All You Need to Know About a Game of Lightning Roulette
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All You Need to Know About a Game of Lightning Roulette

Have you been wondering how to improve your skills at Lightning Roulette and hopefully optimize your chances at bigger and more frequent winnings?

Then you've come to the right place.

Let's start by discussing the conception of Lightning Roulette.

What is so special about this game?

Lightning Roulette: History of the Game

This game was created by Evolution Gaming, one of the biggest game providers in the online gambling industry.

Their website describes this game as "a revolutionized extended Roulette game offering a unique player experience".

The producers have incorporated the classic elements of a Roulette game with a thrilling Lucky Numbers concept and multipliers going up to 500x.

One could say that Evolution is one of those providers dominating the production of live casino games for online casinos.

Their products are always innovative and captivating to audiences, never failing at meeting the impeccable standards they have set for themselves. Evolution is well-known for its high-quality streams and professional game presenters.

What is Lightning Roulette?

Just like any other Roulette game, you will be playing with a table of numbers and a wheel, a live dealer and a puck indicating what the most recent winning number of the game was. Lightning Roulette follows the rules of European Roulette, so it has 37 segments in its wheel.

However, you will find some new features in Lightning Roulette, such as multipliers and a random number generator which picks lucky numbers each round of the game.

We will discuss these more in-depth later on in our blog post.

If you play well, your chances of making big winnings are quite probable. This game is not only based on luck but on understanding the rules of the game and learning how to play it cleverly.

So let's jump into our thoughts on the best strategies of the game and where to play the game online.

Which Are the Best Casinos to Play Lightning Roulette?

To start, we have compiled a list of the Top 3 casinos where you can play Lightning Roulette in Canada.

Jackpot City

Jackpot City is one of the oldest and most experienced online casinos in the industry.

We recently tested out this exclusive casino, here's our review of our experience there.

Jackpot City's live casino game library is almost entirely composed of Evolution games, including Lightning Roulette.

We recommend Jackpot City as it is a very secure gambling platform which focuses hard on avoiding fraudulent or otherwise criminal behaviour at the casino.

Apart from this, playing at Jackpot City will make you eligible to be part of their loyalty program which will grant you many benefits as a player!

Leo Vegas

This casino is deemed a premier casino all over the world. With a game library of over 2,500 games, it's not surprising that Evolution's Lightning Roulette is available here.

Leo Vegas was founded in 2011, so it's been in the scene for over ten years now and has become a reputable and beloved online gambling destination for many players.

For more details about LeoVegas, we suggest you take a look at our review. If you like it, go wild using your welcome bonus on their incredible selection of games.

They take security very seriously here, which should put your mind at rest regarding making transactions with them. Please bear in mind that using a VPN is prohibited at this casino.

Lucky 8

In our opinion, Lucky8 is a brilliant online casino. We really enjoyed testing out and reviewing it.

Luckily, you are able to play Lightning Roulette at this casino.

This is an incredibly reliable casino which prioritizes the safety of its website and customer satisfaction.

If you want to play Lightning Roulette at Lucky 8, you will be in the chance of being invited to the casino's exclusive VIP Program. The perks of this program are amazing, including the allowance to make larger withdrawals from the casino than a player with a regular membership.

Isn't that amazing?

Here's to hoping you get lucky at Lucky8.

The Pros and Cons of Lightning Roulette

Why You Should Try This Game Out

This is an incredible rendition of the classic Roulette game. It certainly has many attractive features which make it worth the try.

In our opinion the best reasons to head over to your casino of choice and play this game are:

  • Incredible multipliers going as high as 500x

  • The infinite multiplayer option which allows you to invite friends to the session you play

  • Very high RTP rate

  • Special moves and strategies which maximize your chances of winning

  • Great graphics, setting and immersion which match the atmosphere of a real casino

  • Risk and thrill which keep the game interesting and unpredictable

  • A user-friendly game interface which makes the game very easy to navigate

Things to Be Wary About While Playing

Of course, this is a tricky game, a gamble which may result in considerable losses for you in terms of finances.

