Cash or Crash: Evolution's new live crash game!

Evolution Gaming in a few words

Evolution is continuing on its path of developing live casino game show content. The latest in this live casino niche is the new game Cash or Crash. You are probably familiar with Evolution by now. And, if you are brand new to the world of online casinos, you will soon get familiar with Evolution. Formerly known as Evolution Gaming, this is a game provider that revolutionized the live dealer segment back in 2006 when they entered the market. They have remained innovative and at the forefront of the live casino industry in Canada for over 15 years. Largely due to their dedication to quality and a fingertip-feel for what players like you and me want. 

As with any live casino game show, entertainment is at the heart of the gameplay in Cash or Crash Live. A point that Evolution managed to drive to its conclusion in this game. At least according to us. It is easy to play, tactical, and above all, loads of fun. Continue reading our Cash or Crash casino game review to learn more about it.

Cash or Crash explained

In the game Cash or Crash Live, the players enter the seat in a flying Blimp (also known as Zeppelin). You know the huge rigid airships that look like a flying torpedo or flying whale. The Blimp flies around above a bustling metropolis. The game pay homage to other Evolution game show hits like Monopoly Live and Crazy Time. If you pay attention, the city you see is the same as the one featured in the Monopoly Live and Crazy Time bonus rounds.

As with every game show-type game, there is a game show host at the front stage. He or she controls the process of the game, the lottery-type bingo machine, which is used to select green, red, or gold coloured balls. The balls are later used to determine the outcome of the game round. The goal is to rise ever higher with the Blimp, climbing a 20-step ladder before a red ball is drawn, which causes the Blimp to crash down over the Metropolis, bringing with it all your winnings. To win, you need to make a decision before the Blimp crashes. But you don’t want to take the decision to cash out too soon. The higher the Blimp soar, the higher the multiplier for your betting stake.

Drawing the balls

As mentioned, there are three different balls:

  • Green ball: progress to the next step in the ladder.

  • Red ball: causes the Blimp to crash down.

  • Golden ball: causes a protective shield against a red ball being drawn next, while also increasing the payout on the ladder with the next green ball.

The player's decision

The decisions, or options you have, are the following:

  • Take all the money: cash out your winnings at the current multiplier.

  • Take half of the money: cash out half your winnings and let the rest ride.

  • Continue: let all your money ride and let the fate of the next ball decide what will happen with your stake, win or lose.

If you manage to climb to level 20, you are rewarded with the grand prize of 18,000 times your betting stake. If, during the game round, the golden ball is drawn, that prize is boosted up to 50,000 times your betting stake.

Summary of features

  • Features Bingo ball/Lottery machine.

  • The RTP of this game is 99.59%.

  • The game features a 20-step ladder-style paytable.

  • Reach the top of the ladder for a chance to win up to 18 000x (base game) / 50 000x (bonus triggered).

  • Bonus Rounds are triggered by the Golden Ball.

  • An unlimited number of players can play at the same time.

Possible winnings in Cash or Crash: Paytable

  • Step 1 - 1.2x (base game) - 1.2x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 2 - 1.6x (base game) - 1.7x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 3 - 2x (base game) - 2.2x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 4 - 2.7x (base game) - 3.1x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 5 - 3.6x (base game) - 4x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 6 - 5x (base game) - 5.6x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 7 - 7.1x (base game) - 8x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 8 - 10x (base game) - 10.5x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 9 - 15x (base game) - 16x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 10 - 21.5x (base game) - 24x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 11 - 33x (base game) - 36x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 12 - 54x (base game) - 62x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 13 - 95x (base game) - 105x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 14 - 160x (base game) - 175x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 15 - 310x (base game) - 360x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 16 - 550x (base game) - 760x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 17 - 1,200x (base game) - 1,500x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 18 - 2,900x (base game) - 4,000x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 19 - 6,800x (base game) - 11,000x (bonus triggered).

  • Step 20 - 18,000x (base game) - 50,000x (bonus triggered).

Our review of Cash or Crash

We have eagerly been waiting for more game show types of games from Evolution. And, finally, they came up with yet another innovative release. Cash or Crash live great. The bingo/lottery feature is unique, and the community crash style elements work great together with the theme of a Blimp, Zeppelin, Flying Whale, or whatever you want to call it.

There is an active decision making element to the game with a lot of excitement; cash in, or lose it all. The betting activity is simple, you basically buy a Blimp ticket and then hope it flies high. And, of course, you make it out before it comes crashing down.

While Cash or Crash won’t reach the heights of Monopoly Live or Crazy Time, it certainly has its place in any online casino. We will surely come back for more Cash or Crash from time to time.

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