Spins Bonuses available, each of which comes with its own wagering requirements, the terms and conditions will differ. Amongst these, however, you will typically find conditions pertaining to the following: winning cap limits, time limits, eligible games, and minimum bet amounts.  

Can I win real money with free spins? 

Yes, it is entirely possible to win real money when utilizing your awarded free spins. Keep in mind, however, that, in order to be able to withdraw your winnings, certain wagering requirements must be met. 


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