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Slot machines are categorized by several things, most commonly the number of reels that are featured in each game. 

The evolution of the slot machine, involving a transition from the classic 3-reel slot to the much more complex 5-reel format, proved to be very popular with players. 

The addition of more paylines allows room for more combinations to be unlocked, and thus provides the player with significantly more winning potential

In this article, we’ll be delving into everything you need to know about 5-reel slots, including how they're played, how to unlock maximum winnings, and where to find the best slots on the market!   

Play them for free with absolutely no account registration or installation required on the Lucky7Bonus website! 

Advantages of playing five-reel slots 

5-reel slot machines are a fan-favorite amongst players from all over the world.  

With good reason, 5-reel slots are widely considered to be far superior to 3-reel slots, delivering a much more complex gameplay, and allowing for significantly more winning potential

Below, we have listed some of the many advantages of choosing to play 5-reel slots at the online casino: 

  • 5-reels make room for more paylines and therefore provide the players with multiple ways in which they can potentially win

  • The quality of the graphics and interface of 5-reel slot machines is very high, and the designs are equally fantastic. 

  • Bonuses that are more innovative than the last are often integrated into the gameplays. 

  • The integration of additional features such as bonus rounds, free spins, Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols, jackpot mini-games, and progressive jackpots make the player’s gaming experience much more exciting

  • In addition to this, these extra features, particularly the bonus rounds, provide the player with a keen sense of suspense. This prevents the players from viewing the slot as monotonous, a feeling that comes with repeatedly playing a game in the same basic format. 

  • Typically, the jackpots that are potentially offered to players on 5-reel slots are very large

  • 5-reel slots provide the player with a wide variety of betting options to choose from. 

  • The player will notice that, typically, wins tend to land a lot more frequently when playing 5-reel slots. This, of course, is a direct consequence of the additional reels and therefore the numerous paylines that are present. 

  • 5-reel slots can cater to more experienced players

Top free five-reel slots online 

Are you searching for the perfect 5-reel slot amongst the many options currently available on the market? 

Below, we have listed some of our favorite 5-reel slot machines for you to enjoy. Test them out by playing them for free at Casimba Casino, one of the top gaming platforms in Canada! 

Buffalo by Aristocrat 

Buffalo by Aristocrat has an RTP of 94.85% and a total of 243 ways to win! In addition to this, the volatility of the game is high

This insanely popular slot machine features a wide range of animal symbols, with the symbol of the buffalo providing the highest payout

Several enticing bonus features have been integrated into this slot, all of which are designed to boost your gameplay exponentially. 

Jump into the immersive theme of this slot, and benefit from the high winning potential of its reels! 

Wheel of Fortune by IGT 

Wheel of Fortune by IGT is a very famous slot machine released in 1996. It features an RTP of 96.46% and a high volatility

Many players have reaped some massive rewards from this slot, and it is still played to this day by many gamers from all over the world. 

The design of the game itself is influenced by the classic fortune wheel. The appearance of 3 Scatter symbols on the same payline will force the symbols to turn into smaller wheels that will generate more symbol combinations

The bonus round of the game is also incredible, transporting the player to what appears to be an actual game show

Cleopatra by IGT 

Cleopatra by IGT is another popular slot machine that was released in 2012

Coming from the same software provider as Wheel of Fortune, this slot has not failed to impress. 

It immerses the player into the world of Ancient Egypt, depicting hieroglyphs, the Sphinx, and the river Nile. 

With an RTP of 95.02% and a medium volatility, this slot is suitable for both low and high rollers alike. 

Join us in playing this exceptional game and be in the chance of receiving its 10,000x maximum win

How to play free five-reel slots online 

Before diving headfirst into an online casino game that piques your interest, and therefore risking your hard-earned money in the process, why not try them out for free beforehand? 

In this section, we will explain how to do exactly this. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to play some of the best 5-reel slots on the market completely for free, with no account registration or installation necessary! 

  1. First, choose the gaming platform on which you would like to play the demo mode version of the slot machines that are available in their gaming portfolio. 

