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Last updated on March 22, 2024
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Gamdom started out as a skin gambling platform, mainly attracting audiences who were interested in games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive (from here on to be referred to as CS:GO).

While it has maintained its roots in the skin gambling scene, it has now expanded into a fully-fledged casino offering esports, crash-style games, roulette and much more!

We are writing this review to explore what makes this platform so fascinating:

  • Numerous in-house exclusive game options

  • The possibility to bet skins

Take a look at this in-depth review to learn more about why you should visit this casino!

Pros & Cons for Gamdom

  • Try out Gamdom's in-house games
  • Plus
  • Exclusive Lucky7Bonus Welcome offer!
  • Plus
  • Crypto payments accepted
  • Plus
  • Skin-betting option available!
  • Plus
  • Incredibly good 24/7 customer support service
  • No mobile app available
  • Minus
  • Not many bonuses or promotions to choose from

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Gamdom really put itself on the map as a skin-betting website majorly targeting CS:GO and Dota 2 fanatics. This is perhaps the aspect which attracted us the most towards this platform and made us interested in reviewing it. 

This niche of the online gambling world has probably the most controversial and turbulent history.

Being one of the only skin betting sites turned into casinos that have survived, especially in Canada, it’s no surprise Gamdom’s audiences keep growing. 

What has also boosted its fame within the community is that cryptocurrency is accepted here!

The casino has not neglected its origins and still allows skin betting and is very big on esports. This makes it one of the ideal destinations for social gaming especially thanks to the chat rooms where players can interact.

So, let's dive into our review!

Gamdom's Bonuses and Promos

We're sure that what you're most curious about is what special offers Gamdom offers its members.

Here's a brief rundown:

Gamdom x Lucky 7 Bonus Collab

We have teamed up with the casino to come up with one of the most original promos we have seen to date: a 15% rake-back upon sign-up.

Rake-back gives you a chance to win back some of your losses. When you use the code LUCKY7 after signing up, you are entitled to a 15% return on the bets which you lose during gameplay. This offer will be valid for seven days after activation.

This is a one-time offer and of course, requires you to have made at least one deposit to be applicable.  

An Instant Rake-Back System

All players could benefit from a rake-back, starting at 5% and going up to a maximum of 15%. As we mentioned earlier, rake-back means getting a percentage of your losses back.

The rake-back percentage you are eligible for gets higher the more you play at this casino. The website employs ranking by level, so members climb up the ranks the more they play.

Here's a summary of how your activity at Gamdom increases your rake-back eligibility:

  • Levels 1 through 50 - 5% Rakeback

  • Levels 51 through 60 - 6% Rakeback

  • Levels 61 through 70 - 7% Rakeback

  • Levels 71 through 80 - 8% Rakeback

  • Levels 81 through 90 - 9% Rakeback

  • Levels 91 through 99 - 10% Rakeback

  • Levels 100 through 109 - 11% Rakeback

  • Levels 110 through 119 - 12% Rakeback

  • Levels 120 and over - 13% to 15% Rakeback

Free Rain

At Gamdom it rains MONEY! And this promo grants you some money for free.

When claiming the Free Rain bonus you receive money which you can use the same way you would use your own deposits. Money claimed via the Free Rain Bonus is added to your wallet on your account and you can play with it!

To claim Free Rain you need to be a registered member of the casino.

As you can see, registered members have the opportunity for amazing bonuses. The only thing that disappoints us is the website's layout, which does not make it easy to learn more about these offers.

Before signing up, you will be able to find information about these promotions only by scrolling to the very bottom of the page and accessing the 'Rewards' tab. Nevertheless, this page is not updated with information about all the promos.

We were also sad to see that unlike other casinos, an official welcome bonus isn’t offered here except for the rake-back offer in collaboration with us.

Gamdom's Royal Family

As with many other casinos, this is a sort of loyalty program available at Gamdom. It is accessible to players from Canada!

This is an exclusive program and only members who received an invitation can join the Royal Family. All you have to do to maximize your chances is keep your activity going at the casino by playing and wagering.

The VIP team at the casino monitors your activity and sends out invites to players who meet their requirements for the Royal Family.

Being part of the Royal Family comes with many personalized rewards!

  • Royal Assistant

When hitting milestones and getting gifts, your assistant will tailor them to make them suit you and your gameplay better!

