The SiGMA UAE Summit: What's it All About?
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The SiGMA UAE Summit: What's it All About?

The Eurasia Summit is not the only summit organised by this enterprise. Every year, three major international SiGMA summits take place: Eurasia, Europe and Asia.

The goal of the Eurasia summit is to incite discussion and interest regarding blockchain and cryptocurrency in the igaming community.

In 2023, many notable companies will be participating in this summit, such as:

  • Play'n Go

  • Pragmatic Play

  • Jeton

  • 1xBet

The Eurasia Summit 2023 is taking place at the Intercontinental Dubai Festival City between the 13th and 16th of March.

Anyone can get tickets to this event by accessing the SiGMA Eurasia website.

If this is something you'd be interested in attending, don't ponder too long before grabbing your tickets. The closer the event gets, the more expensive they become!

What's Going at the Summit?

This is a great opportunity for business owners, sponsors and investors and aspiring entrepreneurs to get together and network.

Dubai is an epicentre of business, moving what seems to be lightyears ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to modern technology, infrastructure and expanding industries.

So, what better city for this summit to take place in?

SiGMA has a lot in store for those who are participating in the events. The programme is full of fascinating conferences, namely those with key speakers Gary Vee and Jordan Belfort.

These two American entrepreneurs will be joining the summit to share their experiences and offer guidance and counsel throughout their talks.

Apart from this, you will be able to check out the Start-up Village, which as the name implies, is the conference's hub for start-ups. Here, people interested in introducing their start-up business will have the opportunity to do so.

This could be you!

Take your chance at the SiGMA Summit if you have an idea you'd like to share with the world. If you want to know how to apply for this competition, check out our news article.

An award ceremony will also take place where nominees have the opportunity to win titles such as the Affiliate of the Year or Platform of the Year

SiGMA is well-known among members of the community for now only being the ideal space for business discussion and endeavours but also for providing everyone visiting the event with a good, memorable time.

To finish off each day of the event, dinners are planned at high-class eateries in the area as well as a huge closing party to end the summit.

Who is SiGMA?

SiGMA isn't just about conferences, summits and lots of talk about igaming and business.

It is actually celebrated as an international enterprise with a philanthropist ethic, which it actually puts into action.

Founded in 2014 in Malta, the island considered to be the core of the industry in Europe, the company has grown from just a small start-up to a huge organisation attracting thousands of people to its events each year.

Its basis was igaming and technology which eventually also led to an interest in affiliate marketing and digital health (how to make our technology lasting, efficient and more sustainable).

Since its launch, SiGMA has evolved into much more than this, also introducing a secondary branch - AIBC which focuses on AI, blockchain, fintech and big data.

SiGMA does dedicate a lot of time to its philanthropic work and many of the funds it receives from events such as the Eurasia Summit often go to good causes. In fact, this year's proceeds are going towards funding education in certain African countries.

A few of the fund-raising projects this organisation has worked on over the years include the Kilimanjaro Challenge and Brown's Camino. Such events have at times produced over $200K in funds

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