Playtech Invests in a Stake for Hard Rock Digital
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Playtech Invests in a Stake for Hard Rock Digital

In mid-March 2023, the igaming world witnessed the alliance of two major entities within the world of online gambling: Playtech and Hard Rock Digital.

The software provider has made an investment worth 85 million dollars for a low-value stake in Hard Rock Digital. The investment is sure to contribute to the funding for the expansion planned for the latter enterprise.

The plan is to take Hard Rock Digital to various other American States, and hopefully to Canada too, which is really good news for us!

A win-win situation for all parties involved!

This is deemed to be a very strategic relationship which makes Playtech a stakeholder and owner of the Hard Rock Digital business.

Apart from financial help, Playtech will also be providing its content to Hard Rock Digital.

The casino will allow this developer to legally distribute its entire portfolio of products across all of the states in which Hard Rock Digital (from here on also to be referred to as HRD) operates and those included in the expansion.

Of course, this is a major step forward for Playtech which despite having been active since 1999, has not yet made such an impact in the North American and Canadian market, as much as providers like Pragmatic Play have.

All registered members of Hard Rock Digital will get access to all of this software developer's content...but not only. Through Hard Rock Digital, players could directly get in touch with their customer support services and managerial services.

Playtech was founded in Estonia and its footprint is mostly within the European online gambling context.

For us in Canada, the software developer's name is perhaps a bit more familiar due to the fact that despite the igaming restrictions in our country, Playtech's content is often available to us, especially when it comes to live gaming options.

It also puts Hard Rock Digital on our map and widens prospects for this business.

Hard Rock Digital's current presence in the igaming scene.

Currently, HRD is a prominent gambling destination for players from Indiana, Iowa, Arizona, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia and Tennessee. Its expansion project is aiming to take the enterprise further across the United States and even over the borders into Canada.

Therefore, this online casino is only operating in seven states across the United States at the moment.

Making a connection with such a trustworthy online software provider, which has acquired a great reputation throughout the years, is certainly a very profitable move for the business.

Hard Rock International and HDR's chairman, Jim Allen, comments on how fruitful this partnership will be, especially when it comes to HDR's plans for expansion.

HRD's planned expansion and agreements to get prominent software developers on board mean that these two markets will have much easier access to content from international producers and casino operators, and moreover fully legal and regulated.

It also puts Hard Rock Digital on the map and widens prospects for this business.

Such an agreement makes it extremely more likely that HRD will announce a global expansion after successfully installing itself in the States and Canada.

Let's take a look into the history of Hard Rock Digital

The online gambling platform was only launched in 2020 and has certainly not yet reached the heights it is expected to.

It is a collaboration between Hard Rock International and the Seminole Tribe of Florida which was a main stakeholder in the conception of the Hard Rock brand in 2007, not to be confused with the establishment of Hard Rock Cafe which was back in 1971.

Originally Hard Rock Digital was collaborating with Gaming Innovation Group since 2018. 2020 could be considered the casino's rebirth, after which the contract agreed upon with this casino operator was ended.

Hard Rock Digital is meant to bring sports betting and online gambling opportunities to audiences, right in the comfort of their home but with that special Hard Rock flair.

It's exciting to see the franchise's mantras and values of authenticity, freedom and sustainability come through in this branch of the business. But most of all, what we think about is how the enterprise is transferring its style and entertainment values to the digital world.

Hard Rock has become an internationally renowned brand which grew into a chain of hotels, restaurants and physical casinos, so it was not surprising at all to discover its gambling products have also been made available online, considering how fast this industry is growing.

The Hard Rock Digital casino is a very well-rounded platform which offers audiences a multitude of gaming options including slots, table games, live casino and sports-betting options.

Players may choose to play on a desktop or mobile device by downloading the Hard Rock Digital app available for both iOS and Android.

What's next for this enterprise?

Hard Rock Digital has kicked off 2023 with a major move which as we have explained, is very beneficial for both the casino and the provider it has created an alliance with.

However, the progression of the casino's expansion seems to be moving slowly. It may take all of 2023 for this project to get to its final stages.

Prospects for 2024 are to keep entering new markets, and taking the business global, depending on the reception from the American and Canadian markets.

The enterprise is also still working on its manpower, actively recruiting employees to grow its team, so as you see, despite already being three years old, Hard Rock Digital is not progressing at such a fast pace as one would expect.

This could be explained by the fact that as we mentioned a bit earlier, throughout its collaboration with Gaming Innovation Group, the platform was failing to reach the set commercial and strategic goals.

We're curious to keep up with Hard Rock Digital's growth in the industry and even more so in the local Canadian market. This could potentially become one of the strongest online gambling destinations available in the igaming scene worldwide.

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