  2. After browsing their game library, choose the slot that you’d like to play. 

  3. Hover your cursor on the slot and click on the demo mode icon that appears. This will take you directly to the free version of the game. 

  4. Select your bet amount for each spin by clicking the (+) and (-) buttons on the screen. 

  5. 5-reel slots are played just like any other slot machine game. The specific rules of each game, however, will differ.  

  6. Paylines come into effect when you manage to land a certain number of symbols on the reels of the slot, thus granting you a winning payout

  7. In a standard 5-reel slot game, you’ll find 20 paylines, however some 5-reel slots can offer more than 100 paylines. 

  8. Make sure to read the information section of the slot, where you will find all that you’ll need to know, including information on the paylines and how they work, the total number of ways to win, the different symbols available and the payouts for each one. 

  9. Typically, lining up between 2 and 5 symbols along the active paylines, thus landing a left or right aligned symbol combination, will grant you a win. Remember to read the info section available to discover the pay table of each slot. 

Features of five-reel slots 

Here are some of the most common features that you can come across when playing 5-reel slots: 

  • Wild symbol: This symbol can substitute any other symbol in a winning combination. This often excludes Bonus symbols. 

  • Scatter symbol: This symbol can appear anywhere on the paylines. A specific number of these symbols can unlock various winning combinations or trigger the Bonus Round of the game. 

  • Bonus Rounds: Bonus rounds can vary significantly from one slot machine to another. This round can include anything, from mini games and jackpots to multipliers and tumble features, offering an exciting twist to the traditional slot machine. 

  • Multipliers: A multiplier feature consists of a special symbol that, when unlocked, will multiply either the winning combination or the player’s entire bet amount by a certain number. 

  • Free Spins: Free Spin rounds are often included in the Bonus section of the game, allowing the player to spin the reels of the slot for a specific number of tries without having to place a bet for each of those spins. 

In addition to this, you’ll find special features such as multiple plotlines, a diverse gameplay, stacked wilds, extra free spins, and much more! 

Strategies for winning at Five-reel slots 

Keep in mind that no gambling strategy can guarantee that you will always win each round of the game you apply it to. 

Every online game at the casino is made up of a mixture of luck and skill, but slot machine games, in particular, are predominantly based on luck

For this reason, any strategy that you decide to apply to your gameplay will only aid you in boosting your winning potential and is not foolproof by any means. 

Understanding Slot Volatility 

A slot machine's volatility, also known as variance, refers to how often that slot pays out

High volatility lets you know that the slot machine pays out big winnings but very infrequently, whilst low volatility means that the slot pays out small winnings but much more frequently

It is vitally important to understand the slot machine’s volatility prior to playing the game. This is because, amongst the many factors that players should take into consideration, he should choose a slot based on his own risk tolerance

Cautious players who prefer frequent wins that are smaller in value will choose to play low volatile games, whilst players with an appetite for landing larger wins on a much less regular basis will choose high volatility games

Bankroll Management 

Managing your bankroll efficiently is one of the most important aspects of gaming. 

Whilst many may view bankroll management as trivial, strategically planning out a budget can boost your winning chances considerably. 

We suggest that, before every gaming session, you should set aside a specific amount of cash. 

The amount of money that you dedicate to your budget should not exceed the amount that you are willing or that you can afford to lose

We also recommend splitting up your bankroll into smaller sections, each dedicated to a specific game. 

Setting both a win and lose limit to your gaming session will allow you to manage your money wisely and to prevent you from chasing your losses excessively. 

The importance of playing the free versions first 

Prior to jumping straight into the gameplay of a slot that interests you, we highly recommend trying out the free version of that game first. 

This is important because it lets you determine if that slot suits your gaming needs and preferences

You can also test out some of the tips that we have listed in this article whilst playing the demo mode version of these slots. 

This habit can potentially save you a lot of money in the long run! 