As we often stress in our reviews and blog posts, when you play, make sure to use money which you do not need for daily needs and essentials.

If you feel you need help managing your gambling habits, do not hesitate to take a look at your casino's responsible gaming guidelines and talk to customer service for guidance.

A few negative aspects of the game, in our opinion:

  • Lightning Roulette may be overwhelming, fast-paced and too complicated, especially for newbies

  • Smaller payout for certain bets than in traditional Roulette

How to Play Lightning Roulette ?

Lightning Roulette follows the rules and setup of a traditional European Roulette game.

For a detailed instruction manual of a typical Roulette game, we recommend looking at our Roulette Grand Tour game guide.

To briefly recapitulate what are the characteristics of a European Roulette game:

  • A wheel made up of 37 segments, 0 through 36

  • 'En Prison' move is allowed

  • 'La Partage' move is allowed

  • Five possible inside bets

  • Five possible outside bets

Before deciding to play 'En Prison' and 'La Partage', you should confirm with the dealer whether these moves are allowed at your table and casino.

'En Prison' allows you to put your bet on hold should the result be a loss for you. You will be able to secure the bet until the next round, but if the result is once again a loss you will lose the money.

'La Partage' gives you half the money you bet back if the spin results in a loss for you.

We described both these moves in more detail in the aforementioned Roulette guide.

What changes in Lightning Roulette?

Evolution has included some special features in this game.

  • Lucky Numbers

After all the players have placed their bets, up to five lucky numbers are picked using a random number generator.

For the player to benefit from Lucky Numbers they would have needed to place a bet on one of those numbers. If the ball in the wheel falls on a Lucky Number, the player will be paid between 50 and 500:1.

This is much higher than the highest possible payout in traditional Roulette, which stands at 35:1. In Lightning Roulette, the basic payout for a straight-up bet was changed to 30:1.

  • Lightning, of course!

This game has not only increased in popularity due to the chances for incredibly high payouts but also because of its immersive features which keep the players engaged and involved in the game.

The dealers are all professionally trained, and the use of sound and lights emulates an experience which is just as exciting as physically being at a casino.

What's the Payout for Lightning Roulette?

As we mentioned earlier one distinct change was made to Lightning Roulette: payout for a straight up bet. In traditional Roulette this bet pays 35:1 in Lightning Roulette it gives you 30:1.

Therefore, payouts for the basic bets of the game will range between 30:1 and 1:1.

However, thanks to the Lucky Number feature, Lightning Roulette players will be in the chance of earning winnings affected by multipliers of the following values:

50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, 500x

This definitely adds a very exciting element to the game, which perhaps is not as strong in the traditional version.

Winning Strategies

To play games like Roulette, Blackjack, and Sic Bo among others, it would be ideal to not only know the game rules well but to also get into your game with some effective strategies in mind.

We're going to share four strategies with you which can be used while playing any version of Roulette, not only Lightning Roulette.

The Neighbour Bet Method

This strategy is a hack of the straight up bet, which grants you the same payout as the latter, 30:1 (35:1 in traditional Roulette).

In a straight up bet, you will need to place individual bets on one or more numbers on the table. Using the Neighbour Method, you will be able to place one bet, covering up to five numbers.

Select one number you want to bet on and, using this strategy, you can also include the two numbers on either side of your number. Take it a step further by also including the numbers at the periphery of those two numbers too.

If the ball lands on any of the numbers included in your bet, you win!

The Fibonacci Method

This method is best used with outside bets, as they are the ones with the smallest payout, therefore resulting in the smallest losses should your bet be unsuccessful.

Place your first bet and if you win, keep playing the same bet value. But when you lose you must play a bet which is equal in value to your previous two bets added up.

Let's say you start your game betting $10.

  • First Round

$10 dollar bet. If you win, play for $10 in the second round. If you lose, play $10 in the second round.

  • Second Round

$10 dollar bet. If you win, stick to $10. If you lose, you play $20 dollars this time - the sum of your previous two bets.

