The best online casino mine games
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The best online casino mine games

Are you looking for the best online casino mine games? Then this article is for you. Our team of experts here at Lucky7Bonus will suggest the best-known games, as well as the platforms where you can find them.   

We promise, by the end of this article, you'll know all there is to know about Mines games.

What is a Mines game? 

Do you know what a mine-clearing game is? It's a well-known game that every child has played on the computer. The principle is exactly the same.   

Depending on the game, the aim is to land on the squares where the objects are located. In MyStake's Chicken game, for instance, you need to land on a chicken to continue the game.   

You can choose the volatility of your game. In easy mode, you're more likely to land on a winning square than in hard mode.   

Our team really enjoy playing these original games, as they offer sensations that are unique in the world. With just a few pennies, you can potentially be able to walk away with handsome jackpots. 

Advantages and disadvantages of mine games 

RTP often very highStopping can sometimes be complicated
Very easy to understandNo bonus features
Cashout possible at any time
Possibility of defining your own difficulty, and therefore volatility
Ideal for mobile platforms

Focus on Spribe, the game publisher 

Spribe may not be as well-known as Evolution or Pragmatic Play, but the supplier has established itself as a major player in the field, thanks to its top-quality games.  

The company was founded in November 2018, in Tbilisi, Georgia. Spribe quickly set its sights on becoming one of the pioneers in mini games. A few months later, in January 2019, their first mini game saw the light of day: Aviator. This innovative game was to be the first of its famous Turbo Games.  

And so, Mines was born, arriving later that same year. Spribe's work did not go unnoticed, as more and more online casinos collaborated with the provider to offer their creations. While other providers were inspired to offer their own version of the game. 

What are the 5 best casino mine games? 

Chicken Game 

The game of Chicken has, in large part thanks to the social media platform of TikTok, experienced a meteoric rise in popularity.  

On this platform, gaming influencers have habitually sold a dream to their audience, explaining to them that it’s entirely possible to always win at this game. We’re here to tell you that this is, in fact, not the case. 

The game made its debut on MyStake, a casino with an exclusive Welcome Offer (+150% up to 200 dollars or +100% up to 1,000 dollars), which for a long time had exclusive access to it.  

The rules are simple: On your screen, you will see 25 bells in which either a chicken or a bone is hidden. If you land on the chicken, you go on, if you land on the bone, you lose immediately.   

It's up to you to choose the volatility of the game. The more bones you have (from 1 to 24), the lower the chances of finding a chicken. As a result, as soon as you find one, the multiplier value is much higher. 

When we play this game, we try to play with maximum volatility. So, with this aim in mind, we put between 4 and 5 chickens on the starting grid. You can stop your game as soon as the first chicken is found. 


The Mines game is great fun. This time, stars replace chickens, and bombs replace bones.  

We like the simplicity of this game, which is very easy to learn. It offers many options, such as: 

  • Automatic turns  

  • Random selection of mines by the computer (or us)  

  • Stop automatic mines if you lose too much money 

The starting grid is classic: 5 columns of 5 symbols. Volatile as can be, this game is perfect for beginners and thrill-seekers alike. It's a clever blend of extreme volatility and addictive gameplay. 

The Millionz Casino platform is where we spent many hours of fun on Mines. Compared to some of its competitors, this casino’s biggest strength is that it offers you the chance to play in demo mode.   

Just like us, take the time to try out this totally free mode of play to put a potential strategy in place.   

Even the smallest scales can win big, as you'll be able to walk away with 5,153 dollars, with a starting stake of 0.10 dollars.   

Stake’s Mines  

Stake’s Mines is the world's best-known and most-played mines game. We particularly like this game because it’s the most volatile in existence.  

As proof, the biggest maximum win is over 5 million times the initial stake. The principle is the same: Land on the right squares, or the game ends immediately.  

Once you’ve registered your player account with Stake Casino, a process that takes a mere few seconds to accomplish, we recommend that you try out their Mines game.  

Like us, try to boost your balance right from the start with this game. There are several strategies available on the Web, but our experience tells us that none of them is a winner in the long term.   

Simple or automatic games, you have the choice to do what you want when playing this game. What's more, this crypto-currency casino pays out very quickly.  

So, if you manage to hit the jackpot, it'll only take you a few seconds to transfer it to your e-wallet! Don't hesitate to read our experts' full review of Stake Casino on the Lucky7Bonus website. 

Mine Field  

Mine Field is a creation of Evoplay, a provider with a strong reputation for creating original games. We like the concept of these mines, since they're totally different from the others. You'll still have a winning square and losing squares, but there are other new features.  

The game is played from left to right. Each time you find the right square, you move forward, and your final win also progresses. You can also choose the height of your starting grid.  