Five-reel slots vs. Three-reel slots 

5-reel slots 3-reel slots 
Feature more reels and, as a direct result of this, more paylines. This provides players with more ways to win.The presence of fewer reels means fewer paylines and therefore less ways for players to win.
Amazing designs and innovative bonus features.They include a very simple design, featuring classic symbols and a traditional layout.
Superior video-game quality. The graphics and interface are far more exciting, and complex game mechanics are often integrated.Lacking 3D graphics.
The jackpots that are offered are often very large.Typically, these types of slots offer a much smaller jackpot.
The players’ betting options are far more varied.Players are limited when it comes to their betting options.
Can be more expensive.Suitable for players on a budget.
Wins occur more often.Wins occur less frequently.
More bonuses and extra features such as free spins, bonus rounds, Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols, and progressive jackpots.Fewer extra features are typically integrated. Here, you won’t typically find special icons or complex bonus rounds.
A sense of entertainment is created with the additional features integrated into these slots.The lack of additional features creates a much less suspenseful gaming experience which can tend to feel monotonous.

Mobile compatibility of Five-reel slots 

If you plan on playing slot machine games on your mobile device, then it is highly recommended to check the mobile compatibility of these games first. 

We have tested out several 5-reel slot machines ourselves in order to provide you with the most accurate information possible.  

The following points will summarize how these types of slots have been optimized for mobile devices, including on both iOS and Android platforms

Keep in mind that this is what you should look out for when playing any game on a hand-held device. If the slot fails to deliver on any of these points, your gaming experience can be very negatively impacted in the process: 

  • The slot machine should be perfectly adapted to fit on the smaller screen of your mobile device.  

  • All the same features that are available when played on a computer should also be available on your device. 

  • The quality of the game should not be impacted

  • The speed of the gameplay should be equally fast as when played on a computer. 

  • No lags or glitches should be detected when playing the game on your mobile device. 

Choosing the best platform for free five-reel slots 

First, keep in mind that the best online casinos in the Canadian iGaming market will allow you to test out most of their slot machine games for free

Additionally, you can test out some of the most popular 5-reel slots on the Lucky7Bonus website, a platform where you can play thousands of exceptional slots for free

When selecting the best gaming platform for you and your specific gaming preferences, it is important to keep the following points in mind: 

  • Always ensure that the online casino in question is in possession of a reputable gaming license. The lack of such a license will deem this gaming platform completely untrustworthy. 

  • Take a good look at the slot machine game portfolio of this online casino. Make sure to compare it with the slots game library of other gaming platforms. 

  • Always make sure to read the wagering requirements, as well as the terms and conditions, of the online casino games being offered. Reading the fine print, whilst tedious, can save you a lot of tears in the long run. 

  • If you plan on utilizing the bonuses and promotions on offer, make sure to compare these promotions with those offered by other casinos, and to take all factors into consideration, including the terms and conditions of these bonuses. This only applies to players who plan on placing a deposit. 

  • Another aspect to consider is the customer support service. Always ensure that this feature offers professional and efficient aid to players on a 24/7 basis. 

  • Last, but not least, make sure to read plenty of reviews written by real users of the gaming platform in question. This will aid you greatly in detecting any issues that might otherwise arise in the future. 

Here, are some exceptional Canadian online casinos that we highly recommend:  

Exclusive bonus


In conclusion, we highly encourage you to choose 5-reel slot machines for your next gaming experience. 

Not only is the quality of these types of slots far superior, enabling you to enjoy a much more innovative and varied selection of games to choose from, but the winning potential of 5-reel slots is also much greater

As you can tell from the table comparing 3-reel slots with 5-reel slots listed further above in this article, there is no denying that the 5-reel slot is the ultimate winner

In the case that you are a player on a very strict budget or if you prefer traditional slots that include classic symbols in their reels, then 3-reel slots might be a wise decision for you. 

If, on the other hand, you prefer the addition of modern variety in your slot machines, as well as the sense of heightened entertainment, then 5-reel slots are the games for you. 

Join us in playing our recommended slot machines on the exceptional gaming platforms listed in this article! 


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