Introduce Your Start-Up at the SiGMA Eurasia Summit 2023
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Introduce Your Start-Up at the SiGMA Eurasia Summit 2023

The SiGMA Start-up Pitch competition takes place at every one of the SiGma Summits and over the years has helped various start-up companies launch their projects.

It gives new entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet potential investors and mentors who could seriously turn around the progression of their ideas and boost them to the surface of their industry. 

Every year, the Start-up Pitch has been very successful. A few notable alumni are:

  • From the 2021 SiGMA Eurasia Summit, shipping company PalletPal

  • From the 2022 SiGMA Balkans, game design company 9Tales

  • From the 2022 SiGMA Toronto Edition, a philanthropic enterprise called MobilFund

These are only a few of the competition's winners, which has been running since 2016.

As you can see, all of these companies target different audiences and industries, they are not necessarily related to igaming, crypto or blockchain.

At this year's SiGMA Eurasia Summit in Dubai, this competition will be held once again. Take a look at our news article for more details on what's planned for the summit.

How Does the Competition Work?

100 participants are chosen to take part in the competition, each of which will receive their own booth at the Summit to promote and exhibit their product.

They will also get time for a presentation of their team and company, exposure to PR, advice from qualified consultants, leads and networking opportunities.

This is their chance to introduce their idea and the team working on it. It is also the ideal space to demonstrate their work ethic to prospective investors who of course, would only be willing to financially invest in proactive companies that can guarantee profits for them.

Each selected start-up will have to go through a Q&A session with a panel of three judges who will evaluate each company and select six finalists who will compete for the grand prize.

The SiGMA Eurasia 2023 Summit's judges are:

  • Lucy Chow, an investor and author of the book Changing the Game which provides guidance and training to aspiring entrepreneurs

  • Trudy Kerr, a head of strategy and marketing

  • Vinícius Moraes De Carvalho, investment partner at Ikigai Ventures which supports start-up companies in their endeavours

What's in it for the winner of the competition?

Apart from a prize pool of up to €500K (over $700,000), the SiGMA Start-up Pitch winner gets a dedicated consultancy team to help launch the project, office space, marketing management and an organised recruitment service!

How to Apply

Express your interest in participating in this competition by sending in a three-minute video where you describe your idea and introduce your team.

If you're lucky enough to be selected, keep a few things in mind when preparing for your expo at the summit. There are some topics you will be questioned on during your time there:

  • What makes your project stand out amongst others?

What's so creative or innovative about it? Focus on highlighting its benefits.

What is your product providing, and how can it be useful? Remember you need to attract potential investors and make them want to spend money on your business.

  • Who is your product targetting?

Specify your audience and demographic and describe how it could evolve and grow. What's its potential? How is your business different from its competitors?

  • Visualize a timeline of your progress so far

Talk about how it all started and what funding you've secured so far. Talk about any collaborations you've had or will have and what your goals for the future are.

  • Revenue and Monetization

How do you plan on funding your project? Talk about any income you've been making - this will certainly catch investors' attention if the opportunity for them to make money is brought up.

What did you and your team invest in this business and what are your aims for future monetization?

What's most important is allowing the identity of your project and team to shine through. Show the judges what's different about you and how your project is an asset to whichever industry it targets. 

You can find more information about this competition on the SiGMA Eurasia Summit 2023 website.

Best of luck in pursuing your endeavour! 

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