Our Thoughts on the best bingo bonuses available online in Canada! 

Are you a bingo enthusiast who would like to discover some of the most advantageous bingo bonuses available? 

Then look no further, as this article will delve into all that you need to know about the best bingo bonuses on the top gaming platforms in Canada!  

The top 10 casinos with the best bingo bonuses 

Finding the right bonus or promotion to pair with your favorite bingo games can be particularly challenging. 

Rest assured, however, that the bingo experts here at Lucky7Bonus have got you covered. Keep reading this article to discover some of the highest rated gaming platforms for online Bingo in Canada! 

Millionz Casino 

Millionz Casino is an exceptional online casino that we highly recommend for your next bingo gaming adventure. 

Despite not having a very large portfolio of bingo games to choose from, the ones available will not leave you disappointed, and the bonuses to pair with them are themselves very alluring

This offer is exclusive to Lucky7Bonus, and has been negotiated especially for you, so don't miss out! 

From Viking Runecraft Bingo by Play’n GO to Super Hot Bingo by Patagonia Entertainment, your bingo gaming experience at Millionz is sure to be memorable. 

Exclusive bonus

Bingobonga Casino 

As the name of this online casino implies, the bingo games that are available at BingoBonga Casino are both abundant and of exceptional quality

This gaming platform offers its registered players a very tempting cashback bonus offer:  

  • Daily Cashback of up to 20% 

This promotion is very generous, making us excited to be able to apply it to the bingo games that we habitually play on this gaming platform. 

In addition to this, this cashback bonus not only secures some of your potential losses but also ensures that players are rewarded for their activity

For these reasons, and especially if you are an avid fan of bingo, visiting BingoBonga Casino is a must

MyEmpire Casino 

MyEmpire Casino offers its players a large selection of bingo games for them to choose from, and a long list of generous bonuses and promotions to go with them. 

Amongst these promotions, one of the most advantageous bonuses available is the Weekend Reload Bonus that consists of a 50% match-up of up to $1,050 + 50 free spins

By following the terms and conditions stipulated at MyEmpire Casino, this bonus allows you to top up your balance each week

In this way, not only is this gaming platform of exceptional high-quality, but the promotions available are also highly worth the plunge

Playfina Casino 

Benefit from a welcome bonus of up to $1,470 + 600 free spins at Playfina Casino

This online casino is highly recommended by the team of experts here at Lucky7Bonus, offering their players a wide selection of high-quality games in their exceptional gaming portfolio. 

From Instant Bingo by Quickfire to Bingo Soccer by Belatra, you are sure to find the perfect bingo game for your specific player requirements. 

Try out the bingo games at this online casino today, and don’t forget to read the terms and conditions that will allow you to be eligible for this highly advantageous welcome offer! 

Wild Fortune Casino 

Wild Fortune Casino is another online casino that has received stellar ratings from the team of experts here at Lucky7Bonus. 

Not only are the online bingo games available on this gaming platform exceptional, but the bonuses and promotions on offer can potentially be highly advantageous for the player’s bankroll. 

The Weekend Reload Bonus is what caught our eye, offering players a 40% bonus of up to $150 every weekend

In addition to this, the customer support services at Wild Fortune Casino are impeccable. This is a vital feature of any online casino, giving the player the peace of mind that any problems he might encounter will be tackled both swiftly and efficiently

Boomerang Casino 

With over 40 online bingo games to choose from, Boomerang Casino is an excellent gaming platform with a wide selection of generous bonuses and promotions to take advantage of. 

In particular, the Weekend Reload Bonus at Boomerang Casino is very promising. It consists of a 50% bonus of up to $1,050 + 50 free spins

The quality of the bingo games available on this gaming platform is also exceptional, making us very excited to be able to recommend this online casino for your next bingo gaming experience! 

Nomini Casino 

Here at Lucky7Bonus, we are particularly fond of Nomini Casino, an excellent gaming platform whose bonuses and promotions are particularly promising

The welcome bonus at this online casino is one that is highly beneficial for newly registered players: 

  • Up to $1,500 + 1 Bonus Crab split between your first 3 deposits 

Register your player account today to benefit from this generous welcome offer, and don’t forget to utilize your rewards on the online bingo games available! 

MrPacho Casino 

Discover some of the best online bingo games that are available on the Canadian iGaming market at MrPacho Casino

On this gaming platform, you can benefit from some exclusive bonuses and promotions that can potentially boost your bingo winnings quite substantially. 

Amongst these, players of this online casino can take advantage of the Weekend Reload Bonus, a highly generous promotion that consists of up to $1,050 + 50 free spins

Visit MrPacho Casino today and embark on the exceptional bingo gaming adventure that has been meticulously planned out for you! 

