Relax Gaming Drops Hints for its Next Dream Drop Release
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Relax Gaming Drops Hints for its Next Dream Drop Release

In a recent tweet from Thursday 30th March, Relax Gaming gave us all a major sneak peek into the concept for the next chapter of the Dream Drop progressive slot series launched in 2022. 

Relax Gaming has come up with some insanely unique and interesting concepts, designs and mechanics for this series of games. 

In brief, it is practically impossible to not make any wins during your gameplay in a Dream Drop progressive jackpot. The game is designed in such a way that wins are guaranteed, whether they are small or massive. 

As for graphics and game design…we have been blown away by some of the ideas Relax Gaming has presented us with since the very first Dream Drop release. 

The provider is evidently not only focusing on how lucrative these games are but how immersive and captivating they are too. This is certainly also boosting their popularity, as whether or not you cash out with huge prizes, it is guaranteed you will enjoy these games. 

Our favourite instalment by far has been Grim the Splitter Dream Drop, out of the chapters currently available. This was the first Dream Drop creation for 2023, which went live on the 11th of January. 

Try it out for free on our website by clicking the link above.

The concept for this game is really interesting, and we like the extremely creative take designers have taken for it. 

Instead of your traditional grid, your spins flip over a set of what looks like tarot cards on an old wooden table. The atmosphere and music are very eerie, and it's really to get lost in the magical world created in the slot.

The same thing can be said about many of Relax Gaming's games, which is one of the reasons we like the provider so much - its innovation.

Many of the games being released as part of this series are based on one of Relax Gaming’s most popular slots. To mention a few examples, you’ll be able to find the following titles from this series at most online casinos:

  • Santa’s Stack Dream Drop

  • Volatile Vikings 2 Dream Drop

  • Templar Tumble 2 Dream Drop

All of these are available to try for free on our website!

The next release is also going to be based on one of Relax’s most successful slots: Banana Town

We are very curious to see how the game will be improved and what will be added on to it for the Dream Drop version. 

It’s also very exciting to see more of this incredible pixelated design which certainly was one big reason why Banana Town rose so much in popularity. 

Banana Town is also famously one of the highest-yielding slots by Relax Gaming

Released in June 2022 this slot with beautiful graphics and grid design, has become known to pay out players thousands of dollars

It is no surprise it has been selected to be next in line for the Dream Drop jackpot series. 

With an RTP hitting 96.12%, this slot could grant winners payouts which are 10,000x bigger than their initial bets and wins made within the game

Apart from this, the game is accessorized with some amazing game features meant to not only enhance your gameplay but lead to bigger wins too:

  • Unlock free spins when you land a sequence of three $ signs and a bonus free spin for each additional $ sign on your grid!

  • Multipliers which grow with each winning symbol you collect in a meter on your grid

The main event in this game, however, are the scatters which remove winnings symbols once wins have been collected to make space for brand-new symbols! This scatter keeps refreshing itself until no more winning symbols and sequences appear

Many avid members of the online gambling community have grown to love this game.

We were particularly impressed by @CasinoDaddy’s progress in this game, and the insane wins they have made multiple times playing Banana Town

CasinoDaddy is a group of online gambling streamers who have acquired a large following attracted by the wins they manage to secure at various casinos, which often reach the heights of millions of dollars

Starting with a bet worth €20 ($29.50) one of the players from Casino Daddy hit a big win worth €40,450 (almost $60,000) playing Banana Town

We think this win is quite impressive considering that the player had a rather modest bet set for himself to start his game off.

Of course, keep in mind that very often online gambling streamers also invest in bonus buy features to unlock certain in-game boosters much quicker than they would normally be unlocked. 

Have we made you curious about this game?

Check it out for free on our website! 

We eagerly wait till next week, when the Dream Drop version of this incredible slot is launched!

We’re excited to try out Banana Town as a progressive slot game

Below are a couple of the images Relax added to their tweet which gave us a look into the design process for the game.

What we can expect from Relax Gaming is a jackpot game with four jackpots of different sizes. Make two consecutive wins and you will climb up from the smallest jackpot prize pool, which is the one where you start, onto the next, until you reach the biggest pot

In its short history, Relax Gaming’s Dream Drop series has already paid out wins worth over two million dollars. Check out our article on one of the most recent wins made in this game. 

As we mentioned earlier, the game mechanics designed for this game are rather unique

It has been made impossible to not make any wins while spinning on a Dream Drop progressive slot. 

We’ve explained how the game works in a separate article. If you’d like to discover more about these progressive jackpots, we recommend you take a look! 

Relax Gaming has announced that by the end of 2023, many new instalments for this series of jackpots shall be announced, so stay tuned to any news on the provider’s social media, and of course on Lucky7Bonus’s page to catch the earliest sneak peeks into these new releases!

And finally, here's a little treat we've been saving till the end to surprise you!

Try this game out for free on Lucky7Bonus before its official release on online gambling platforms in Canada!

Click here to check it out.

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