Discover the rules of Keno and maximize your chances of winning!
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Discover the rules of Keno and maximize your chances of winning!

Every gambling enthusiast is familiar with Keno, a lottery game that's very popular all over the world. For those of you who are not aware of how the game is played, we'll explain it all to you here! 

One of the reasons why this game is so popular is the exceptional winnings it offers if the right numbers are drawn.  

Several versions of Keno are available. In this article, we will be delving into more detail about these different variants. 

When playing traditional Keno, players would fill in their grid at the tobacco shop and wait for the result, which is oftentimes broadcast twice a day on television. 

Over the past few years, online casinos have seized on this phenomenon, allowing all players to play Keno with just a few clicks. 

So, let's take a look at how it all works before giving you some practical advice on how the game is played. 

Understanding the basics of online Keno 

How does the game of Keno work? 

Every day, thousands of people try their luck at Keno, filling in one or more grids in the hope of hitting the jackpot. 

Although playing this lottery game may seem relatively complex, it's actually quite simple. 

The aim of the lottery is to select a certain amount of numbers. When the draw is launched, numbers are drawn, and some of the numbers you've chosen should appear. 

The more numbers that you’ve chosen appear, the bigger the winnings. There are several versions of Keno, which means that the grids can be different. 

Conversely, the Stake online casino Keno grid, which you'll find in the Stake Originals category, contains 40 numbers. 

This means you'll need to adjust your bets, as the odds of winning are higher. 

Keno rules explained in detail 

Number selection 

The first step in Keno is to choose the numbers that you think are likely to come up in the draw. 

You'll need to fill in a grid at the tobacconist's, or play the game from your computer, mobile, or tablet. 

To try your luck at this game, you’ll have to either visit an establishment that sells lotto tickets in your area or register your player account on a reputable gaming platform. 

We recommend the latter, as the possibilities that will be presented to you when choosing this option are far more numerous. 

Following this, you'll need to select between 2 and 10 numbers during the betting period available. 

At Stake Casino, an online casino specializing in cryptocurrency methods of payment, it will be possible to bet on just one number per game round, if you wish. 

Choice of bet 

The choice of stake is yours: you can bet $1, $2, $3, $5 or $10 per grid. Here, everything is defined in advance, in terms of both stakes and potential winnings. 

It's also possible to activate a random multiplier that will be determined before the televised draw. 

Its value will be x2, x3, or x5. What's more, by betting 9 or 10 numbers, you'll be eligible for a lifetime win of $100,000 a year or $2,000,000 immediately. 

Online casinos, on the other hand, allow you to wager much larger sums. 

The game providers decide what bets are available to players, and what the potential winnings are. 

Drawing the numbers 

The drawing of the numbers is undoubtedly the most important stage in Keno. This is because the numbers drawn will determine whether or not you will win. 

Here too, the draw differs according to the variant of Keno that you have chosen to play. 

For example, the traditional version features a draw of 20 different numbers, which will come out of an abacus. 

In the case of online casino variants, in most cases 10 numbers are drawn. 

Winning combinations 

Keno winnings depend on the amount of numbers you decide to place on the grid. 

For example, if you've decided to bet on a total of 5 different numbers, you'll manage to double your bet if 3 numbers are drawn. 

If, on the other hand, you want to double your bet by selecting 10 numbers, you'll need to have 5 numbers randomly chosen. 

Obviously, the more numbers you have, the bigger the winnings. 

The different types of Keno: Traditional Keno, Online Casino Keno 

Keno's popularity has spawned a number of different variants. Each of these variants has its own features, and we've noticed that all of them contain both qualities and shortcomings. 

We're now going to tell you about the two best-known versions in the world of gambling: the traditional version of Keno, and the increasingly popular online casino Keno. 

Traditional Keno 

Traditional Keno is, of course, the best-known and most popular variant among players. The game features a grid of 70 squares, and players select between 2 and 10 winning numbers. Here, you can bet $2, $3, $5, or $10 per draw. 