N1 Casino 

Register your player account at N1 Casino to receive a highly generous welcome bonus consisting of up to $6,000 + 200 free spins

On this gaming platform, bingo enthusiasts may choose from an excellent selection of high-quality games, including Rainforest Magic Bingo by Play’n GO and Instant Bingo by Quickfire

Our team of experts here at Lucky7Bonus are very fond of N1 Casino, not least because of the excellent features that never fail to make us feel at home. 

For these reasons, we highly recommend this online casino for your next bingo gaming experience. With a wide gaming portfolio of exceptional bingo games at your disposal, selecting N1 Casino will not be a decision you will likely regret. 

Neon54 Casino 

Neon54 Casino has made it on this list of exceptional online casinos that offer their players highly generous bingo bonuses for them to take advantage of. 

With 5 different welcome bonuses to choose from, this online casino gives the player plenty of choice on how to boost his next bingo gaming experience. The following 2 welcome offers are some of the most advantageous: 

  • 50% up to $1,500 + 1 Bonus Crab 

  • 100% up to $750 + 200 free spins + 1 Bonus Crab 

If you are on the prowl for some of the best bonuses and promotions to pair with your bingo gaming experience, then Neon54 is one of the best gaming platforms that you can choose. 

What is a Bingo Bonus? 

A bingo bonus is a promotional offer made by a gaming platform. They come in multiple shapes and sizes and are generally linked to the placement of a deposit

A bingo bonus might consist of a match-up of your deposit, the awarded money of which can be used to purchase bingo tickets, or it might consist of a select number of free bingo tickets in return for a minimum deposit limit

In this way, it is highly beneficial for the player of online bingo to take advantage of such promotions. Keep in mind, however, that this does not technically equate to free money.  

Before you can cash out any of the winnings that you land with this promotion, you must meet the stipulated wagering requirements which, often times, can be quite high. This is because, with such wagering requirements, the casino can recoup some of its promotional offerings. 

For this reason, be aware that you must play through your bonus several times before you are able to withdraw any of your winnings. 

Pros and Cons of playing Online Bingo 

The advantages of playing online Bingo 

  • Playing online bingo is very convenient

  • Players can access a wide variety of bingo games. 

  • Online bingo sites offer players various bonuses and promotions that can be highly advantageous. 

  • Bingo players can choose the specific variant of bingo that they’d like to play, including the game structure that would suit their budget and varying preferences the best. 

The disadvantages of playing online Bingo 

  • Allows for significantly less social interaction

  • Immerses the player in a much less traditional bingo gaming experience. 

  • The risk of addiction is more pertinent when playing online bingo. 

  • Technical issues, such as a lack of internet connectivity and software glitches, can dramatically impact the results of a player’s game. 

The different types of bingo bonuses 

From registration bonuses to match bonuses and special event promotions, bingo bonuses come in all sorts of different forms. 

What’s important is that the online bingo player can tell the difference between these different types of bonuses and select the promotion that best suits his specific needs and preferences. 

A player must keep in mind that bingo bonuses come with multiple terms and conditions, all of which must be read carefully prior to engaging in any offered bonus. 

In fact, bingo bonuses featuring large amounts of bonus money oftentimes also come with very strict wagering requirements as compensation. 

In this section of the article, we will be delving into these different types of bingo bonuses so that you too will be able to make an informed decision. 

Bingo First Deposit Bonuses 

First deposit bonuses refer to promotions that require the player to make his first deposit on that gaming platform prior to being eligible to receive that particular bonus. 

These welcome bonuses are a marketing strategy designed to lure players in, but they have become fully expected by newly registered players. 

Always make sure, however, to read the terms and conditions of each first deposit to avoid any nasty surprises along the way. 

Bingo Match Bonuses 

Bingo Match Bonuses include those promotions in which the player must place a deposit that meets the minimum deposit limit.  

The casino would then offer the player a percentage of the amount of his deposit, thus matching the deposit made. 

Welcome bonuses often come in this format, but so do Reload Bonuses, Weekly Bonuses, and other forms of bonuses. 

Bingo Free Chips Bonuses 

Bingo Free Chips Bonuses offer players the chance to be eligible to receive a specific number of chips for free.  

The awarded free chips consist of casino credit, allowing the player to use said chips on a select number of games

As with all other forms of bingo bonuses, however, it is important to read the terms and conditions prior to accepting such a promotion. 

Bingo Free Spins Bonuses  

Bingo Free Spins Bonuses are bingo bonuses that also include the additional prize of a select number of free spins

The awarded free spins that the player can receive with this bonus must be wagered a certain number of times before any generated winnings can be withdrawn by the player. 

