French Roulette
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French Roulette

French roulette is played in land-based casinos all over the world, as well as in many online gaming establishments. 

This cult variant of the world's most popular table game is very popular with players, which is why we've put together an article explaining this iconic game. 

You'll find the history of French roulette and how it works, as well as a few tips to apply and the best variants. 

The history of French roulette 

French roulette is a variant of the world's most popular game of chance. It was invented in the 17th century, but first appeared a few years later. 

It was in the early 18th century that this iconic game made its appearance in France, more precisely in the H√ītel de Soissons in Paris.¬†

However, the origins of roulette are Italian, as the game is directly inspired by ancient transalpine creations, which have been improved upon. 

In the 1860s, numerous roulette tables were set up in the very popular Monte Carlo casino, helping to raise the game's profile. 

Success soon followed, and players flocked from all over the world to play French roulette. 

It wasn't until the 1930s that roulette gained worldwide renown with the addition of tables in Las Vegas, a gamblers' paradise. 

Today, roulette is firmly rooted in the world of gambling, and the French variant is one of the most popular gaming options among players. 

The rules of French roulette 

It's easy to understand how French roulette works, but a few explanations are in order for beginners. 

Never played roulette before? Read the following paragraphs carefully to understand everything there is to know about this cult game! 

We'll cover the basic principle, the main terms, how the game is played, the possible bets, and the potential winnings. 

The aim of French roulette 

The aim of French roulette is to guess which segment of the wheel the croupier's ball will stop in. 

Several bets are possible, such as the color, number, or value of the number on which the little white ball will stop. 

It is placed in a cylinder containing a total of 37 unique numbers. There are 2 colors of 18 numbers (Red and Black), and the number 0, which is green. 

To place a bet, you'll need to use the gaming mat, which is usually green, and contains all the possibilities. 

Simply place your chips on the spot of your choice and wait for the ball to come to a stop. This will allow you to determine whether you've won or not. 

Understanding the French Roulette lexicon 

Many terms are specific to French roulette and will not always be understood by those who are not used to playing. 

That's why we've compiled a glossary of terms and phrases you'll hear at the table. 

  • Place your bets: Start of the betting period¬†

  • All bets down: The moment when the croupier throws the ball into the cylinder.¬†

  • No more bets: The time reserved for betting is now over¬†

  • 7 odd red and miss: An example of the croupier's announcement when the ball drops¬†

  • Rien au num√©ro (Nothing in the number): Announcement made when no player has bet on the correct number.¬†

  • Rien ne va (Nothing goes): Announcement made when the ball leaves the cylinder¬†

How French roulette is played 

A round of French roulette consists of several stages, which are systematically the same in all casinos. 

The first step is to place your bets. To do this, we invite you to place your chips on one or more squares on the gaming table. 

During this time, the croupier will throw the ball into the cylinder, which generally takes about a minute to fall into a number. 

When the betting period is over, the croupier announces "Rien ne va plus" or ‚ÄúNo more bets‚ÄĚ, meaning that no more bets can be placed and that the ball is about to fall.¬†

As soon as the little white marble lands, the losing chips are collected by the bank and any potential winnings are paid out. 

Bets and winnings on French roulette 

Several types of bets are available on a French roulette table. You can bet on the number, the color, the value of the numbers, and many other possibilities. 

We've identified 3 categories of French roulette bets, which we'll explain in more detail below. In brackets, we'll also talk about the payouts for each option. 

Inside bets in French roulette 

  • Full number: Bet on a single number (x36)¬†

  • Straddle bet: Bet on 2 numbers at the same time (x18)¬†

  • Cross bet: Bet on a line of 3 numbers (x12)¬†

  • Carr√©: Bet on 4 numbers with a single chip (x9)¬†

  • Sixain: Bet on 6 numbers with a single chip (x6)¬†

Outside bets in French roulette 

  • Red or Black: Bet on the color of the number (x2)¬†

  • Even or Odd: Bet on the value of the number (x2)¬†

  • Pass or Miss: Bet on numbers between 1 and 18 (Miss) or 19 and 36 (Pass) (x2)¬†

  • Dozen: Bet on numbers between 1 and 12, between 13 and 24, or between 25 and 36 (x3)¬†

  • Column: Bet on any of the 3 columns (x3)¬†

Additional Call Bets in French roulette 

Last but not least, we can also talk about Call Bets, which only exist in certain land-based gaming establishments. 

This type of bet consists in notifying the croupier that you wish to place an additional bet, without having time to place your chips. 

He will then place a marker on the relevant slots, so that you can still place a bet on the game round in question. 

In other words, it's a credit bet. That's why it's generally only allowed to the biggest, most loyal players. 

Winning tricks at French roulette 

There are many strategies and tricks that you can try out on the French roulette gaming tables to maximize your chances of winning. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that no technique will guarantee a win. In the following paragraphs, we'll introduce you to some of the best-known playing methods. 

