Casino Operators Held Accountable for Violating ACGO's Regulations
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Casino Operators Held Accountable for Violating ACGO's Regulations

The Alcohol and Gambling Commission of Ontario (from hereon to be referred to as the AGCO) has issued fines to three prominent online casino operators whose products are currently being distributed to the Ontarian audience under the Commission's jurisdiction.

The penalties issued were worth a total of 70,000 CAD to the following casino operators:

  • LeoVegas Company PLC, owner of two incredibly popular online casinos and sportsbooks LeoVegas and Royal Panda

  • Mobile Incorporated Ltd. which operates Conquestador Casino

  • Bunchberry Limited which operates which temporarily operated ComeOn Casino, one of Canada's most popular online gambling destinations

These casino operators were penalized for releasing games on their Canadian websites which weren't approved by Independent Testing Labs or registered by the AGCO.

The AGCO relies on Independent Testing Labs to certify that the games being offered on the platforms it has approved to regulate are fair towards the players. This is part of a process meant to safeguard players from risking bankruptcy on rigged games and scams.

Normally, every legitimate casino has had its games certified by such an agency, including casinos operated by the casino companies listed above.

In the case of the AGCO, which only recognizes certifications by the Independent Testing Labs, it is necessary for the casinos it regulates to have had their games certified by this agency in particular.

This is emphasized in the Commission's regulations, specifically standards 4.08 and 4.09 which discuss the integrity of online casino games which shall be approved for distribution in Ontario and regulated by the AGCO.

For both LeoVegas and Bunchberry Limited, the case brought against them by the AGCO was that they failed to comply with this prerequisite and displayed games on their online casino's libraries for their Canadian websites which had not received approval from the specified testing agency.

As for Mobile Incorporated Ltd., the operator was fined for allowing content on its Canadian platforms which was produced by suppliers who aren't registered with the Commission.

Ontario is one of the strictest regions in Canada when it comes to igaming, with even content from big providers like Evolution Gaming being restricted at the majority of online casinos accessible from the state.

The AGCO emphasizes that its regulations were put in place with good reason.

Since the establishment of the igaming industry in the Canadian market, specifically in Ontario, the AGCO and iGaming Ontario have been tirelessly working on regulating the product available to local audiences.

Their goal is to maintain safety for players in this online gambling environment and also protect other vulnerable audiences from the risks of gambling online, even those who are not directly participating in the activity, such as children.

The AGCO has reiterated time and time again that regulated casino operators are to restrict and stop any activity on their Canadian websites which is unregulated by the Commission or not certified by the Independent Testing Labs.

It is clear that the Commission is not only working on banning unregulated, illegal online gambling sites, but it also keeping a strict eye on the companies it has regulated, to make sure all the criteria it has specified are being met.

More details about these three online casino companies' shortcomings.

The $70,000 fee covers all the penalties imposed on all three companies.

Each company had a different-sized penalty to meet, depending on the gravity of its violation as deemed by the AGCO.

  • LeoVegas was asked to pay a total of 25,000 CAD for violating standards 4.08 and 4.09 of the AGCO's igaming regulations for having allowed audience access to a game uncertified by the Independent Testing Labs

  • Bunchberry Limited was fined $15,000 also for the distribution of uncertified games, which goes against standards 4.08 and 4.09 of the Commission

  • Mobile Incorporated Ltd. must pay $30,000 for diffusing content which was unapproved by the AGCO, therefore allowing unregulated content to reach Ontarian audiences

Of course, as long as these casino companies wish to maintain business in Ontario, not only are they expected to pay these fees, but also to amend their websites in accordance with the AGCO's criteria

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