Popular Twitch streamer placed on Québec’s gambling self-exclusion list
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Popular Twitch streamer placed on Québec’s gambling self-exclusion list

Félix Lengyel, also known as xQc, is a popular Twitch streamer who was recently kicked out of a land-based casino located in Montréal, Canada

xQc's streams focus primarily on gambling content, but prior to this, he was mostly known for being a professional Overwatch player

In addition to this, the streamer has recently landed an approximately $100 million deal with Kick, dictating a contract that xQc had signed back in June of 2023.  

This deal consists of an agreement that the streamer would henceforth make streams on Kick, a platform owned by Stake.com. Despite this agreement, however, xQc continues to stream on both Twitch and Kick platforms

xQc's Casino Ban 

Following the altercation that recently took place in a Montréal casino, xQc stated that the way he had been treated, and his subsequent ban from the ‘online systems’, was in direct reaction to an article that had been released by Radio Canada back in 2022.  

In this article, a live stream in which the streamer had admitted to his addictive personality and gambling addiction had been quoted: 

“All I do is gamble; everywhere I go, I just gamble. It’s all I do; I think it’s fun. I’m addicted. I have one of the most addictive personalities.” 

xQc’s treatment at the land-based casino in Montréal, an event that culminated in ‘these [security] guys dragging [him] out’ of the casino, as well as his admission in this article, led to the addition of his name on the Québec gambling self-exclusion list by the gambling regulator of Québec.  

Having one’s name on this list dictates that the individual in question is banned from all online operators, land-based casinos, and from the purchase of any lottery tickets in the province of Québec.  

The article that xQc cited also included a comment made by one of the streamer’s fans, Enneric Chabot, who stated that his own gambling addiction was highly influenced by xQc, leading him to lose a total of $68,500 CAD in under a month. 

Repercussions of this gambling ban 

In October of 2022, the same year as this article’s release, the Twitch platform, owned by Amazon, was forced to ban the distribution of any gambling content made on the platform.  

In reaction to being on Quebec’s gambling self-exclusion list, xQc stated that he “can’t do anything until it’s appealed.” 

This ban might not prove to be an issue for xQc in the long run, however, as the streamer already has plans to move to Miami in the near future. 

This was confirmed by Adin Ross, a fellow streamer on Kick, who, in a live stream on the platform, stated that this provincial gambling ban would not affect xQc for long. 

In this way, xQc’s move to Miami would allow him to travel to states where casino gambling has been legalized, and therefore not be subject to any bans that would negatively impact his gambling ventures

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