Relax Gaming's New Creation: The Dream Drop Jackpot Series
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Relax Gaming's New Creation: The Dream Drop Jackpot Series

The Relax Gaming Dream Drop progressive jackpots have not yet made it to all the online casinos available in Canada.

We discovered them a couple of months ago and were completely blown away by the incredible gaming experience these slots provided, the beautiful visual elements and most of all the wins we made!

Relax launched these Dream Drop games in April 2022. The most recent instalment of the games dropped on the 11th of January 2023: Grim the Splitter Dream Drop.

The biggest win made from the Dream Drop jackpot games so far was the latest Mega jackpot win in December 2022 which went over $2,000,000!

How Does this Progressive Slot Work?

Progressive slot games' jackpot prizes are affected by each player's bets.

Every time a participating player makes a bet on the game, the jackpot will increase slightly taking a portion of the bet.

These games are certainly very exciting and become rather competitive as players witness the jackpots getting smaller each time one of their contenders secures a win.

A subtle social element comes into play too, as players are competing against each other, constantly modifying the available prize pool.

The most popular jackpot games on the market so far have been Microgaming's Mega Moolah games known for cashing players out with massive wins of over $21M.

But in our opinion, the Dream Drop games have such unique and fantastic attributes that they will soon take over first place.

Each Dream Drop slot has a jackpot which is split into five tiers:

Rapid - Midi - Maxi - Major - Mega

This is the biggest multi-jackpot game available at the moment.

Players could pocket multiple winnings from different-sized prize pools throughout a single session of gameplay.

How so?

The goal is to achieve consecutive wins when you spin. With two back-to-back wins, your prize will increase, therefore easily moving you forward from the rapid jackpot towards the mega.

The Mega jackpot could surpass the one million euro cap, which translates to half a million Canadian dollars.

Relax Gaming has incorporated original mechanics into this game which, as the creators state on the Relax website "giv[e] players a guaranteed jackpot win every time they enter the Dream Drop jackpot feature".

Compared to what's currently available on the market, these are probably the games which are yielding the most recurrent wins and which function in the most distinctive way.

As for the look of these slots, we really enjoy how Relax Gaming is keeping up to date with the contemporary trends and style of slot game design.

The grid designs are so special and sway away from traditional slot games not only in the way they look but even the way they move. Each game tells a different story, inviting players on fun-filled whimsical adventures.

About the Creators

Relax Gaming was founded in 2010 but made its official debut as a fully-fledged casino company a year later.

It has become an international organisation with bases all over Europe, such as in Malta, Tallinn and as of 2020 even Gibraltar.

This software provider is responsible for some of the biggest hits among the online casino community, well known for including fun and entertaining aspects in gameplay and incredible graphics.

Our favourite games by Relax are definitely Beast Mode, Dead Riders Trail and Hellcatraz, all of which we mentioned oftentimes in our casino reviews. Check these games out for free on our website!

The Dream Drop Jackpots were introduced 11 years after the company was launched and have really pushed Relax forward as one of the most dependable and eye-catching providers in the industry.

Only four months later, the producer dropped another big hit: Relax Rush, a collection of cashdrops and tournaments. These put the provider on the map and made numerous casinos more interested in collaborating with it!

Where to Play

If you're curious about trying out these games, we would suggest making a visit to the following casinos:

All three of these online gambling platforms are accessible from Canada and offer Relax Gaming's Dream Drop progressive slots.

Before signing up, take a look at our opinions on these casinos by clicking the links above.

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