Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming
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Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming

What is Lightning Dice? 

Lightning Dice is a live game from game supplier Evolution. Released sometime in 2019, this gameplay uses dice as its central element. 

It's available 24/7, with presenters taking turns throughout the day. 

What makes this game so special is that it uses Lightning. In each round of the game, several numbers will be randomly selected and struck by lightning

Numbers hit by lightning will see their final multiplier change, up to a maximum value of 1,000 times your initial stake. 

The principle of this game is very simple. Three dice are rolled across a course, and if you manage to bet on the winning number, then you win.  

It's a game that's accessible to everyone. The minimum bet is €0.2, and the maximum is up to €500.  

Which casino should I choose to play Lightning Dice?  

Millionz Casino 

Millionz Casino is a comprehensive Lightning Dice site. 

A search bar will take you directly to this game. You can also get there by using the "live games" category.  

We've negotiated an exclusive welcome offer for you:  

  •  +100% up to $1000 + 50 free spins 


Lightning Dice is just one of the thousands of games available on Oshi.  

The categorization of live games is very well done at this online casino, which, for players, is very convenient.  

We've been playing at Oshi for several months now, and we'd recommend you do the same.  

We've even negotiated an exclusive welcome offer for you:  

  •  +100% up to $950 + 150 free spins 

N1 Casino 

At N1 Casino, you'll never get bored.  

In addition to Lightning Dice, you'll find other live games like blackjack, roulette and Mega Ball. 

You'll also find thousands of different slot machines, including Gates of Olympus and Mental. 

If you decide to play at N1 Casino, you can take advantage of an exclusive welcome offer:  

  • 100% match-up of up to $1,500 + 150 free spins 

The rules of Lightning Dice 

The rules of Lightning Dice are easy to understand, and that's why we like this game so much. 

But even though it's a simple game, there are a few things you'll need to know about it. 

The game board  

Lightning Dice's backdrops are beautifully crafted.  

The yellow lights perfectly highlight the course where the dice pass. They also highlight the presenter. 

Black is also omnipresent, helping the player to see the elements highlighted by the supplier. 

On the wall is a light switch. The presenter goes next to it for each round of gameplay. In this way, he brings the lightning animation to life. 

The bets 

With 20 different bets to choose from, Lightning Dice gives you plenty of options.  

Here are the different choices you can bet on:  

  • Numbers 

  • Between 3 and 9 

  • Between 12 and 18 

  • Double  

  • A triple 

If you wish, you can bet on a square, as well as other possibilities. 

Please note that, depending on the slots you wish to bet on, the maximum stakes may differ.  

The minimum is €0.2, and the maximum varies between €25 (for 3 and 18) and €1,000 on 3 - 9 or 12 - 18. 

Rolling the dice  

Finally, the most important moment arrives: the throw of the dice.  

The croupier will first go to the course. He'll place the dice on the top of the course and then flip the switch. 

The dice will then fall, and the camera will change to zoom in on the dice

When the dice reach the end of the course, the camera zooms in on where the dice fall. It's easy to see the result, which is a very nice touch.  

This is because, even on a cell phone or tablet, the result is perfectly visible. 

Game strategy at Lightning Dice 

As with all live games, there are specific strategies for playing Lightning Dice. 

When we play, we use some of them, which we've decided to share with you. 

We'd like to remind you that, no matter what technique you use, none of them is a winner against the casino in the long run. 

Betting on probable outcomes  

Mathematically, some combinations are more likely to fall than others.  

That's why, in the pre-Lightning winnings, some numbers pay less than others.  

A double / 8/9/10/11/12/13  

Betting on probable outcomes will enable you to adopt a strategy in which you can win money fairly regularly

However, as the payout is lower and you'll eventually accumulate several losing rounds, this is not a winning strategy in the long term

We use this strategy when trying to fill a wager. 

Betting on 3 and 18 (the volatile numbers) 

If you want to play for maximum volatility, you can try your luck by betting only on 3 and 18.  

Without lightning, these numbers pay 150 times your initial bet.  

But, if they pay that much, it's because there's very little chance of the numbers falling.  

We use this strategy on three specific occasions:  

  • When we're running low on agents. 

  • When we're looking for an increase in the wager by playing small amounts (under €5). 

  • When we want to spice up our session. 

It's a very volatile strategy. Be aware that if you use it, your balance can melt like snow in the sun.  

The RTP of Lightning Dice 

The theoretical return on Lightning Dice is between 96.03% and 96.57%.  

The difference lies in the way you play. If you play several numbers, or if you always play the same one, etc., the RTP will be higher. 

The highest RTP is 96.57% when you play only the "all triples" square. 

If we compare Lightning Dice's RTP with other live games, it's well within the average. This is very positive and is one of the reasons why we play this creation so much. 

The provider Evolution 

Evolution is the benchmark company in the creation of live games for online casinos. We love the games created by this very active and innovative company. 

It offers dozens of live games, including:  

On top of that, it also offers hundreds of live gaming tables. Between blackjack, roulette and baccarat, you're bound to find what you're looking for. 

Additionally, we really like Evolution's classification of games, with its own interface. 

Our opinion on Lightning Dice 

Lightning Dice is an excellent innovation from Evolution, who have taken the basics of Sic Bo and adapted them in their own way.  

With its colossal potential payout, very decent RTP and ease of use, this live game is sure to please. 

Follow our lead and try Lightning Dice, a dice game that offers copious unique adventures. 

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