 The different kinds of Bingo games 

Bingo bonuses can be utilized by the player on several different variations of the classic game of bingo. 

Knowing the specificities of these bingo variants is essential in order to differentiate between them, and therefore to know which bingo bonus would suit it best

In this section of the article, we will be delving into these different variations, enabling you to choose the bingo variant that would appeal to you the most

Many of these intriguing bingo variants can be found at the excellent online casinos that we have listed in this guide! 

Traditional American Bingo (75 Balls) 

75-ball bingo, or traditional American bingo, is a variation of 90-ball bingo, but features fewer balls and allows for more possibilities for pattern-based winners

Here, the scorecard is split up into a 5x5 grid. Each square is filled with a number, except the square found at the center, resulting in 24 numbers.  

This makes it a much faster game than other variants of bingo. 

UK Bingo (90 Balls) 

90-ball bingo is the most popular variant of bingo in the UK.  

This variant's scorecards consist of strips of 6 bingo tickets, with various random numbers, between 1 and 90, spread across the entire strip. 

Each ticket includes 3 horizontal rows with 5 numbers on each, for a total of 15 numbers per ticket. 

Online Bingo (80 Balls) 

Thanks to its structured gameplay and straightforward rules, Online Bingo, or 80-ball bingo, has gained massive popularity over the years. 

The tickets belonging to this bingo variant consist of a 4x4 chart and 16 numbers, each ranging from 1 to 80

The aim of the game is to mark out one of four winning combinations

Speed Bingo (30 Balls) 

30-ball bingo, also known as ‘Speed Bingo’, utilizes a 3x3 grid ticket. For this reason, this variant of bingo comes to an end much faster than other forms of bingo. 

When compared to its traditional equivalent, 30-ball bingo offers the player a much more concise gaming experience

Those bingo players who prefer a quick gaming session find this variant very appealing. 

How to obtain your bingo bonus 

Are you unsure about how to obtain a bingo bonus on the gaming platform of your choice? 

Our experts here at Lucky7Bonus are here to dispel any confusion that you might be feeling about this process. 

In order to obtain free bonus money to utilize on your favorite bingo games, simply follow these general steps

  • Select the online gaming platform that best suits your player preferences. 

  • Visit the dedicated bonuses and promotions section of this platform. 

  • Select the bonus that would benefit your individual player needs the most. In order to do so, make sure to read its terms and conditions

  • After ensuring that the terms and conditions of this bonus align with your player preferences and bankroll management, click on ‘Get Bonus’. If you are new to the gaming platform, make sure to register your player account prior to doing so. 

  • After receiving your bonus money, and any additional perks listed by the promotional offer, you can utilize it to buy bingo tickets

  • Make sure to meet the terms listed in the description of your bonus. These might include a wagering requirement, a minimum deposit, and a limited selection of games that you can use your bonus money on. 

  • Once you have met all the conditions of this bonus, you will be able to withdraw any cash winnings

  • To speed up this withdrawal process, always make sure to upload all the necessary personal and financial documents required by the gaming platform in question. 

Bingo bonus terms and conditions 

As we have mentioned on several occasions in this article, one of the most important aspects to take into consideration prior to accepting any type of promotional offer is the terms and conditions required. 

This is of vital importance because disregarding such information could potentially make room for some very unpleasant surprises later on in your bingo gaming experience. 

In this section, our team of experts here at Lucky7Bonus will be listing the general terms and conditions that every bingo player should expect to find in the description of his bingo bonus: 

  • Wagering requirements: For instance, you might be required to wager 6x the value of your bonus, deposit, or both, prior to being able withdraw any cash winnings. Depending on the size of the bonus money being offered, the wagering requirements of a bingo bonus can potentially be very high or especially hard to reach.  

  • Minimum deposit limit: Generally, between $20 and $30. 

  • Maximum bet amount: Generally, between $5 and $10. 

  • Time limit: The validity of the bonus is under a time constraint. 

  • Limited selection of games: Certain bonuses also come with stipulations regarding which online games the player can utilize such a bonus on. 

Remember that the higher the bonus money promised in the promotional offer, the harsher the terms and conditions of that offer are likely to be. 

For this reason, before clicking on any bonus that appears too good to be true, make sure to read its terms and conditions


Here at Lucky7Bonus, we believe that bingo bonuses can be highly beneficial for the avid bingo player, potentially enabling him to give a substantial boost to his winnings and equipping him with a sharp edge over other players. 

It is important, however, to select the right gaming platform that can offer bingo bonuses without any extremely harsh wagering requirements.  

Visit the online casinos mentioned in this article for some of the best bingo promotions available! 


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