Twin Casino Shuts Down Independent Activity, Merges with OddsRing
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Twin Casino Shuts Down Independent Activity, Merges with OddsRing

Twin Casino has been a top online gambling platform available in the Canadian market for a couple of years.

Here at Lucky7Bonus, we always enjoyed the ever-changing nature of this platform, especially when it came to its selection of promotions. This casino was one to always keep things interesting for its players, frequently changing up the choices for bonuses and tournaments.

What may come as a shock is that this incredible online casino has recently decided to stop its online activity, however, this does not mean that the online casino and live casino products available on its website are no longer accessible.

Twin is merging with the online sportsbook OddsRing

The two platforms complement each other very well.

With Twin being a casino-focused platform and OddsRing offering only sportsbook options, when the two come together, it makes for a fantastic alliance and the creation of a well-rounded all-inclusive casino.

Both platforms have been active for long enough to have acquired a great reputation among players online, with Twin having amassed millions of registered members over the years.

It has been long desired by many for Twin to develop a sports betting centre apart from its incredible catalogue of online casino products, and finally, this is underway.

The Twin website will be officially changed to OddsRing

Although Twin Casino's website will still be accessible, it will look very different to how it looks now and the "Twin" brand is being taken out of the equation, allowing more space for OddsRing to grow.

As of mid-May, these changes will be officialised and debuted.

Twin is moving from being one of the best online casino platforms to exist to becoming more of a casino operator, or affiliate for OddsRing.

In doing so, Twin is bringing all of its amazing casino games and its varied live lobby to the latter platform, and of course, millions of users who will undoubtedly make the switch from Twin to OddsRing.

Another change being brought about by this agreement is a significant one regarding Twin Casino's licensing.

Whereas the casino has been legally operating as a fully-licensed casino under the jurisdiction of the Malta Gaming Authority, now that this rebrand is in progress, Twin will be receiving and legally operating using the license of the Government of Curaçao.

This, in turn, allows Twin Casino to more freely distribute its product, expanding globally and reaching larger audiences. This is a very important move considering that as it stands, OddsRing only accepts players from within Europe.

More official information about the rebranding and relaunch of the platform under the name of OddsRing is yet to be released. This information is all that has been shared on Twin's part for now.

Please note that any links for bonuses at Twin Casino, contact details for Twin's customer support or promo codes designed for Twin will be ineffective as of mid-May, with a specific day to be announced.

Who are Twin Casino and OddsRing?

Twin Casino was launched in 2017 and has grown to be a leading online casino not only in the Canadian market but worldwide.

Apart from flaunting an amazing website which is super user-friendly and modern, this casino impressed us by maintaining constant activity and keeping the product and services available to its registered members fresh and updated.

As we mentioned earlier, when it came to bonuses and tournaments, Twin was always a winner for us. Its menu of promotions was updated weekly meaning even for regular players, there was always something new to try out and potentially profit from!

We do hope that this is something which is transferred to the promotions section at OddsRing for all of the online casino products being transferred there from Twin.

As for OddsRing, this sportsbook started operating in 2011, so significantly ahead of Twin. The sports betting centre has been described as one which is ideal for both amateur and professional players, sporting (pun intended) a UI which is very straightforward and easy to navigate.

While the sportsbook's main audience has accumulated in Europe, it is hoped that its alliance with Twin will open doors to new markets, including the Canadian one.

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