Pragmatic Strengthens Ties with South America, this time in Colombia
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Pragmatic Strengthens Ties with South America, this time in Colombia

Pragmatic Play is swiftly moving forward with its instalment in South America following yet another connection established with a prominent online casino operator in the region. 

Within the first three months of 2023, the provider has successfully managed to get its product distributed to Latin American audiences through over five online casino platforms. 

We recently published a blog post discussing Pragmatic’s launch in Brazil through SA Esportes, a Brazilian online casino and sports betting centre. The agreement was confirmed and announced in late February 2023. 

Just a couple of weeks after that, at the end of March, Pragmatic announced its alliance with a Colombian online casino named FullReto. 

Within the next couple of days, the platform is expected to add a wide selection of the software developer’s most successful slot titles to its library. 

A few of the names expected to be featured in the casino’s catalogue include:

  • Sugar Rush

  • Big Bass Bonanza

  • Gates of Olympus 

The presence of Pragmatic Play’s productions in casinos all over South America is deemed to be raising the standards on online gambling platforms in the region, offering local audiences some of the most exceptional casino content on the market at the moment. 

Pragmatic’s Latin American Vice President has also commented about how well the company’s product is faring in the continent, with the general audience’s response being a very positive one overall. 

He also notes how fast the provider is growing in popularity in these countries, with the demand for its product increasing each time it appears on a new Latin American online casino website. 

Pragmatic is one of the first casino software developers to expand at such a fast pace in the region. 

It should come as no surprise that such a prominent and successful provider’s product is so sought after globally. South American casinos are more than happy to welcome Pragmatic’s games to their websites. 

FullReto’s general manager Andrés Tamayo went as far as saying that the casino feels “honoured” to make such a variety of “top games” among which a few “iconic titles” by Pragmatic are available to Colombian audiences. 

We wonder whether any plans to also add Pragmatic Play Live’s games to the casino’s lobby are in the works. 

As we mentioned a bit earlier, this is not the only agreement Pragmatic has made with a South American online casino. 

A few examples of its most prominent connections in Latin America are:

  • MiCasino which operates in Peru, Venezuela and Chile 

  •, yet another Brazilian platform 

  • Dinastia, for Mexican audiences

Let’s take a brief look at the projects Pragmatic has worked on with each of these casinos. 

  • Dinastia: Mexico 

This agreement was also settled this March 2023 which resulted in the distribution of a majority of Pragmatic’s slots on the platform. 

Dinastia has also agreed on adding some of Pragmatic’s excellent quality sports streams and sports betting options to their casino. 

Mexican audiences can now place bets on various disciplines such as horse racing, force 1 and greyhound racing on this platform. 

  • Brazil

Simultaneously to its project with SA Esportes Brazil, Pragmatic was also liaising with another major Brazilian online casino - 

These two agreements being confirmed practically at the same time in March 2023 certainly boosted Pragmatic’s name and presence in the country. 

A variety of the producer’s live and casino games are available on these platforms, as well as sports betting options on SA Esportes Brazil. 

Pragmatic’s footprint in Brazil has become massive within these past couple of months. 

Apart from these two major online gambling platforms in the country, Pragmatic’s products are also available on JKBet, Bet Bastet and Aposta Certa. These platforms are all based in Brazil. 

  • MiCasino: Peru, Chile and Venezuela

In our opinion, this is one of Pragmatic’s biggest and most lucrative moves in South America. 

This agreement reaches audiences in three of the biggest countries in the continent in terms of population. In addition to Pragmatic’s presence in Brazil and Mexico, it’s safe to say that Pragmatic is now accessible to the majority of South American audiences. 

The entire portfolio of Pragmatic Play products on available on MiCasino, therefore, live, casino and sports. 

These agreements have made Pragmatic’s productions legally available to South American online gamblers through regulated online casinos. 

What’s next for Pragmatic Play in South America? 

We can expect many more such agreements to be made within the next couple of months. 

As Latin America rethinks its laws on igaming and sports betting online, its to be expected that Pragmatic will keep growing deeper roots in the local online gambling scene, and we would not be surprised if many other notable software providers would follow suit. 

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