The 26th Annual Canadian Gaming Summit Coming in June 2023
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The 26th Annual Canadian Gaming Summit Coming in June 2023

IGaming in Canada is flourishing and interest is growing not only as a product for Canadian gamblers but also for local companies to expand, taking some control in the field.

Canada is one of the largest igaming markets with almost 20 million of the world's online gambling demographic being based in Canada.

For the 26th year in a row, the Canadian Gaming Summit in collaboration with Canadian Gaming Association is giving Canadian casino and betting companies a platform where they can network, meet investors and exhibit their services.

This event could very much be compared to the international SiGMA summits but on a smaller scale.

The goal is for this conference to keep expanding and attracting more and more exhibitors and investors. It's an excellent, very localized and specific environment for Canadian online casino companies to brainstorm and understand how to tailor their product to local audiences.

The Who, What and Where of the 2023 Canadian Gaming Summit

This year's Canadian premier gaming and betting event is taking place between the 13th and 15th of June at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

It is expected that over 600 casino operators will be visiting, alongside 2,000 delegates, 75 exhibitors and counting and around 150 qualified speakers from different backgrounds leading discussions.

You may take a look at the entire list of speakers invited on the event website.

The majority of attendees will be company representatives and professionals, but the conference is open for anyone to attend.

Get your tickets on the Canadian Gaming Summit website and grab them for a cheaper price up until the 14th of April! The website is fully equipped with information about accommodation and transfers to the location for the event.

What to Expect at the Conference

This event is meant to create a space for online casino companies based in Canada to network, talk business and share ideas, find opportunities ideal for their projects and most of all, learn how to optimize their product for the Canadian customer.

In fact, it seems like this year's main theme for the event is the player - their safety, what risks they face when gambling online and what they expect of their online casinos and betting platforms.

We've taken a look at the summit's event schedule and were impressed by the incredible series of diverse discussions and workshops which will be taking place, all of which are led by professionals in the field.

On the first day, the main focus is discussing the player who these companies are aiming to target with their product.

The main subjects surround the topics of the importance of responsible gaming, player protection on online gambling platforms and risks which players may face and need assistance with.

In our opinion, the most interesting talk is the one centred on the voice of the player in the industry. This event will be more of a forum where players attending the conference will have the opportunity to share opinions, experiences and details from their time gambling online.

It is meant to create a space to tackle issues which may have affected these players negatively with the goal of improving and hopefully, erasing the chance for them to be repeated.

The summit also emphasises how fast this industry is changing. One of the main masterclasses planned will be giving guidelines on how to navigate the industry as a casino operator or business partner and the evolution of game-making.

Finally, the Canadian Gaming Summit would not be complete without talks about how Canada is slowly but surely becoming a hub for the igaming industry, how it has grown so far and what the prospects for the future are.

Some of the most notable participants of this year's summit are:

  • bet365 Partners

  • Fast Track

  • Paysafe

  • Smartsoft Gaming

Download the Canadian Gaming Summit App on Your Phones!

Yes, you read that right!

The event is complete with a unique app which makes participating and visiting the conference super easy!

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and allows attendees to:

  • Search for exhibitors' stalls and find their way to them

  • Join private discussions and chats surrounding topics of interest

  • Access the full conference agenda

  • Set alerts for their favourite events which are taking place

  • Chat with customer support about any logistical or payment issues

  • Receive access on-demand to various talks at the conference and after events!

Join the discussion on the local igaming scene!

Allow your opinions to be heard and learn more about this prospering field in Canada.

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