The Results of the EGR Nordics Awards 2023
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The Results of the EGR Nordics Awards 2023

About a week ago we posted about the EGR Nordics Awards 2023, an award ceremony meant to celebrate the successes and milestones hit by various online casino companies.

The event was held yesterday, Thursday the 23rd of February and today we finally discovered who the winners are, after much anticipation!

It was an exciting, very suspenseful night and we're delighted to reveal the list of winners to our Canadian audience.

The EGR Nordics Awards held in Malta on the 23rd of February 2023, have given many online casino companies the chance to flaunt their victories and act as models for their competitors.

Winners of the awards have been sharing their successes with pride all over social media since the end of the event.

It is quite difficult not to join the celebrations when all of the winners are so deserving. Many of these organisations are ones we ourselves admire very much and follow closely as, in our opinion, their work is some of the best in the industry at the moment.

A total of 21 awards were given out but we have narrowed it down to the ones which, according to us are the most notable.

Casino Content Supplier - Gold

The winner of this award is Yggdrasil, a Swedish software developer which we often mention in many of our casino reviews.

Yggdrasil has taken the igaming world by storm, especially in the last couple of years. 

It has been active since 2013 and has branches spread all over the world including Malta, the UK, Georgia and of course, Sweden. Its footprint on the industry is enormous, with many of its games featured at some of the best casinos in Canada such as:

  • Mr Bit

  • Fight Club

  • Millionz

The reason why Yggdrasil has accumulated so many fans from the community is the impressive quality of its games, especially in terms of graphics

Audiences nowadays are not only looking for fruitful gameplay with high RTP which maximizes their wins. 

That of course does remain the most important aspect of their online gambling experience, but with the new wave of younger gamblers, the look also plays an important role

We have always been absolutely amazed by Yggdrasil’s attention to detail in its productions and find ourselves totally immersed in its games when we play. 

We can easily say, Yggdrasil is one of the top providers we have access to in Canada and we couldn’t think of a better winner for this award. 

Sportsbetting Supplier

The online casino scene has much evolved since it first started out in the late 90s. It is not all about just spinning a digital slot online. 

A myriad of options are available apart from your classic slots and live casino, including jackpots, online bingo, online scratchcards and sports betting

The EGR Nordics Awards have a couple of categories which are looking at the sports betting world online: Sports betting operator and Sportsbetting supplier

This year’s crowned winner for the latter titles was Coolbet

Coolbet’s main focus is its sportsbook, offering many choices of sports for players to place their bets on, and special features such as combo bets and insurance for bets. A variety of sports-related promos are also available here. 

Sports betting isn’t the only gaming option at Coolbet. It does also offer a satisfactory selection of casino and poker games. 

We browsed through and can really understand why this casino claimed this title at the awards. 

Considering it was only launched in 2021, Coolbet is already very well-established, setting casino members with great gaming options and a variety of competitive and attractive offers

New for 2023: Employer of the Year

Betsson Group was the company to secure this win for the first time in the history of the EGR Nordics Awards. 

They bagged many other titles at the awards actually, amongst which:

  • Operator of the Year

  • Sports Betting Operator

  • Marketing Campain - which went to JallaCasino, operated by Betsson Group 

It was definitely an impressive run for this company, which set the stakes even higher by clutching one of the new titles introduced to this year’s awards. 

It is not surprising that Betsson Group left the awards with so many wins under its belt. 

Betsson operates around 20 online casinos and gambling companies and has strived by staying true to its key values which focus on providing online gamblers with a safe, satisfactory experience online.  

What we were most excited to discover was that Betsson Group has recently earned a license to operate in Canada, so we can expect some great casino additions to be made to the Canadian market soon! 

Betsson’s operation started way back in 1963 when the founders launched one of the first classic casino games to appear in Sweden. 

Since then, Betsson established its branch in Malta in 2004, a pivotal moment in the company's history to take its operations of online casinos to the next level. 

Today Betsson employs almost 2,000 people internationally making it one of the biggest online casino companies in the industry. 

New for 2023: Diversity and Inclusion Model 

This is definitely the award we have been looking forward to the most. 

It has been noted some time ago that perhaps, the igaming community is not diverse enough. There was an evident imbalance in who is employed and interested in the industry. 

Once again referring to EGR’s article regarding diversity in our community, where it was noted that the world of online gambling is not balanced when it comes to gender and does not represent enough people of different races and identities

It was a very interesting move on behalf of the EGR to present this award, possibly to motivate companies to take a more open approach towards who to add to their team and who to target their product for. 

It is true that we have seen much change in this aspect. When it comes to the gender issue, for example, it’s true that the female voice is growing stronger in the scene. 

Taking a look at the list of guest speakers at the SiGMA UAE Summit, for instance, is a clear indication of the progression that has been made. At least a third of the list is made of women coming from various backgrounds and walks of life. 

The more diverse approach will do nothing but enrich our community, introducing many new ideas and points of view

Considering the international footprint of Betsson Group, we really thought it may be the winner of this award. 

However, it went to PAF an online casino based in the Åland Islands which has a history dating back to the mid-20th century

We found out this casino is a very progressive casino which does not only focus on moving forward in terms of online casino and the product it offers. 

It puts a lot of effort into operating sustainably and adding people to the team who offer interesting proposals to refresh the company

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