Monopoly Big Baller: Explanations of the live casino game
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Monopoly Big Baller: Explanations of the live casino game

Created by live gaming giant Evolution, Monopoly Big Baller is a blend of two of the company's well-known games: Monopoly Live and Mega Ball

In this Lucky7Bonus article, you'll find out how this new game works. First, we'll give you a complete overview of the rules. Then, we'll suggest three online casinos where you can play this new game live. Finally, we'll round off this article with a quick introduction to the provider behind this live game. 

Monopoly Big Baller is a live game that runs 24/7. A host or hostess will animate your entire session on this game. A special stage has been created, and it looks great. The host and Mr. Monopoly are in the middle of a boat next to a Monopoly board. The boat sails through the game, allowing you to visit the various buildings on a Monopoly board. 

The Rules of Monopoly Big Baller 

How does a classic game of Monopoly Big Baller work? 

Before the game has even started, you’ll see several options in front of you. Basically, the game offers you two green cards, two yellow cards, one gray ticket and one yellow ticket. The gray and yellow tickets cannot be changed, unlike the four cards. 

Green cards can become yellow, and vice versa. The two cards are 5 x 5 and work in the same way as the Mega Ball cards. 

What are the differences between green and yellow cards? 

Green cards have a house in the middle of the card, which means it's a "free" number that doesn't need to appear. Yellow cards, on the other hand, offer no "house", but higher multipliers. 

Multipliers can appear on these cards. Multipliers can be applied in three different ways: they can multiply an entire line (x20 to x50), or they can multiply a single number (x10 to x20). 

If a number with a multiplier is inside your grid, the calculation works as follows: the multiplier of your line + the multiplier of your number x the starting bet. 

Finally, blue multipliers, x2 or x3, may also appear, which multiply the total value of your grid. 

As soon as a round ends, you'll have just 13 seconds to bet on the various options available to you. 

On green cards, you can bet from 0.10 euros to 4,000 euros per round. On yellow cards, from 0.10 to 2,000 euros. For the 3-throw card, from 0.10 to 800 euros. Finally, for 5 throws: from 0.10 euros to 500 euros per round. 

Before the game begins, multipliers are placed on your various cards. Next, Mr Monopoly will place several small houses on your cards. These houses are "free numbers". The more of them you have, the better your chances of completing a line. 

The camera then turns to a large ball in the middle of the stage. This transparent ball contains 60 balls, ranging from 1 to 60. During your game, 20 balls will be drawn. 

Each time a number appears on one of your cards, it will change the number to red. 

To unlock the 3 or 5 throws, it's very simple: the numbers have to fall. If they do, Mr. Monopoly will appear on your screen, along with a giant game board. Like Monopoly Live, multipliers will appear on your screen. 

To advance, two dice will be shaken by a machine. You advance according to the numbers that appear on your dice. If you manage to achieve doubles, you're entitled to an extra free spin. If you complete a full round, the multipliers already present will be doubled. 

If you manage to complete lines while unlocking throws, the two wins will be added together to give you a final win. 

Which online casinos offer Big Baller Monopoly? 

Lucky7Bonus offers you the most reputable online casinos available. With a wealth of experience in the field, our team of experts offers you 3 secure casinos where you can play Monopoly Big Baller

If you decide to visit these platforms using our link, you'll be entitled to a very generous welcome offer. 

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To take advantage of these welcome offers, simply click on the name of the online casino you're interested in. 

Evolution Gaming in a nutshell 

Evolution is the company behind Monopoly Big Baller. Present at all the online casinos we offer, this provider is the most renowned in the creation of live games. 

In addition to Crazy Time, Mega Ball, Lightning Blackjack, Lightning Roulette, this Malta-based company also specializes in table games. By visiting the online casinos that Lucky7Bonus presents, you can play a range of excellent games including roulette, blackjack or baccarat. 

When you play Evolution’s high-quality live games, you won't be alone, since a croupier or host will be present throughout your session. The provider's games are available 24/7. The strength of this provider is that you can potentially win very large sums of money by playing small amounts.  

In this way, players who prefer to bet big and win big can also enjoy their sessions with Evolution's games, since you'll be able to potentially win very large sums of money. 

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