Pragmatic Play: Software Developer and Philanthropist
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Pragmatic Play: Software Developer and Philanthropist

Pragmatic Play is a game provider we often mention in our reviews and news articles.

It is one of the major developers on the scene, releasing up to eight new slot games monthly and distributing them across many online gambling platforms.

Not only is this provider very prolific and active but it is also very popular, with most of its productions featured on almost every online casino in existence.

Slots are not its only focus. Pragmatic also collaborates with many online gambling platforms on competitions such as the Drops & Wins tournaments and also launched a live casino branch in 2019.

Pragmatic Play Live's games become some of the most competitive and sought-after within the community.

We rarely think of what game producers such as this one are doing behind the scenes other than brainstorming new products and liaising with new casinos on the market. Even rarer are thoughts which would put these huge igaming companies in a charitable light.

In this article, we will be discussing a few of Pragmatic's most notable philanthropic projects, in which it has invested time and funds in order to support new ongoing research and help people in need.

Pragmatic Play's Social Responsibility and Sustainability Values

The software developer dedicates a page of its website to discussing its work within the community, even outside the igaming community.

Pragmatic's attitude seems to be one which believes in giving back, especially to those who make it possible for Pragmatic to grow and succeed - these mainly being the players coming from various walks of life and backgrounds.

This provider is not only leaving its footprint on the igaming industry but has also been the main financial catalyst behind several social projects.

The financial aid Pragmatic has provided has gone to several causes including animal welfare, elderly care and environmental organisations among others.

Pragmatic has also gone international with this charitable work, making donations to organisations across the globe such as:

  • £10,000 to support the employee's well-being as part of an initiative in Gibraltar

  • €10,000 to Niciodata Singur, an organisation providing care and support to the elderly in Romania

  • €28,000 to Puttinu Cares in Malta, an organisation which supports cancer patients and their families in various ways

The list of Pragmatic's donations seems endless and dates back to the early years of this company's activities.

For the purpose of this article, we have narrowed it down to three of Pragmatic's most important philanthropic projects in its recent history.

269,569 CAD worth of financial aid for several communities affected by the war in Ukraine

Since the start of the attack on Ukraine in February 2022, Pragmatic Play has made three separate donations to different organisations targetting people in very specific, difficult situations brought about by the war.

  • $166,586 to the British Red Cross

The British Red Cross set up the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis appeal in response to the attacks in Ukraine.

Pragmatic's donation went towards helping the organisation purchase resources to give out to affected communities in the most heavily attacked towns and villages in the country.

This includes paying for healthcare expenses, providing food, water and clothing to now homeless, displaced families and offering psychological support.

  • Over $88K to Mission to Ukraine

This Christian non-profit organisation based in Zhytomyr has been providing aid to women experiencing pregnancy issues during the war and children with disabilities and special needs.

Donations such as the one made by Pragmatic Play are being used in various ways by this organisation.

Firstly, Mission to Ukraine wants to pay its staff and fund the rehabilitation centre it is currently operating which offers medical, psychological and physiological services. Part of this structure is also currently being used as a school.

Then, of course, part of these donations are used to buy everyday needs such as food and water for the community.

  • Another $15K went to UNICEF

Pragmatic Play has donated to the United Nation's Children's fund appeal which since the start of this war has been focusing on supporting orphaned and displaced children.

Any donations received are going towards buying food, water and clothing first and foremost. However, this organisation is also providing shelter, healthcare and educational services to these kids.

A donation of almost $150K in response to the Turkey-Syria earthquake crisis

This donation also went to the British Red Cross, a member of the Disasters Emergency Committee.

The organisation provides aid to the affected population of Turkey and Syria by providing

  • Blankets and warm winter clothing

  • Emergency trucks

  • Mobile kitchens and healthcare

  • Food and water

  • Medic aid

  • Tents and temporary housing

Financial aid like that from Pragmatic Play is also helping to mobilise staff and volunteers to the areas which are most in need of human resources.

On a different note, $30,000 went to a university project in Romania

Students2space is based in the Research Center Campus at the University Politechnica in Bucharest, Romania.

The project is meant to enhance local talent.

Thanks to donations such as this one, the NGO has the opportunity to organise workshops and purchase materials for the students involved in the assignment.

Science and engineering students at the university are teaming up on the endeavour of designing and constructing a rocket which should reach an altitude of 9,000m when launched.

This not only funds and boosts rocket science research in Romania, but is also improving these students' personal skills, allowing them to network and find further educational and professional opportunities.

The goal is to participate in a science competition with the final, constructed rocket. So far, a smaller version of the rocket has been completed and launched, getting very close to the target altitude but falling short by around 800m.

Pragmatic Play's admirable philanthropic work continues

Every year, the provider offers its financial support to various communities and causes.

If you're interested in helping out too, click on the links we've provided for every one of the organisations we have mentioned in this article!

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