What Casino Games are the Most Successful Streamers Playing?
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What Casino Games are the Most Successful Streamers Playing?

Game streaming in today's world goes further than avid video gamers sharing their gameplay of popular pc and console games with fans.

Just a few years ago the most popular game streams were for games like The Sims, Hearthstone and Fortnite among others. However, nowadays we have also seen a rise in online gamblers sharing their experiences with viewers on the web.

While this does have its negative aspects since this content is accessible by younger audiences too, for us interested in how to maximize our profits when gambling online this is an amazing source of information!

It is also becoming increasingly common for these streamers to have ongoing collaborations with various online gambling platforms for special offers for players.

Keep an eye out on your favourite streamer's page to catch any promo codes you could use for some awesome boosters for your gameplay.

These players are testing out games and showing us how to achieve the biggest wins, what cool features are included in some of the most fun online slots and where to play them.

In this blog post, we have narrowed it down to three of the craziest, most successful and most famous online casino streamers on the web.

Let's take a look at where these gamblers have scored their most legendary wins.

This group of three online gamblers has been streaming gameplay on mainly Youtube and Twitch since 2019.

These guys made some epic wins in 2022, a few of which went up to almost $1,000,000!

Playing the game Money Train 3, CasinoDaddy made three significant wins in 2022, one of which went just above $207,000 and the lowest one amounting to around $194,000.

This slot by Relax Gaming could return the player with a max win worth 100,000x more than their initial bet! With an RTP reaching 96.10%, it is almost certain that anyone playing this slot is in for some winnings.

Unlock insane multipliers in this game and boost your gameplay by activating any of the 12 game mechanics all of which have the ultimate goal of increasing the player's payout.

Too impatient to sit and wait for these features to be randomly activated? Buy them in the game's bonus buy section.

But the most insane win made in 2022 on this channel totalled $964,979.97 in the game Nitropolis 3 by Elk Studios.

This slot has become incredibly popular within the community for cashing out huge amounts of money to winning players.

This game comes with millions of winning combos for the players, all of which could be boosted with the presence of special symbols, scatters and multipliers which could go up to 50,000x!

Self-proclaimed as the "longest active slot streamer, dating back to 2016" on his Twitter, Roshteins has had many opportunities to cash out huge sums of money from his activity at online casinos.

He has acquired fame within the community and has had the opportunity to collab with some of the biggest casinos in the industry such as Stake, where he was even invited to play alongside Canadian artist, Drake.

In their most recent collaboration in October 2022, these two made some serious wins playing at Stake casino.

For this stream, Roshteins and Drake participated in a series of live Roulette streams brought by Pragmatic Play, many of which are also featured in the provider's Drops & Wins tournament.

By placing bets in these games, the players made wins varying between $1,000,000 and $13,000,000 in value!

Of course, keep in mind that these wins relied on the fact that the initial bets they were making were worth a couple hundred thousand dollars.

They then changed the scene from live games to a slot called Dork Unit by Hacksaw Gaming where Roshteins scored a win worth over $1,000,000 by unlocking Mega Big wins.

The game comes with very original features which boost the player's chances of winnings such as awarding free spins, gift boxes and special dork spins which can multiply winnings by up to 200x. You can buy all of these special features in the game's bonus buy section too.

Finally, let's discuss the big payouts sent to another trio of online gamblers whose online presence has been reaching all corners of the social media world.

Check these streamers out on Youtube, Kick or Discord and keep up to date by joining their very own Telegram Channel!

ClassyBeef has also been cashing out hundreds of thousands from gambling online, so let's check out which were the biggest wins they made throughout 2022.

These players really wowed us, bagging wins worth up to $7.5 million American dollars, normally starting with bets worth between $400 and $750.

Starting off with a bet of $400, one member of the group won $4,000,000 playing the game Itero by Hacksaw Gaming.

The main features of this game focus on scatter symbols which could unlock and increase the number of special symbols on your grid, resulting in huge wins. You could also get EchoSpins which are respins with activated multipliers.

Buy any of these boosters in the game's bonus buy section.

In 2022, ClassyBeef also made two wins worth $7.5 million!

The most impressive was playing the game Warrior Ways also by Hacksaw Gaming, where the players started out with a $750 bet.

This incredibly beautiful slot has some interesting mechanics, such as the Duel Feature which unlocks premium special symbols on your grid and could multiply winnings by up to 100x.

It also comes with a Bonus Buy section where you can invest in any of the special features which are normally randomly activated as your game progresses.

Remember to always gamble responsibly.

All of these streamers regularly upload new content and try out games at various casinos.

Keep in mind that such streamers afford to make larger bets and also invest in bonus features in their games. Obviously, this results in big wins.

The content they upload documenting their wins does not guarantee that every player will cash out from the game with wins so big. Luckily, these streamers do also include the sections of their game sessions during which they make losses, keeping things realistic.

We remind you to game responsibly and set limits for your bets while playing.

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