Galaxy Gaming partners with ODDSworks to launch Roulette Up
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Galaxy Gaming partners with ODDSworks to launch Roulette Up

Galaxy Gaming has recently teamed up with ODDSworks to launch Roulette Up, a brand new RNG game, in North America. 

The news of this release was announced through Galaxy Gaming’s in-house digital division: Galaxy Gaming Digital. Launched last July, this division features the brand’s portfolio of propriety table content, including brand new ‘Galaxy Built games’ that were developed in-house

Whilst this unique table game is not yet available in Canada, Galaxy Gaming has released a news release to state that it will be made available to Canadians very soon

Announcement pertaining to the release of Roulette Up 

Galaxy Gaming is one of the largest independent developers and distributors of online casino games on the iGaming market. 

ODDSworks is a provider of interactive content and RGS (Remote Gaming Server) technology

These companies have teamed up together and reached an agreement to take their content to North America. Thus far, Roulette Up is available in the following states

  • New Jersey 

  • Pennsylvania 

  • West Virginia 

  • Michigan 

The announcement pertaining to the release of this exciting RNG table game stated that Roulette Up will be launched through ODDS works’ BetGuard RGS platform

Alongside this table game, ODDSworks will also launch a series of Galaxy Gaming’s progressive jackpot titles across the United States. 

Amongst others, these titles, all of which feature a progressive jackpot, will include the following innovative table games: 

  • Split to Double Blackjack 

  • Roulette Up 

  • Rising Phoenix Baccarat 

In a recent press release, Galaxy Gaming issued the following statement: 

“ODDS works is well suited to handle the huge volume Galaxy games create.” 

In fact, over 1 billion wagers were made around the world in the last 12 months, on content released by Galaxy Gaming alone. 

The president of ODDSworks, Larry DeMar, made the following comment: 

“Galaxy Gaming Digital is a great company, as well as a business partner. We expect our close relationship to grow in the years to come. We are honoured to have them as a business partner.” 

In addition to this, the CEO of ODDSworks, Shridhar Joshi, commented on the following: 

“Galaxy Gaming Digital is in line with our growth trajectory that focuses on expanding our presence in each new domestic market. ODDSworks is pleased to provide world-class, best-of-breed differentiated table games to our casino partners.” 

Comments made with regards to the launch of Roulette Up 

Matt Reback, President and CEO of Galaxy Gaming, made the following statement:  

“We’re thrilled to partner with ODDSworks to introduce some of our best-in-class table games to online players in North America for the first time. Galaxy Gaming represents the world’s premier collection of table games brands, and this partnership is yet another example of how we are working hard to make our games available to players in casinos, card rooms, and online.” 

Larry DeMar, ODDSworks president, remarked on the following: 

“ODDSworks is humbled and honoured to have the privilege to distribute Galaxy’s world class games online. ODDSworks will do everything in our power to make sure our casino partners and their players, love these games as much as we do.” 

Former President and CEO of Galaxy Gaming, Todd Cravens, commented on the following: 

“At Galaxy Gaming, we are enthusiastic about creating the best table games and bringing that content to new channels. We are thrilled to be launching our expanding digital portfolio with ODDSworks’ nimble, quick-to-market execution as well as the principals’ decades of gaming experience.” 

What makes Roulette Up so innovative? 

What makes the launch of Roulette Up so innovative is the addition of progressive side bets to the traditional game of Roulette: 

This RNG table game includes an optional side bet and a progressive wager

Players can wager that, after each spin, the outcome will provide an increasing sequence. The streak length, meaning the number of consecutive increasing numbers achieved, determines the winning payouts.  

If this increasing sequence is achieved, the players are able to move up along the following prize ladder

  • Streak of two: Push 

  • Streak of three: Pays 1:1 

  • Streak of four: Pays 3:1 

  • Streak of five: Pays 9:1 

  • Streak of six: Pays 24:1 

  • Streak of seven: Pays 99:1 

  • Streak of eight: Pays 399:1 

Roulette Up also includes a second progressive jackpot side bet which only pays out if the player manages to achieve a winning streak of 8 increasing numbers

If more than one player manages to hit the jackpot, then the prize money is split between them

More About Galaxy Gaming 

“Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Galaxy Gaming ( develops and distributes innovative games, bonusing systems, and technology solutions to physical and online casinos worldwide. Galaxy Gaming offers games that are proven to perform developed by gaming experts and backed by the highest level of customer support. Galaxy Gaming Digital is the world’s leading licensor of proprietary table games to the online gaming industry. Connect with Galaxy Gaming on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.” 

More About ODDSworks 

“A leader in Remote Gaming Server technology and interactive content, ODDSworks specializes in delivering world-class gaming content and best-in-class interactive technologies for regulated and real money gaming markets. The ODDSworks game portfolio includes a versatile range of proprietary and third-party titles, each featuring a unique and engaging theme enhanced with stellar graphics, sounds and features. ODDSworks team brings almost 100 years of gaming experience to the table. ODDSworks is owned and operated by gaming pros who know the industry and its player’s inside out.” 

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