Spribe Closes Deal in Ontario for Aviator Crash Game Launch
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Spribe Closes Deal in Ontario for Aviator Crash Game Launch

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A year ago, on April 4th 2022, the state of Ontario in Canada moved forward with the integration and regulation of several online gambling products and services within the Canadian market.

A year later in 2023, we witness this anniversary being celebrated alongside the regulation of one of the biggest and most popular online casino crash game in the industry: Aviator, brought to us by Spribe.

Aviator is one of the most played games across the global igaming community, with an estimation of over 5 million active players every month.

Launched in 2018, Aviator can be found on numerous online casinos available to players in Canada and has been dominating the scene as one of the best and most exciting crash games to ever be released.

Our top three casino recommendations for you to check this game out would be:

  • Millionz

  • Neon 54

  • LeoVegas

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How does Aviator work?

The concept for this game is very basic and in line with most other crash games on the market.

A round in this game lasts only a few minutes, or sometimes even seconds. When a new round starts, each participating player places their bet, which can be a maximum of $100. You can make two bets for each round you play.

As soon as the plane takes off, the excitement starts. The higher the plane flies the more multipliers are dished out to the active players, but the goal is to cash out before the plane flies off your screen.

If you don't cash out in time, you lose your bet and don't make any winnings.

This game is purely random but comes with a lot of risks and an exhilarating thrill which is what made it one of the best-selling games in the industry.

Cash out too early and you'll have to sit and wait, watching as the plane flies over all of the bigger wins you could have walked away with, cash out too late and you lose everything.

In terms of visuals, this game is not too interesting. A simple black background with a red aviator plane flying across.

Many games of a similar nature have been released over the years.

One of our favourites is JetX, which in terms of concept is exactly the same however when it comes to the graphic quality, it is on a completely different level. Check out our blog post about this game for more details.

You might also have heard of Pragmatic Play's Spaceman game which as of this year has been included in the provider's official Drops & Wins tournaments.

Who is Spribe?

Spribe is best known for this crash game, of course.

However, the software developer, which has been present on the scene since 2018 has designed a few rather interesting games, which are quite different to what we get from other mainstream providers like Pragmatic, Quickspin or Relax.

Spribe started off with Aviator as one of its first games and since then has focused more on creating modern versions of more classic, or traditional games.

This provider's portfolio features a handful of unusual games, which you most often would find in the miscellaneous or "other games" section of your casino.

Spribe has released a total of only nine games including Aviator. These are the rest:

  • Plinko

  • Dice

  • Goal

  • HiLo

  • Mini Roulette

  • Hotline

  • Keno

  • Mines

The producer definitely takes a more minimalistic route when it comes to game design but even if these games aren't the most visually captivating, they are fan favourites because they are such rare finds.

More about the introduction of Spribe's products in the local scene.

Spribe's newfound presence in the Ontarian market is a major step forward for both parties involved.

The fact that Aviator is going to be playable at casinos available in Ontario means that the catalogue of products available to this audience continues to be enriched.

The regulation of online casino products in Ontario is leading to this market only offering the best, most trustworthy and most popular products across the whole industry.

With the ongoing ban on illegal online casino activity and the market's interest in investing in these top-notch products, the Ontarian online gambling scene seems to become one of the safest online gambling environments internationally.

For Spribe, capturing the attention of, and successfully integrating into one of the most desirable and prolific igaming markets across the globe, is an obvious win. It opens doors for this provider to create alliances with other incredible online casino companies which have been regulated here.

This is deemed to be a significant move for the provider which will boost its presence in the industry and make its name known across a larger audience.

Spribe's Managing Partner David Natroshivli comments about the excitement surrounding the provider's entrance into this market and being the one to create the game producing one of the largest "gross gaming revenue[s]" across the industry.

After witnessing how well this game has fared, the expectations for Aviator are high now that it has entered a market which became a multi-million dollar market within only a year of regulated activity.

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