Evolution’s Mega Ball has Made it to British Columbia

A pretty big step forward was made this week concerning one of the most famous and yet unreachable casino game providers in Canada. 

Evolution Gaming’s name has been floating around the local online gambling scene but has been a very tough one to access. Our country’s laws on igaming have made this software developer’s content restricted in many regions, with the strictest being Ontario. 

In many of our reviews we often must sadly remind players that albeit a casino’s rich selection of live games, when it is the case that the majority is supplied by Evolution, none of these games would be playable in Canada. 

We have recently come across a couple of casinos available in Canada which have acquired rights to operate in the country and also distribute Evolution’s product. 

It doesn’t stop there. These casinos are also collaborating with the provider on tournaments which Canadian audiences may participate in for the first time! 

The two casinos we would recommend the most are Nomini and Neon54. Take a look at our reviews of these platforms by clicking on the links. 

So, in general, we have been witnessing as our laws loosen up, especially regarding this provider in particular. 

This March 2023, an official contract was signed between the British Columbia Lottery Corporation and Evolution Gaming itself which confirms the distribution of the provider’s Mega Ball game across the region.

This region of our country is the first to formally establish connections with Evolution for the distribution of its product to audiences in the area. 

Mega Ball is to be distributed on a major online gambling platform in British Columbia named Playnow.com which, of course, is operated by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, from hereon to be referred to as the BCLC. 

This entity is a fully regulated igaming company in British Columbia.

It is responsible for several online gambling platforms operating in British Columbia which offer various genres of igaming options primarily casino, sports betting and lottery. 

Playnow.com is a very well-rounded platform which provides players with the possibility to partake in games falling within all of these categories. 

Whether you’re looking for casino and live casino games, jackpots, poker, bingo, sports betting or local lotteries, Playnow.com has got it all! 

Playnow.com does already offer a few other of Evolution’s games such as Lightning Roulette and Dream Wheeler. 

Agreements between the BCLC and Evolution have in fact been in progress since 2018 which is why a few of the provider’s games are already available on the platforms run by this operator. 

It is very exciting for us to be able to try out Evolution’s Mega Ball on this website. 

The prospect of Evolution slowly but surely making its way into Canada makes us interested to watch how the industry is growing and evolving and is starting to include the best igaming products in the scene to local audiences. 

It is giving local online gamblers hope that soon, this software developer’s products will be accessible in Canada without the necessity of using a VPN, which is also often not allowed on gambling platforms. 

We do feel inclined to give you a few suggestions for casinos which allow VPN use, considering that in our country so much content you might be interested in trying out is still restricted. 

In our opinion, Oshi and Axe Casino are two great online casino options, which are available in Canada and also allow VPN use. Check out our reviews of these casinos by clicking on the links provided. 

What is Mega Ball?

The producer focuses majorly on live casino content. 

For Mega Ball, it went for an interesting mix of bingo and lottery mechanics that has birthed an exciting adventure which also incorporates some of the most popular and lucrative in-game features often included in a variety of slots, jackpots and live games for online casinos. 

The main attraction of the game is the inclusion of multipliers which could go as high as 100x! 

Mega Ball has been earning a very good reputation within the igaming community, promising the possibility of wins which could be multiplied up to 1,000,000x…if you’re lucky!

What makes the game really interesting, and what adds a social, interactive element to it, is the presence of a live dealer who is presenting and controlling the game. 

The game progresses relatively quickly.

At the start, the players need to buy however many cards they want for the game, up to 200 and set values for them. The next step is to wait and see what the results of the draws are out of 51 balls. 

These are randomly drawn by a machine. The entire process is shown during the live stream. 

All this is already very tense and gives players that rush of adrenaline while their fate lies in the results of this random draw. 

The tension is surely kicked up a notch with the presence of the Mega Ball, the last ball to be drawn in each round. This is the ball which determines which multipliers are to be applied to the winning numbers. 

Evolution’s very first studio in Canada in light of the distribution of Mega Ball to the audience in British Columbia will be based in Vancouver. 

You can play it on Casiplay Casino !

What can we expect for the future of Evolution Gaming in Canada? 

Each region in Canada is autonomously making decisions regarding the laws in place for igaming. 

As we are witnessing, every state is progressing at a different pace, with British Columbia being one of the most open and lenient, in our opinion. 

The BCLC has in fact announced various projects and prospective alliances to be made during 2023. Jeff Millar, Evolution’s CCO in North America has dropped hints that Evolution will be involved in many of these projects! 

It looks like within the next few months, Evolution Gaming will finally be accessible to us in Canada! 

At this stage, the integration of Evolution within the Canadian market depends on how its games are received by the local audience. 

Expectations are high, and considering the thirst Canadian players have for these games, we’re sure that there will be a very positive response to the introduction of this game producer's titles on gambling websites in Canada. 

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