  • The ability to choose the rewards you prefer

This is possible by using reward codes.

By playing at this casino, you can also benefit from a no-wager bonus or a no-deposit free spins bonus.

Gamdom's Selection of Games

Originally, Gamdom was a platform primarily used by CS:GO players to bet and swap in-game items and features.

Since its launch, the casino has grown now offering a varied menu of classic and unique games!

So what's available at Gamdom?

  • Original exclusives

  • Slots

  • A Live Lobby

  • Progressive Jackpots

  • Table Games

  • Sports Betting

  • Esports Betting

  • Skin-betting (only for CS:GO players logged in through Steam)

The library features some of the most popular games which are available at most online casinos like Pragmatic's Gates of Olympus and Sweet Bonanza and BGaming's Johnny Cash.

We're going to start by focusing on Gamdom's exclusive productions, as these are games we have never seen before, only available at this casino.

Gamdom's In-house Games

Gamdom flaunts its very own selection of original games: 

  • Crash

  • Roulette

  • HiLo

  • Slot Battles

  • Trade Up (only available for players logging in through Steam)

It also offers various esports and sports betting options.

What is unique about the in-house games is they all have ongoing jackpots incorporated in them.

While playing, you may have the opportunity to trigger the jackpot, if you're lucky!

These games have a strong social element, even when it comes to sharing the prize once the jackpot is claimed: 75% of the prize pool goes to the jackpot's winner and the other 25% is split amongst the other participants.

Gamdom's Crash game

Perhaps this is not the most interesting content we have seen in terms of graphics and aesthetics, but it does come with some very innovative features.

As you can see in the image above, a leaderboard is visible on the right of the screen which shows the progress of all the participating players. 

What’s also really cool is that an unlimited number of participants can join in at the same time!

It functions like any other classic crash game. Your goal is to cash out before the arrow crashes. Stay as long as you can to multiply your bets higher and higher.

Gamdom's HiLo game

It is wonderful that all of Gamdom's in-house exclusives have been made available to Canadian audiences. Especially the in-house HiLo.

The social aspect is one of its main attractions. The competitive element strives thanks to the transparency of each player’s activity shown on the right side of the screen.

Let's briefly go through the rules of HiLo.

The goal of a game of HiLo is for the player to guess whether the next card they are presented with is higher or lower than the one they were previously shown.

It starts with the player placing their bet on the table and then the dealer shows them a card. Here, the game starts. The player has to intuitively try to guess whether the next card will be of higher or lower value.

Guessing correctly gets you your payout. The value of the payout depends on the value of the first card shown.

This is probably one of the simplest casino games, ideal for beginners, and yet difficult to win due to its random nature and how difficult it is to predict how it goes.

The player is able to deduce what the next card could be the more the game develops if they remember which cards they've already been shown.

The In-house Roulette

This roulette is not live, however the social aspect is present anyhow as Gamdom has included the active leader board we have seen in the previous two games here too.

Apart from this, a chat box was introduced where players can interact. It’s found on the left side of the screen and may be left open or it can be toggled down by pressing a light gray chat bubble at the top.

As we mentioned earlier, all of Gamdom's in-house productions also have an active jackpot while the game is being played. In this roulette, witness the jackpot's prize pool increasing or decreasing at the top of the screen, towards the left.

We liked this element as it keeps players on their toes as they see their potential winnings being claimed by their competitors, making playing more exciting!

Slots Battles

A very original element at Gamdom is slot battling.

Access the slot battle game genre on the menu and take a look at all the past and active battles. Create your own battle if you prefer and include all the slots you love to spin!

By pressing Create Battle you are able to invite up to four players and also adjust game settings such as how many times players can spin and how much the spins are worth.

In a battle you play depends on the rules set for the session, which also affects the value of players' initial bets. The winner takes all the participant's winnings collected during gameplay. 

This is such an innovative concept that we have not really seen at other casinos. We think it's so fun having the ability to play in a team with your friends.

Trade Up

This is only available to players who log in through Steam. Essentially this is a marketplace for skins, where people bet their chance at winning skins.

Players who place bets have to calculate the best prices to offer depending on the original prices of the skins they want.