The Martingale Technique in French roulette 

The Martingale technique is an extremely popular gambling technique, especially at the French roulette tables. 

It involves doubling the stake after each losing bet, in order to recoup previous losses. 

This strategy is particularly risky, since you'll be playing for sums far greater than your initial budget. 

What's more, some physical casinos and land-based gaming establishments simply forbid this trick. 

The Wells system in French roulette 

The Wells system is based solely on the amount of your bets. It applies to a total of 9 consecutive game rounds. 

The principle of this strategy sounds complicated but is in fact extremely simple. You start with a bet of 5 units and drop one unit after each win. 

For example, if your unit is $10, start at $50. If you win, you'll have to bet $40 on the next game round. 

If you don't win, you'll have to bet one more unit. Once you've played 9 games in a row, you'll return to a bet of 5 units. 

Below, we have compiled a table that gives you an example of the how the Wells System is used: 

15 unitsLoss-5
26 unitsWin+1
35 unitsWin+6
44 unitsLoss+2
55 unitsWin+7
64 unitsWin+11
73 unitsWin+14
82 unitsWin+16
91 unitWin+17

The Fibonacci method in French roulette 

The Fibonacci method is based on the mathematical sequence established by the famous Italian mathematician of the same name. 

This technique is also based on the amount of your bet. You simply add up the sum of your last two bets to obtain your next bet. 

To begin with, you'll need to play one unit for the first two rounds of the game. Then, on the 3rd roulette spin, you'll have to play 2 units. 

If the round is a winner, stay on one unit, as this method only applies after a losing bet. 

Here is an example of the Fibonacci Method in action: 

11 unitLoss-1
21 unitLoss-2
32 unitsLoss-4
43 unitsWin-1
51 unitLoss-2
62 unitsLoss-4
73 unitsLoss-7
85 unitsLoss-12
98 unitsWin-4
104 unitsWin0
111 unitLoss-1
122 unitsWin+1
131 unitWin+2

A few tips for French roulette 

First of all, we invite you to play responsibly, betting only as much as you can afford to lose. 

French roulette is a game of chance. The casino is always a winner in the long run, and you should see it as a form of entertainment, not as a way of making money. 

Next, we invite you to draw up a budget in advance, so that you can play optimally and take as few risks as possible. 

Finally, decide in advance whether you want to play volatile bets on the numbers, or more cautious bets on simple odds such as Red or Black. 

This can be a good idea, since in French roulette you can get half your bet back if the ball lands on 0. 

Other roulette variants 

In this section of the article, we will now discuss the other roulette variants you'll find at online casinos and land-based gaming establishments. 

American roulette 

American roulette is undoubtedly the world's most popular variant, as it's found in every Las Vegas casino. 

This version features an extra square represented by 00 (or Double Zero). This completely changes the odds and gives the bank an advantage. 

English roulette 

English roulette is particularly popular in Europe. It closely resembles French roulette, except that it adds the columns under the numbers 34, 35, and 36. 

What's more, when the 0 comes up and you've bet on the color, you lose half your bet, as with French roulette, which gives you back 50% of your bet. 

European roulette 

European roulette is virtually the same as English roulette, except that it is referred to by a different name. 

The main difference with French roulette is the playing surface, which has a different layout. 

Mexican roulette 

Finally, Mexican roulette is a particularly surprising variant, as it adds two extra squares, Double Zero (00) and Triple Zero (000). 

This original version of the table game gives the casino an even greater advantage, since the odds of betting on the right number are much lower. 

The best French roulette games 

French roulette is becoming increasingly popular at online casinos, much to the delight of players. 

Several original variants have even seen the light of day, as you'll see in the following sections, where we've selected 3 particularly interesting versions. 

Lightning Roulette 

Lightning Roulette is certainly the most popular live game at online casinos, at least in the Roulette section. 

This variant features multipliers of up to x500, enabling you to win colossal sums if you bet on the right number. 

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette 

In a similar vein, the online gaming provider has gone one step further by creating XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, the most volatile version of online casino roulette. 

It uses the same principle as the game mentioned above, except that this time, multipliers can go up to x2,000!

Instant Roulette 

Last but not least, Instant Roulette is the perfect variant for the most impatient of players, who want to get through the rounds as quickly as possible. 

This version features 12 different cylinders, so you only have to wait a few seconds for the outcome of the round.

Conclusion on French roulette 

To sum up this article, French roulette is one of our favorite variations. It's a great way to have a good time, and to win some very nice sums while having fun. 

What's more, we like the fact that we get part of our stake back when the ball ends up on 0, which is very interesting for those who bet on color. 

We invite you to visit all the gaming establishments featured on Lucky7Bonus to find all the best French roulette tables. 

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