  • Third Round

If you won the previous round you start with $10 again. If you lost, you're starting with $20. If you lose again, in the next round you play $30 - the sum of your previous two bets.

You can keep repeating this as many times as you want. This is not a very profitable strategy but makes the game more compelling and risky.

The Paroli System Method

This strategy is not only used in Roulette games. It is also very popular for sports betting.

When successful, it could really maximize your profits.

Decide how many rounds you will want to play this strategy for. Although in the case of success it is incredibly profitable, in the opposite scenario when you lose, you will be losing big time.

This is why it is advisable not to play this strategy throughout your entire game.

Every time you win, you will need to double your bet. When you lose you start at the same point.

After three wins using this strategy, you can reset your bet instead of doubling once again.

The Martingale Method

This is both the most popular roulette strategy and the most effective. It is recommended to use this method on outside bets.

To play using this method you will need to change your bet when you lose. Set a bet and as long as you're winning you can keep replaying the same bet value.

But when you lose, double your bet. This means that if you win when your bet is doubled, you earn back your losses from the previous round.

As long as you're on a winning streak, this is a safe strategy but when losing, it could be quite a dangerous move in our opinion.

Betting Limitations in Lightning Roulette

A strict rule for Lightning Roulette is the betting limitations set for the game.

Across online gambling platforms, you will often come across limitations in terms of how much money you can deposit, how many times you can deposit and a deposit limit. These precautions are taken to minimize the possibility of players falling into gambling addiction.

However, they are also put in place because of the very real chances of players making huge winnings.

In Lightning Roulette, the smallest bet you can make is of $0.20 and the maximum bet you can make is of $10,000.

What's the RTP in Lightning Roulette?

Since Lightning Roulette follows the same rules and gameplay as European Roulette, the house edge and RTP stand at the same figures as the latter game:

  • The House Edge of 2.7%

  • The Return to Player rate is at 97.3%

As we discussed in our Roulette guide, special moves will work in favour of the player and could bring the house edge down to 1.3%.

Lightning Roulette's Cool Features

If the inclusion of Lucky Numbers and huge multipliers was not enough, Lightning Roulette has another two special features which make it an even more interesting and thrilling game.

Multiplayer Mode

Although it is common for live casino games on online gaming platforms to have a multiplayer feature, we have not yet seen one which takes it to the extreme Lightning Roulette does.

Normally the number of available spots in a game session is limited, which is why multiple active sessions will be on for the same game.

This is not the case in Lightning Roulette.

The creators of the game claim that an unlimited number of players could join the same session of the game. Invite your friends to your session by linking, emailing or texting them!

Autoplay Mode

An original addition to the game which allows you to sit back and relax, watching the game unfold.

Autoplay allows you to set a bet that you repeat for a number of consecutive rounds in the game.

Let's say for your first bet you place a Corner Bet on four numbers of your choice. Using Autoplay, you will be able to play the same exact bet for a few rounds after that.

You will see the 'Autoplay' button on your screen.

Is Lightning Roulette Playable on Mobile Devices?

Really this depends on the casino you choose to play the game.

Some casinos have a mobile app which will allow you to access the entire game library through the app on your mobile instead of accessing the website through browser.

Most casinos have tailored their website to fit and be fully functional even when accessed through mobile browser.

For the majority of casinos, the answer will be yes, this game and all other games in their library will be playable on mobile devices without having to sacrifice any game options or game quality.

If you want to play Lightning Roulette on your mobile, you can do it on Casiplay !

Are You Ready to Play?

That brings us to a close with our Lightning Roulette guide.

We hope this has helped you feel more prepared to get into your game and luckily, cash out thousands of dollars worth of winnings!

If you need a tutorial on the rules of traditional Roulette games, we remind you to check our Roulette gameplay guide.

Remember to check all your casino's terms and conditions before playing games and making deposits there. Even when playing Lightning Roulette, make sure to confirm the rules with your game host to avoid being disqualified.

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