Gold Vault Roulette: The most explosive roulette on the market?
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Gold Vault Roulette: The most explosive roulette on the market?

Play Gold Vault Roulette 

Gold Vault Roulette by Evolution is a live game that uses the same opulent game studio that was decommissioned from Gold Bar Roulette. 

In this article, our team of gambling experts have compiled a detailed review of this Roulette game with a twist.  

If you’d like to discover how this game works, the best strategies to boost your winnings, and which online casinos offer this game, keep reading this article where we explain this in full! 

How to play Gold Vault Roulette? 

Gold Vault Roulette is played just like any other game of traditional Roulette, with the addition of some key twists that make the game substantially more exciting. 

Bets can be placed on the following: 

  • Numbers: Straight-Up Bets 

  • Colors: Red or Black 

  • Sections of the wheel 

  • Various combinations covering 2 or more numbers 

Following the placement of your bet, up to 20 Gold Bars, each with a value of x50, can be randomly placed on the straight-up numbers on the betting grid. 

It is possible for some of these Gold Bars to be stacked up to 3 Bars high on a single number, and a Super Gold Bar worth x500 your initial bet can be randomly assigned. 

How does a classic round of Gold Vault Roulette work? 

A classic round of Gold Vault Roulette is played in the following way: 

  1. The player places his bets within the appointed betting window

  2. Once this betting window closes, the presenter turns to the four lockers to his right and opens them one by one. 

  3. Each locker will reveal a set amount of Gold Bars, that will then be randomly assigned to the numbers on the betting grid. This is accomplished with the use of an RNG (Random Number Generator)

  4. The Roulette wheel is then spun, and the ball comes to a stop on one of the numbered pockets

  5. The players who bet on the winning number will be notified with their winning amounts. 

Gold bars in Gold Vault Roulette 

  • A maximum of 20 Gold Bars can be revealed in any given round, each with a multiplier value of x50

  • The exception to this rule is the Super Gold Bar, a purple-colored Bar that holds a multiplier value of x500

  • Up to 3 Gold Bars can be stacked on one single number, and up to 1 Super Gold Bar can be assigned per game round. 

How much do bars pay? 

  • A standard Gold Bar pays the player 50 times their bet amount, whilst a Super Gold Bar pays 500 times their bet amount. 

  • Gold Bars can be stacked up to 3 Bars high, boosting the multiplier up to x150 and increasing the standard payout of 24:1 to 150:1

  • Super Gold Bars, on the other hand, cannot be placed on a number that has already been assigned a Gold Bar. 

Gold Vault Roulette RTP (Return to Player) 

The Straight-Up numbers have an RTP of 97.03%, whilst all other bets have an RTP of 97.30%

In the tables below, we have compiled a list of the payouts of each bet type

Inside Bets: 

BetNumbers CoveredPayout
Super Gold Bar1500x
3 Gold Bars1150x
2 Gold Bars1100x
1 Gold Bar150x
Straight-Up124 - 499:1

 Outside Bets: 

BetNumbers CoveredPayout
Dozen / Column122:1
Red / Black181:1
Odd / Even181:1
Low 1-18 / High 19-36181:1

Gold Vault Roulette Maximum Payout 

The maximum payout of Gold Vault Roulette is x500 your total bet. 

This maximum payout is only possible when the presenter of the game reveals the purple-colored Super Gold Bar within one of the lockers in the ornate studio. 

Keep in mind that only one Super Gold Bar can potentially be present per game round and, oftentimes, these are quite rare to stumble upon. 

In addition to this, this Super Gold Bar is randomly assigned to a number on the betting table with the use of an RNG (Random Number Generator) engine

For this reason, the chances of a player receiving this maximum payout are significantly lowered

Betting on Gold Vault Roulette 

Just like in any other traditional game of Roulette, there are various types of bets that a player can choose to make during a round of Gold Vault Roulette. 

