Gateway Casinos Restart Operations in Ontario
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Gateway Casinos Restart Operations in Ontario

Gateway Casinos are once again accepting their loyal customers after a hiatus which lasted over two weeks following a cyberattack which targeted its security system. The casinos were immediately shut down out of concern for players who had invested money into their accounts.

The security breach could have potentially put clients' personal data and funds at risk, however, since the announcement of the shutdown, no information regarding this matter has been shared.

It was only on the 29th of April that we heard back from Gateway Casinos, with a ray of hope toward the full reopening of all Gateway Casinos across Canada within the next couple of weeks.

A brief reminder of what happened on April 16th 2023.

Gateway Casinos had to suddenly halt all their casino operations due to a breach in their security systems. The cyberattack needed to be tackled instantaneously as it may have gotten through to the casino's members' private data on their platforms.

Unfortunately, for the duration of almost two weeks and a half, both Gateway's online and land-based casino activities were made unavailable while its security systems were restored and an assessment was conducted to uncover whether anyone's private information was misused or funds tampered with.

Despite the temporary shutdown of the franchise's 23 casinos around Canada and its online platforms, the Gateway leisure and entertainment services such as restaurants were still open to customers.

Slowly but surely, operations are taking off again.

The first Ontarian Gateway Casino to restart operations on the 29th of April 2023 was the one in Innisfil. This casino's customers have access to over 1,000 slot machine games and around 20 different classic casino table games.

While other casinos around Ontario are still shut down with no clear reopening date scheduled, Gateway reminds us that any events such as concerts will go on as planned, despite the casino services being inaccessible for the moment.

The company promises that it is working hard on straightening out this issue in order to allow all of its land-based casinos to take off once again, at least those in Ontario for the moment.

Gateway Casinos thank all their customers for their patience following the sudden halt of casino operations.

This was certainly a challenging decision to go along with especially for online Gateway customers who may have already invested money into their accounts with the intention of playing games online.

Given the unclarity of whether or not the cyberattack had actually accessed and misused anyone's data, Gateway wishes to show its gratitude towards its customers for staying loyal and returning to their casinos as soon as reopening started.

The third-party services Gateway has brought on board to analyse the situation have yet to confirm how the breach may have affected anyone's personal information and security.

Unfortunately, the true severity of this attack has not been understood yet.

What about the casino's personnel?

In our previous blog post regarding this issue, we emphasized how negatively the casino's employees were affected by this event.

The most recent news on its progression has revealed more about a new deal in the works for Gateway Casino personnel which promises an almost 10% raise in their wages for the length covered by their contract, which is normally around three years.

Along with this, Gateway Casino employees are in for more benefits and perks.

These are being offered in order to make amends for their sudden unemployment for the duration of the casinos' shutdown and to help them bounce back.

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