The taller it is, the smaller your chances of winning, but the higher the final multiplier. A random mode also lets you play against the computer.  

Millionz Casino is where we like to play Mine Field. We've already won large sums of money on this original game, and our withdrawal was very quick at this casino.   

What's more, if you don't want to deposit money to try out the game, a demo mode lets you play for free. A rare opportunity that should not be missed. 

Our team of experts here at Lucky7Bonus has managed to come up with an exclusive Welcome Offer for you to enjoy this game from Mines. Find out more in our full review of the platform. 


There's no big difference between Mine Field and Icefield. Not mines, but yetis await you in this original game. You start the game on the far left, and your aim is to advance to the rightmost square. Each time you advance, your multiplier increases.  

We like this creation, since it's open to all players. Like us, you can bet as little as 20 cents per spin or go high roller and play 1,000-dollar spins. As soon as you’re satisfied with this amount, you can stop at any time. This game can be found exclusively on MyStake Casino, a platform that loves original games.  

If you end up liking this gaming platform, this is the online casino for you. You'll find dozens of original games, including blackjack, wheel, and Hilo. 

Lucky Yuanbao  

If, like us, you love the Asian world, then Lucky Yuanbao is the perfect Mines game for you.  Our team of experts is delighted to offer you this game, which is both fun to play and easy to learn.   

The rules are simple:   

  • Choose the number of bombs you wish to have on your grid (between 1 and 24)  

  • Choose your starting stake (0.20 dollars to 20 dollars)  

Once you've done this, click on Play and then select a square. If it wins, you can continue or stop your game and walk away with your winnings.   

The more bombs you have on your screen, the higher your multiplier will be if you find the right square.  We really like this game, as it offers a very good RTP of 97%. If, like us, you like to take risks, you can walk away with 996.56 times your initial stake.  

This game can be found at many online casinos, including Neon54. We've decided to highlight this casino because it excels in fast withdrawals. If you manage to hit the maximum payout, it will only take you a few seconds to receive your crypto money in your account.   

Thanks to our expertise in the online casino world, we're even offering you an exclusive welcome offer: +100% up to 750 dollars + 200 free spins + 1 bonus crab. If you'd like to find out more, don't hesitate to read the highly detailed review written by our team of experts. 

Bank or Bust  

Have you read the rules of Lucky Yuanbao? They're exactly the same for Bank or Bust. Same rules, same RTP, and same final payout.   

Why so similar? Quite simply, because the same provider, Gaming Corps, makes the game. This time, you won't be in Asia, but in the middle of a bank.  

You can try this game for free at Slots Palace. We're not going to sell you a dream, since there's really no difference with the game above.   

For this article, of course, we tried out the game. But we quickly stopped, as we'd already spent a lot of time playing Lucky Yuanbao. 

Mining rules 

Depending on the game, the rules may vary. In Stake's Mines game, you choose a square and click on it, no matter where it's located on the screen. If you find the right one, you continue, otherwise your game stops immediately.  

Icefield is different. Since you're moving from left to right, you can't choose a square anywhere on the starting grid.  You'll have to choose a square in the leftmost column and, in the hope that it’s the right one, keep moving.   

Whatever Mines game you're playing, your aim is to find the square that isn't trapped. Then you manage volatility as you wish, varying the number of trapped squares on your grid.  

The more traps you have, the greater your profit in the event of a good square. If your winnings are correct, you can also choose to stop at any time.  

Multipliers in mine games 

If mine games attract all online casino players, it's for their explosive multipliers. We'll try to keep things simple for the more novice players: 

The more good boxes you uncover, the less money you'll earn when you find them, because there are more of them. On the other hand, the fewer squares you put in, the higher the multiplier.   

For example, when playing Mines, if you put in a mine, each good square will earn you very little (the first round earns you nothing, the second only 0.4 cents for a starting bet of $0.80).  

For the same starting stake, with 20 mines (the maximum), the first square found will earn you 3.88 dollars, the next 23.28 dollars, and so on. Like us, have fun varying the number of mines (or columns, depending on the game) to find the number that suits you.  

Withdraw your winnings at any time 

We really like Mines games, because they allow you to stop your turn at any time. The casinos we offer all have this Cash Out option during the original games, and it's a very important point to consider.  

To access this option, you must not be on an automatic turn. You won't be able to cash out. Do as we do, and play manually, to make your casino session even more exciting.  

We particularly like to use this cashout option when we're playing in a very volatile way. Sometimes you'll find two (or three) mines, and the amount you've won is more interesting to withdraw than to risk losing.  

We use this technique on the Chicken game in particular. 

Provably fair play 

It's very important for us to offer players (beginners or experts) reliable sites. To avoid being accused of game rigging, casinos use Provably Fair technology.   