Winning a skin comes with options:

  • Resell the skin to Gamdom for a 5% bonus

  • Withdraw it

  • Upgrade it

We think this is a really unique feature of this casino, which stays true to its roots and gives players a platform where they can gamble not only in terms of money but also in terms of assets for other online games like CS:GO.

Slots and Progressive Jackpots

Gamdom offers almost 2000 slot games at their casino.

They impress us in terms of the site layout and design. If you are playing in Canada you can still view games which are not available in your country. You can notice which ones they are as they are displayed in black and white rather than colour.

This fine detail in their library design makes everyone's life so much easier! It helps you know which games you can't play without having to access the game and getting an error page.

You can 'heart' your favorite game, which also works as a rating: the number of total hearts a game received is displayed beneath the title. This should help you get a clearer idea of which games are most loved by players.

You can filter your game search by provider, most popular, latest and your favourites.

Here are our Top 3 favourite slots here:

Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza is probably one of Pragmatic Play's biggest games and a favourite in the online gambling community. 

Set in a psychedelic candy wonderland, this game's features are just as tasty as all the treats and fruits we see on our screen while we play.

Game features include:

  • Tumble which clears winning combinations to make space for new ones

  • Free spins bonuses and random multipliers of up to 25x

  • A rare heart-shaped candy that boosts your bet 40x

This game is incredibly fun and beautifully designed. Pragmatic never fails at bringing games which keep the players engaged in more ways than one.

The Dog House

Another game by Pragmatic, this is for you if you love your furry friends.

Charming mascots appear on the grid which allows you huge multipliers on the second, third and fourth reels.

What's interesting about this game?

  • Jewel Paw Symbol: one of the symbols that trigger amazing bonuses

  • Free Spins Bonus: unlocked by special symbols on the grid

  • Multipliers: unaffected by wilds and scatters

  • A potential boost of 6750x of your original bet

Overall, we think this game is PAWesome! These in-game features are quite original, especially with the multipliers which stick in place when the grid is renewed with new symbols. This certainly maximizes your chances at winnings.

Book of Shadows

NoLimit City presents something a bit different with this game. This spooky occult game has put a spell on us.

An interactive grid allows the player to choose how many reels they want to play with. The white arrow you see in the image above can be used to drag a shadow down, covering some reels of the grid.

So which spells are going to increase your payout?

  • A Wheel of Bonus gives you the chance for free spins

  • 50/50 gamble is unlocked after your wins

  • Lucky Locks allows you to lock reels so they don't change on your next spin

We think this is a very enticing set of in-game features which make this typical slot that much more interesting and innovative. So we would say it's definitely worth a try!

Gamdom's Jackpots

Jackpots are an option available as part of slot games. The prize pool for these in-game jackpots could be anything from just a few hundred CAD to millions.

We were surprised to find out that the website is equipped with an in-depth instruction manual on how progressive jackpots function within their slot games. They also offer tips on how to improve your chances of winning them

However, it makes sense that this tutorial-type information page is offered. We believe Gamdom is one of the only casinos where we have seen jackpots as a common feature in most of their live casino games and slots.

Players can participate in these jackpots whichever payment method they are using. It is also possible to participate in a CS:GO crash, exclusive at Gamdom, which includes a jackpot feature.

The Live Casino at Gamdom

This casino has a very impressive selection of live casino games, all of which are available in Canada.

281 live casino sessions are on offer here, all for diverse games such as:

  • Deal or No Deal

  • Sweet Bonanza Candyland

  • Dragon Tiger Live

  • Blackjack Live

  • Lightning Dice

Of course, there are also many options for classic genres like Blackjack, Baccarat, Sic Bo and Roulette.

Unfortunately, we did not spot any live Poker options in this live lobby. Visit the table games section of the library to explore a few single-player poker titles. 

Sadly, quite a few of the options in this live lobby are produced by Evolution. 

This is a top-notch live game provider but due to the strict regulations surrounding online gambling in Canada, these games are restricted to us on many platforms. 

We would recommend checking out Pragmatic Play Live’s creations. These are streamed in excellent quality, have a high entertainment value and of course, maxed out winning chances for the participants! 

These are our best recommendations by Pragmatic Play Live: 

  • Boom City

  • Live Blackjack

  • Dragon Tiger

The lobby also contains options by Bombay Live such as Blackjack, Andar Bahar and Baccarat. 

