JetX Review: the Unique Retro-style Game
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JetX Review: the Unique Retro-style Game

JetX is one of the first games of its kind, part of an expected new wave of online casino gaming which focuses on multiplayer, social aspects of gaming.

As the industry grows, creators are targeting player's needs which so far have been unfulfilled, bringing a new twist to what we have learnt to accept as traditional, online casino games.

Of course, its innovation and contrast with other games is what is pushing JetX towards fame. It is arguably one of the hottest and most desirable games to play, leaving players disappointed it is not yet available on some major online casinos.

In this review we will discuss the game, where to play, and alternatives of similar games for those of you who can't access it.

What Does JetX Offer Its Players?

JetX is a crash style game which incorporates a social aspect.

Social, multiplayer games are becoming increasingly more popular. It is no wonder that online casinos, available in Canada and around the world, have been updating their libraries with more of these kinds of games.

The younger generation of casino players has significantly higher expectations when it comes to social interaction within gameplay. Games like JetX area a clear effort made to attract new, younger players. Remember: the minimum age to join an online casino is 18.

With dynamic qualities and attractive visuals, the game is an interesting alternative to classics like Poker and Blackjack.

The creators have tapped into retro game art style, attempting to mimic old school, pixelated graphics - a throwback to classic 70s and 80s style arcade games.

The star of the show is a small jet which, throughout the game, travels across the sky, collecting more wins and more bonuses.

Where Does the Journey Take Us?

Our jet, JetX, flashes across the sky and by the end of the game it will inevitably crash down. The bets in this game are based on how high the players think the jet will fly before falling down.

The betting process opens and closes at the very start of the game.

This is where the social aspect comes into play, as the players can see each other's bets, introducing a strong competitive element to the game. While bets are being placed, JetX revs its engine preparing for take off. The betting closes once the jet is ready to fly.

Shortly after take-off, the multiplier is activated, and the longer the jet is in the sky and the higher it goes, the bigger the multiplier becomes.

A suspenseful game, where the goal of the player is to catch the right moment to cash out, maximizing their winnings by staying in the game as long as possible, but cashing out in time before the plane crashes.

If the player fails to cash out, bets are lost, and cashing out too early means they will only get small returns. Ideally, the player cashes out right before the jet plane crashes.

This game is a test of patience and timing. It also plays with emotions and maintains its competitive quality as players can see each other cashing out and earning winnings, or possibly flying too close to the sun, and risking their bet if they do not cash out in time.

How Does the Game Work?

JetX is a random game with no real patterns players can follow, or predictability during gameplay. At the end, being victorious during this game all boils down to luck.

The game engine utilizes a random number generator, just like a slot machine. What's different is the social feature, where multiple players are playing at the same time.

How to win JetX ?

As with most online casino games, the odds in JetX are stacked against the player. Wagering a bet of $0.50 two hundred times, will result in a loss of between 4% to 8% of the $100 that was wagered.

If luck is on your side, you have the possibility of winning big. However, there is really no way to understand how the game works. This is not a game where the player can improve their skill or chances the more they practice.

Which Platform is JetX On?

JetX is only one particular game of the genre we have described above, and in fact is not yet so mainstream that it is offered in the libraries of more popular online casinos.

In Canada, this game is unfortunately only available on one casino. Read on for more details.


This is one of the most popular online casinos in Canada and luckily, it is one where JetX is already playable. Check out our review of this casino to learn more.

The casino is a skin-betting casino at its origins, but has slowly climbed up the ladder and is finding its place amongst the bigger names in the industry. Perhaps, due to the fact that it is offering less known and widespread games such as JetX.

Gamdom is known for its extensive selection of crash style games, however none of them match the incredible vintage game aesthetic of JetX.

It is an ideal gaming destination for players who are interested in sports and e-sports betting. Their game options include all sorts of genres, so we recommend checking them out.

Crash Style Games

Because of how difficult this game is to access, we have compiled a list of alternatives for players who are looking for something similar.

Take a look at the game catalog on your casino of choice as normally, casinos will offer many games that fall within this genre, even if not specifically JetX.

For some of the best games of this kind, we recommend the following casinos which are available in Canada:


LeoVegas offers a number of crash style games such as Skyliner and Spaceman.

In terms of graphics and art style, few of these games will evoke the same 80s nostalgia which sets JetX apart from other games of the genre.

However, if you are looking for some interesting visuals and design choices, we highly recommend Skyliner. This game is also set in a retro environment, flying players over a wonderful ArtDeco skyline.


Crash is a Stake original game which resembles JetX.

Admittedly, the visuals are not as exciting, with a simple white rocket flying across a blue background.

However, simple in terms of design, it offers all the same possibilities as JetX: playing a multiplayer game, watching the other player's progress and having multipliers available in game.

This game is also one of the only crash style games available on BitStarz.

Jet Lucky 2

Unfortunately, this game also does not feature the classic pixelated, vintage Game Boy graphics made for JetX.

Produced by the same provider as the aforementioned game, Skyliner, JetLucky 2 places players in on the front lines of a battle in the skies.

Similarly to JetX, bets are placed prior to take off, however an addition in this game is that while the plane flies until its inevitable crash, it must also fight off attacks from enemies. If you are lucky, your successful counter-attacks will unlock in-game bonuses!

Here is a screenshot from JetLucky 2:

To Conclude Our JetX Review

JetX is a breath of fresh air when compared to other popular casino games which, in all honesty, may become a bit repetitive after some time of playing.

It is interesting to see whether more casinos choose to take a path where they introduce more games like JetX. The genre is appearing, but it is still in its initial stages, where players are testing out this genre and familiarizing themselves with it.

Being able to see the actions of other players throughout the game is such a cool element of the game, which makes it more immersive and exciting.

It is also easy to get influenced by other players, especially if the multiplier reaches a high level and players start cashing out. Committing to the jet plane is not an easy decision, it is a daring risk only few are willing to take.

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