An abacus will draw 20 different numbers. There are two draws a day, at 1pm and 8pm. Thanks to a multiplier of up to x5, it's possible to win up to 10,000,000 with some versions of traditional Keno. 

Online Keno: Online Casino 

In recent years, Keno has made its appearance in online casinos. We've had the chance to try out this new medium, and we've loved the experience, since it's accessible at any time. 

In this way, we've been able to launch a draw of the game at any time that we’d like, without having to wait for the scheduled draw to commence. 

Let's take Stake Casino's Original Keno as an example, which contains a play area with 40 numbers. When playing this variant of the lottery game, you can choose between 1 and 10 numbers, and 10 numbers are drawn at random.  

In addition to this, you can win up to 1,000 times your stake in a single draw. 

Keno is also available at Millionz Casino, an exceptional gaming platform with plenty of generous bonuses and promotions for you to take advantage of! 

Strategies to increase your chances of winning 

Keno is a historic game in the world of gambling. So, it's only natural that different strategies have been developed over the years.  

We remind you that no technique guarantees that you’ll be able to land a win, but these tips could improve your playing experience significantly. 

Our experts have tested several methods for optimizing your chances of winning at Keno. 

In the following paragraphs, we'll delve into an explanation of the number selection, which is an essential step, and wager management, which is vital if you don't want to gamble away sums that are significantly too large. 

Number selection 

Statistics and frequency of winning numbers 

Keno gives you the chance to view all the previous draws that have taken place, so that you can get an idea of which numbers haven't come up in a long time. Some players like to refer to past results when building their next grid. 

To find all the draws, you'll need to visit the online platform itself. However, it's important to note that each round is independent and that there is absolutely no connection between the different draws. 

Using betting systems 

It can be a good idea to use a betting system to get the most out of Keno. Many players have made a habit of filling in several grids, with varying levels of volatility.  

This betting system helps them compensate for some of the risks involved in the game. 

For example, we like the idea of trying our luck by filling in just 2, 3, 4, or 5 numbers on a grid, as the winnings come faster. On the other hand, we play a 10-number grid in the hope of hitting the jackpot! 

Wager management 

The importance of bankroll management 

In the world of gambling, and more specifically in Keno, bankroll management is an essential element. It helps you avoid overspending and keeps your budget reasonable so that you will be able to play for as long as possible. 

We advise you to play a small percentage of the amount you spend on Keno for each draw. This will enable you to play overtime and considerably increase your chances of winning. 

Different ways to bet 

There are a number of different ways to bet on Keno. The one you choose is thoroughly dependent on your gaming preferences.  

If you want to play over several draws, we advise you to bet smaller amounts. 

If, on the other hand, you're a one-off player, you can increase your stake slightly. Be careful, however, not to bet too large sums, as Keno is an extremely volatile game, and losing draws are very frequent. 

Keno options: Automatic number draws and turbo draw 

With the traditional version of Keno, you'll have to wait for the common draws. When playing the online casino version, however, you can chain the draws together. 

In this way, you will be able to choose your numbers at your leisure and start the draw whenever you like. 

Of course, for the impatient, they've thought of everything, and allow you to make an automatic selection of random numbers. 

For even greater speed, there's also a turbo or automatic draw function that lets you chain together grids at greater speed. 

Casino commission on Keno games 

Online casinos charge a commission on the winnings generated by the player, which can be as high as 30%, depending on the game provider in question.  

Of course, it is possible for this percentage to be much lower. We therefore advise you to check the payout rate that is listed by the game supplier before playing Keno online. 


In short, Keno is a more interesting version of Lotto, with more attractive prizes, depending on the risk involved.  

This game is accessible to all, both online and offline, and is available for those with a small purse who want to try and hit the jackpot. 

For us, the traditional version of Keno is more interesting in terms of potential prizes, but much more volatile. The commission taken on this version can also potentially be much higher (around 37%), given the prizes you can win. 

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