Esports and Sports Betting

Players have the opportunity to place their bets and risk it all for their favourite sports teams here at Gamdom casino.

While we were exploring the casino, the World Cup games were going on so of course, these pages on the casino were super active and live betting was going on for the games being played every day.

But bets aren't only possible for your favorite football team. The casino offers an extensive list of sports and betting options such as:

  • Basketball

  • Tennis

  • Rugby

  • MMA

And also options for esports and online games including:

  • CS:GO

  • Dota 2

  • Valorant

  • LoL

  • CoD

This segment of the site kept us on our toes and it was impressive to see a community of people coming together to support and bet on their favourite teams and players.

The social aspect of Gamdom is so vivid and present, it's hard to ignore. This is one of the only casinos we have tested which emphasizes this aspect of gameplay so much.

The chat on the left on the screen was bustling with players celebrating their wins or grieving money lost, surprised at the progress of the World Cup Games.

Esports and sports betting are not only available when major sporting events are happening, but are an ongoing feature of the casino.

Game Providers at Gamdom

Gamdom collaborates with 30 game producers and also produces their own games. This allows for a wide variety of games, many of which are loved classics which have grown immensely in popularity. Others which are super original and exclusive.

It seems too good to be true!

Some of the best providers Gamdom is working with include:

  • Pragmatic Play

  • NoLimitCity

  • Spinomenal

  • Red Tiger Gaming

  • BGaming

We took it upon ourselves to present you with a list of the best games from three major providers who collaborate with Gamdom casino:

Pragmatic Play

If you often read our reviews, you know that there is seldom an article where we don't mention Pragmatic Play. This is decidedly one of the biggest providers in the industry, at times producing up to seven games per month. That's insane.

263 of their games are available at Gamdom including:

  • Starlight Princess

  • Big Bass Bonanza

  • A few instalments of the John Hunter series

  • Wolf Gold

  • Fabulous Rock Vegas Mega Hold and Spin

Most of Gamdom's live casino games are by Pragmatic Play Live such as their Sweet Bonanza Candy Land, based on their famous slot series Sweet Bonanza.


This provider could be considered a founder of the online casino industry and has been producing games since its establishment in 1994.

Gamdom offers 83 games by Microgaming, most of which are slots. These include:

  • Thunderstruck II Mega Moolah

  • Dungeons and Diamonds

  • Ark of Ra

  • Cash Splash

  • Mega Moolah Goddess

As we have noticed from the 'heart' rating system we have described at Gamdom, these games don't seem to be very popular amongst players at this casino.

However, we recommend them. This is a reputable provider that produces fair games which are very visually interesting and offer great in-game features.

Evolution Gaming

Another giant provider in the industry. At Gamdom, Evolution majorly provides live casino choices.

A few of their 193 live productions include:

  • Crazy Time, one of their biggest hits

  • Football Studio

  • Deal or No Deal

  • Monopoly Big Baller

  • Cash or Crash Live

Of course, there is also a wide selection of live classic table games such as Blackjack and Baccarat which are produced by Evolution.

We have made sure that all the titles in these lists are available in Canada.

We wonder how much effect these providers are having on the game creators at Gamdom. From our point of view, Gamdom is perfectly balancing two things:

  • providing mainstream casino games for mass audiences

  • keeping their own identity and flair by producing original games, allowing skin-betting and having innovative bonuses we have never seen before!

Making Transactions at Gamdom from Canada

As we have already mentioned, Gamdom is unique in that they offer skins as a deposit method through the Steam platform. We discuss all the various registration methods at this casino a bit later on.

So yes, skins for assets in your classic PC games like Dato2 are a valid payment method in Canada too. You may also bet on them.

Of course, regular, fiat methods are also available along with a selection of cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin!

How Do I Deposit from Canada?

Whichever payment method you want to use, you will need to access the 'wallet' at the very top of the page. This is present no matter which of the website's pages you are browsing.


To bet and deposit skins you need to be logged in to Gamdom through your Steam account. You can actually have two different accounts at Gamdom, one which you access via Steam, and another by completing the sign-up form on the site.

Skins from the following games are accepted at Gamdom:

  • CSGO

  • Dota 2

  • Rust

  • Team Fortress

Monetary Deposits

In the image above you can see all of the various banking options available at Gamdom.

