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What is Monopoly Live? 

Launched in April 2019, Monopoly Live is a live game developed by Evolution Gaming. This game features a televised game show with a dedicated presenter

It is based on the famous board game Monopoly, with a few variations. It's a very enjoyable show because of the presenter's energy and the possibility of winning big 24/7. 

Monopoly Live is one of our most popular live games, and one on which we still spend a lot of time. So, we've decided to tell you all about our experience. Whether you're interested in the rules, the stakes or the possible winnings, come and discover the unique potential of Monopoly Live. 

Where can I play Monopoly Live? 

Millionz Casino 

Millionz Casino offers Monopoly Live, as well as all other Evolution games

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We love Oshi, a comprehensive site featuring the best games, including Monopoly Live.  

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N1 Casino

With thousands of games, including Monopoly Live, N1 Casino is one of our favorite platforms.  

To play Monopoly Live, you can deposit traditional currencies in advance. 

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The Rules of Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live works in a very simple manner. There's a wheel in the middle of the board, made up of 54 segments, also known as squares. 

The aim is for the player to guess which segment the wheel indicator will stop on.  

There are a few exceptional cases with Monopoly Live: the "Chance" square, the "2 Rolls" square and the "4 Rolls" square. If the wheel stops on a classic multiplier, you win your stake multiplied by the multiplier

Classic multipliers 

There are four different multipliers in Monopoly Live. Depending on your stake, you won't win the same one twice. 

MultipliersNumber of segmentsExample of a betGain calculationFinal gain
1221Starting stake (1)+ Multiplier (1)2
2151Starting stake (1)+ Multiplier (2)3
571Starting stake (1)+ Multiplier (5)6
1041Starting stake (1)+ Multiplier (10)11

Monopoly Live bonus 

The Monopoly Live wheel features 4 squares that are a little different from the other segments. These, called 2 rolls and 4 rolls, are bonus rounds that take you into a parallel 3D universe.  

If you bet on the 2 rolls (or 4 rolls) and one of them falls, you'll arrive on the original Monopoly board.  

The properties, stations and special squares on the Monopoly Live board all have a multiplier given at the start

Two dice, moved automatically by a machine, will allow you to advance on the board.  

You'll come to a stop on a square, and the multiplier on the square is multiplied by your bet to obtain your winnings. These winnings are added together with each throw of the dice.  

If the dice rolls a double, you're entitled to an extra throw

If you manage to complete a full turn, all multipliers on the board are doubled

The luck box

Monopoly Live also features two "luck" segments. These segments offer you two possibilities: 

  • A cash prize that goes straight into your balance (you also get your initial stake back). 

  • A bonus that multiplies your stakes. This remains active the following round, and your potential winnings are multiplied by the multiplier for the Chance square drawn beforehand.  

For the board game, multipliers will be revealed on each square, and will themselves be multiplied by the value indicated by the Chance square. 

The Monopoly Live user experience 

No matter what medium you use, Monopoly Live will meet your expectations perfectly. Evolution has produced a game that's perfectly suited to mobiles, tablets and computers, which is a very pleasing feature. 

We've tried out the game on all platforms, and here's a summary of our experience. 

The mobile experience 

We played several sessions on phones running Android and iOS. Our experience has always gone perfectly.  

The bets are perfectly adapted to the screen, and it's very easy to place them.  

You can even change the value of your coins. The video is located above your bets. 

The only downside is the quality of the video. Depending on your connection, it can be more or less good. In our opinion, this can seriously mar your experience if the quality isn't up to scratch. 

The screen on the left is from an iPhone 12 Pro, while the one on the right is from a Galaxy A51/71. 

Experience Monopoly Live on Mobile

The computer experience  

The vast majority of our Monopoly Live sessions take place on the computer. We love playing on a computer, because it offers the most complete experience. 

On your screen, you'll be able to see a wealth of information. The latest numbers that have fallen, your betting options, different coins, etc. 

Unlike the phone, it's pretty rare to have poor camera quality when we're playing the game on a computer. The connection is much more stable, which really makes for an enjoyable experience. 

Whether you're playing on a MAC or a computer running Microsoft, the game works perfectly. And whatever your screen resolution, the quality will always be there. 

The tablet experience  

The latest medium we use from time to time is the tablet. We're lucky enough to have one from Apple and one from Samsung. 

Whatever the brand, we can confirm that the game works perfectly

Stakes are easy to change, as is the value of your coins. The presentation is pleasant enough, and everything is accessible by using your fingers.  

The format is perfectly adapted, even if we regret that the video doesn't always work well.  

As with the phone, you'll need a very good internet connection for a quality experience.  

The image on the left is from an iPad Mini, while the one on the right is from a Surface Pro 7. 

Monopoly Live experience on tablets

We very much regret that it is not possible to change the video quality directly on the tablet.  

Monopoly Live's RTP 

On Monopoly Live, there are 6 different theoretical returns for players. Depending on how you play, this may vary greatly. 

192,88 %
296,23 %
591,30 %
1096,02 %
2 throws93,90 %
4 throws93,67 %

On average, the RTP is 94%, which puts the game below the average of 96%. This is the main drawback of Evolution's creation. 

Comparison with the supplier's other games 

Monopoly Live is a wheel that bears a strong resemblance to Crazy Time or Dream Catcher. These games all have their own specific features, but the wheel remains the central element of this game. 

As you'd expect, Lightning roulette and blackjack games have nothing in common. 

The same applies for games like Deal or no Deal or Crazy Coin Flip. 

Contrary to popular belief, Monopoly Live has nothing in common with Monopoly Big Baller, apart from the name. 

One is a wheel, while the other is a kind of Mega Ball. 

Evolution's catalog of games is very comprehensive, and that's why we love this company. 

Monopoly Live strategies 

As promised, here are the strategies we use most often when playing Monopoly Live.  

Volatility can vary depending on what we're looking for during our session. 

Of course, no matter which strategy we use, none is a winner in the long term

Bet on 1 and 2 

When we want to wager or just have fun in a low-volatility way, we bet only on 1 or 2.  

Our bets are quite substantial and can represent 4% to 5% of our balance on each round of play. 

They allow us to have a good time, and above all to hit fairly regularly, as we play on the two most represented numbers. 

Betting on the 2 rolls/ 4 rolls bonus 

When we bet on 2 rolls or 4 rolls, it's because we're looking for volatility. Here, our bets are much smaller. They should represent between 0.5 and 0.7% of our total balance

It's important to be aware that, by playing only on these two slots, your chances of obtaining a big win increase. But you need to understand that bonuses are very rare, and you'll need to be patient before you get one. 

What's more, we know that when we play these slots, we're not even sure that the bonus will pay out. 

Play this way when you're trying to increase your balance. 

Our opinion on Monopoly Live 

Monopoly Live is a game we really enjoy. Once again, we'd like to salute the work of Evolution, who have come up with a live game that's really enjoyable and easy to play

We can also add that the board layout and 3D graphics make for a very immersive experience

The reason we play Monopoly Live so much is that its volatility can be very high. Yes, a €500,000 jackpot awaits you when playing this live game. 

Join us in playing the game of your childhood, while enjoying a thoroughly unique experience. 

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