In this section of the article, we will be delving into exactly this. Keep in mind that only Straight-Up number bets qualify for the multiplier Gold Bars. Any other type of bet that wins would receive the standard European payout

Inside bets 

These are bets that are placed on the inside of the betting table

  • Straight Bet: A bet on a single number (Pays 35:1). 

  • Split Bet: A single bet on 2 numbers that are next to each other on the betting table (Pays 17:1). 

  • Street Bet: A bet on 3 numbers that form a row on the betting table (Pays 11:1). 

  • Corner Bet: A bet on 4 numbers that form a square on the betting table (Pays: 8:1). 

  • Six Line Bet: A bet placed on any two 3 number rows. Here, chips are placed at the junction of the outside line, bringing 6 numbers into play (Pays 5:1) 

Outside bets 

These are bets that are placed around the outside of the betting table

  • Column Bet: A bet placed on one of the 3 columns on the betting table that are made up of 12 numbers (Pays 2:1). 

  • Douzaine (Dozen) Bet: A bet placed on a group of 12 numbers. These groups are called Premier (First), Moyenne (Second), and Derniere (Third) respectively (Pays 2:1). 

  • Red/Black Bet: A bet that is placed on all the red numbers or all the black numbers (Pays 1:1). 

  • Odd/Even Bet: A bet placed on all the odd numbers or all the even numbers (Pays 1:1). 

  • Low/High Bet: A bet placed on all the low group numbers, 1-18, or all the high group numbers, 19-36 (Pays 1:1). 

French bets 

French bets are more advanced bets that can be placed on the racetrack betting area of the Roulette table: 

  • Voisins du Zero (Neighbors of Zero): A bet placed on all the numbers between 22 and 25, bringing a total of 17 numbers into play. 

  • Le Tiers du Cylinder (Thirds of the Wheel): Also referred to as ‘Tiers’, a bet that covers the third of the wheel opposite the zero. This includes the numbers from 27 to 33. 

  • Orphelins (Orphans): A bet placed on the numbers of the wheel that aren’t covered by the ‘Voisins du Zero’ and ‘Le Tiers du Cylinder’ bets. 

  • Jue Zero (Zero Game): A bet that covers the 6 numbers on either side of the zero, and the zero itself.  

  • Finales: A bet placed on all the numbers that end in a certain digit (e.g. 2, 12, 22, 32). 

The best Gold Vault Roulette Strategies 

There are several strategies that would benefit the Gold Vault Roulette player immensely. 

Remember that no online casino strategy can guarantee a definitive win, but, occasionally, they can increase your odds of winning substantially. 

Place a bet on all Straight-up numbers 

This is a standard roulette betting strategy that can have some great results in the short-term

It involves placing a betting chip on every number on the betting table, thus guaranteeing that the winning number will be one of the numbers that you have placed a bet on. 

When playing traditional Roulette, this is a losing strategy in the long-term, but this is Roulette with a twist: The addition of a multiplier that is above x50 makes this strategy worthwhile

Nonetheless, it would be wise to utilize this high-risk strategy only for a few rounds of the game, and not for its entire duration

Bet on sections of the wheel 

By covering at least a third of the Roulette wheel, you’ll have a 33% chance of landing a winning number.  

Just make sure to convert these bets into Straight-Up bets in order to be able to benefit from the Gold Bar multipliers. This is because, as explained above, only Straight-Up number bets qualify for the x50 multiplier of the Gold Bars. 

This is a low-risk strategy that, in the hopes of getting a Gold Bar multiplier on one of these numbers, could potentially mitigate any losses sustained during your gameplay. 

Use the Autoplay feature 

The Autoplay feature is a very handy tool that you can use to work to your advantage

Here at Lucky7Bonus, we like utilizing the Autoplay function when repeating a bet for a specific number of spins or until we have either won or lost a certain amount. 

This method helps us keep track of our bankroll and accurately gauge the amount of profit, if any, that we can make on the game in the long run. 

In addition to this, the Autoplay function enables you to finalize your bets within the stipulated betting window, and thus to not miss out on any game rounds. 