We want to point out that cryptocurrency is considered a valid payment method here. The casino also offers you the opportunity to buy crypto through Moonpay.

To deposit, select your preferred payment method and type in how much money you want to deposit. With certain banks or card types, you will need to invest in gift cards, such as Visa:

The money should appear in your account instantaneously.

Withdrawing Money from Your Account

Regardless of which withdrawal method you use, the process is rather straightforward.

Access your wallet again but this time go to the withdraw tab.

Firstly enter details such as:

  • bank details

  • card details

  • identity

When making your first withdrawal from Gamdom, the legal team will first need to verify your identity. Therefore, in addition to personal details you will also need to provide:

  • a photocopy of your passport, ID or driver’s license,

  • a photocopy of a recent utility bill or bank statement.

When you've submitted these documents, it will take approximately 24-48h for the verification to be complete. Your withdrawal will be approved and your money will appear in your bank account.

Depending on what withdrawal method you choose, your waiting time may vary. Normally withdrawals using cryptocurrency are pretty instant but with Visa or Mastercard it may take a bit longer.

Licensing and Security

Gamdom is yet another casino which is licensed by the Curaçao Gaming Authority. A very trustworthy licensing entity which is sought after by various online casinos.

Remember that your casino of choice must not only adhere to the rules set by the gaming authority which governs them, but also to the laws regarding online gambling in each country the casino operates in.

What this gaming licence guarantees about Gamdom is:

  • The casino platform is secure

  • Games are fair

  • Payouts are guaranteed

  • Your privacy is protected

In terms of security, Gamdom actually has a wall built around them which makes it very difficult for security issues to occur. They follow guidelines from the AML to avoid crime at their casino and also employ three-factor authentication when customers are making withdrawals and deposits.

Gamdom has made sure to leverage the blockchain, meaning that each game round can be traced through the hash of every transaction.

You can access all this information on the website by going to the FAQ tab and then search further in the menu on the right of the screen.

Gamdom's Customer Service

Customer service at Gamdom is one of the best we have experienced across the various online casinos we have reviewed.

Agents are super helpful providing even screenshots and links to help you find a better solution for whatever query or issue you may have. They are evidently well prepared and know their casino and how it works inside out.

Even when they ask you to wait to confirm information, waiting time is a maximum of two minutes. They are incredibly prompt and, from our experience, hit the nail on the head for every question we had.

It's a good thing their customer service is so reliable. Unfortunately, some elements of the website are not so straightforward and if you can't be bothered to search all over for the information you need, you will have to contact CS

Create your Account

To sign up with Gamdom you simply have to fill in the form above. This is accessible by clicking the green 'sign-up' button on the top right corner of the page.

Alternatively, you can use the two buttons below the 'start playing' button for alternative registration methods. The black button will redirect you to a sign-up form through Steam and the white one to your Google account.

Play On the Go!

Gamdom is fully compatible with mobile devices. We would recommend that especially for their in-house games, you play on desktop. However, if you prefer gaming on the go, the website will render well on your phone.

As for a mobile app, Gamdom does not seem to have its own official app yet. Be weary of sources that claim they could link you to the Gamdom app, these are probably scams and you should not download content from them

Concluding our Review of Gamdom

We really enjoyed this casino as it’s not really like any other one we’ve reviewed before.

It has many unique elements such as the:

  • skin-betting opportunities

  • original in-house productions

  • a variety of mainstream games from the best providers

  • numerous payment method options

  • innovative bonuses and offers

  • many jackpots to participate in

  • incredibly good customer service

  • multiple sign in options

  • social gaming experience

  • innovative gambling site

We only have one small issue: the platform is not always easy to navigate.

Its designers have kept very important things in mind to make the website user-friendly. However, in our experience, what frustrated us was having to search in-depth to find what we need, or ultimately contact Customer Service for their guidance.

That's the only thing we think Gamdom could improve for it to really be the best online casino we have ever played at. We highly recommend Gamdom Casino!

If you want to learn more about other casinos tested by our experts, do not hesitate to check the following pages:

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✔️ Is Gamdom a reliable casino?


⏲️ How long does it take to make a withdrawal at Gamdom?


🔒 Is Gamdom casino regulated?


🤑 What is the best bonus at Gamdom casino?

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