This allows you to verify that each round of play is totally random, and that the casino has absolutely no control over the potential outcome. At Stake, for example, you'll need to click on fairness in the bottom right-hand corner.   

We're a team of experts, and it's our duty to guarantee your security. In addition to this technology, the vast majority of our partners use RNG (Random Number Generator) technology, which enables players to verify every spin (even on a slot machine).   

To further reassure our community, we only provide platforms that are in possession of a gaming license. This attests to the security of the games and the casino's non-interference in the games played. 

The reliability of mine games 

Whichever version you play, you can be sure of the reliability of the Mines game. We saw earlier that, thanks to the presence of the Provably Fair label, this is something you can see for yourself directly on the game.  

This is a technology based on data encryption that assures players that there are no intermediaries altering the results. 

What's more, an online casino must hold a gaming license in order to operate legally. It's highly unlikely that a provider will offer its creations to a platform that doesn't demonstrate the highest standards of reliability, particularly in terms of brand awareness. 

Play mine games for free 

We strongly advise beginners to try mine games free of charge before depositing any money. As well as helping you understand the principle, you'll also be able to put a strategy in place without paying a cent.   

Millionz Casino lets you play Mines for free, while Slots Palace and Neon54 offer free Lucky Yuanbao and Bank or Burst. 

Unfortunately, MyStake and Stake don't offer this option, and we think that's a real shame. These platforms are among the best on the market, but they don't necessarily think about beginners who want to test out the games for free.  

If you play for free, you'll have access to all the classic game options, including random and auto play.   

On Neon54, all you have to do is type the name of the mine game in the search bar, then click on demo. 

What strategies should you use to maximize your winnings? 

The Martingale Technique 

A well-known technique in roulette and blackjack, the Martingale method is simple to understand. Every time you lose, you bet double. You stop using this technique as soon as you've won back at least the amount originally bet. 

For beginners, here's an example.   

You bet 1 dollar and land on a mine. In the next round, you'll have to bet 2 dollars and hope to hit the right squares to reach at least 2 dollars.  

If not, you'll have to bet 4 dollars, and so on.   

We play a lot of casino games, and we strongly advise against this technique, for a number of reasons: 

  • Your scale can go down very quickly  

  • The risk/reward ratio is too high. If you lose several times in a row, you'll have to bet an astronomical sum to recover only a tiny profit (which will cover all your previous losses).  

With original games, this technique is even more random, since you don't have a 1-in-2 chance of the event occurring, unlike with blackjack or roulette (bet on red or black). 

Bet small, but bet big 

This technique is very aggressive, but it's the one we use when we play mine games.  

Put as many losing squares as possible, to increase the value of your winning squares. Even if you reduce your chances of winning considerably, once you manage to do so, it can be massive.  

To avoid losing your balance very quickly, you'll need to bet the smallest sum possible, as your chances of winning are minimal. When you play like this, consider that the money you invest is directly lost. At least, that's the way we think when we deposit money on these games.  

For example, when we play Bank or Bust, we typically put in 20 mines. We also try to find the right 5 squares to leave with 996.56 times our initial stake. Our technique is even more aggressive on Stake Mines. There are 25 squares on the grid, including 13 mines and 12 good ones.   

We play for the smallest possible sum and put in the maximum number of good squares (12) to hope for a jackpot of over 5 million times our initial stake. 

Choose a very low number of mines 

Unlike the previous technique, this one plays on a minimum number of mines. In this way, you play on the quantity of small wins to increase your balance, rather than risk losing without winning anything.  

As a result, you'll have many more winning squares, and the possibility of a cash out is greater than with the other technique. 

As a player, this technique is not necessarily highly recommended. If you do manage to make regular winnings, these are minimal in relation to the risk taken.  

If you play 1 dollar, uncovering 10 squares will only earn you a few cents. But if you lose this dollar very quickly, it will be very difficult to recover, as the volatility of winning with many winning squares is so low.  

Lucky7Bonus' conclusion on mine games 

Part of our extensive casino experience has been with mine games. Depending on how you play, these games can offer you real jackpots.  

We love playing them, because we feel we've got everything under control from A to Z. Choosing the number of grids (on some games), the number of mines, the volatility of our games, and so on. This is something you don't find on slot machines, for example.  

Depending on the game you're playing, you'll find different concepts (left to right, automatic play, etc.).  

Beginners and experienced players alike are sure to find a reason to play these games. But watch out, they're highly addictive, and even though they're explosive, they can really hurt your balance if you're not careful.  

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What is mine clearance? 


Is the game free to play? 


Are these games reliable? 


How can I withdraw my winnings? 


How do online casino mine games work? 


How do I choose a reliable mine gaming site? 


What are the advantages of mine games in casinos? 


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