The software provider Evolution Gaming 

Evolution Gaming is widely considered to be one of the best software providers in the entire iGaming industry. 

With good reason, Evolution has consistently proven to be a highly reputable game supplier of exceptionally high-quality online casino games. 

Featuring superb graphics, innovative playthroughs, captivating audio visuals, and well thought out studio performances, this software developer has proven time and time again to be deserving of the title of one of the leading game suppliers in the iGaming industry. 

If you haven’t done so already, we highly encourage you to play one of Evolution Gaming’s exceptional online casino games. When doing so, get ready for a gaming experience that you will not soon forget

Other games from Evolution Gaming 

Evolution Gaming is known for plenty of other highly engaging online casino games, each of which has proven to be a hit with many gamers across the globe. 

Amongst the most popular of the live dealer games in their extensive live casino portfolio, you may find the following creations that have been released upon the iGaming market: 

Dream Catcher  

Dream Catcher is the first of Evolution’s live casino games, the release of which set up this software provider’s reputation for many years to come. 

Delivering an exciting twist to the traditional table game, Dream Catcher features a large wheel that is equally divided into 54 segments

This live entertainment game show remains hugely popular with gamers to this day! 

Lightning Roulette 

Lightning Roulette is perhaps the most popular of all of Evolution Gaming’s live casino games. 

Based on European Roulette, this captivating game places the player on the edge of his seat throughout the entire duration of its gameplay. 

If you haven’t yet tried out this electrifying live game, we highly encourage you to do so at Millionz Casino

Monopoly Live 

The unique combination between board games and big wheel style game shows comes to life with Evolution’s Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is a game that you should test out at least once in your lifetime. Head to Playfina Casino today if you wish to boost your live gaming experience exponentially! 

Crazy Time 

With winnings that can go up to a whopping x5,000 your initial bet, it is no surprise that the release of Crazy Time garnered such popularity in such a short amount of time! 

Featuring a money wheel that is divided into 54 segments, exciting multipliers, and the delicious thrill of live entertainment, we highly recommend Evolution’s Crazy Time for your next gaming experience. 

Which online casinos offer Gold Vault Roulette? 

Our gambling experts have handpicked some of the best Canadian online casinos that you can choose to play Evolution’s Gold Vault Roulette. 

We believe that these gaming platforms can offer you something that is superior to that offered by other online casinos on the Canadian gaming market. 

Axe Casino 

Axe Casino is an exceptional online casino that we highly recommend for the vast range of high-quality games in its gaming portfolio and the generous bonuses and promotions on offer. 

Its welcome bonus is particularly attractive, enabling players to take full advantage of the benefits this gaming platform provides: 

  • Up to $5,250 + 150 free spins split between your first 4 deposits 

Playfina Casino 

At Playfina Casino, you can benefit from an exceptionally generous welcome bonus: 

  • Up to $1,470 + 600 free spins split between your first 3 deposits + a secret 4th deposit bonus 

Simply register your player account at this online casino and enjoy the wild gaming journey that Playfina can take you on! 

Cloverspin Casino 

Cloverspin Casino is another online casino that we highly recommend. The live dealer section of this gaming platform is especially alluring, and the welcome bonus that they offer does not fail to beckon us towards the many other generous offers available: 

  • 100% 1st deposit bonus of up to $1,000 + 50 free spins 

Sign up today and start your thrilling gaming experience at Cloverspin! 

Our review of Gold Vault Roulette 

Overall, we find ourselves divided on Evolution’s Gold Vault Roulette. 

On the one hand, we believe that this live game has much to offer, potentially enabling certain players to boost their winnings quite considerably in a short amount of time. 

On the other, however, Gold Vault Roulette can ultimately be summarized as simply being a less volatile version of Lightning Roulette

In addition to this, one could argue that the gilded game studio in which the game takes place is, perhaps, shinier than the game itself

We invite you to try Evolution’s Gold Vault Roulette for yourself, and to come up with your own conclusions about your enjoyment of this game! 

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